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5 mai 2016 4 05 /05 /mai /2016 07:50


Final part starring Dick Wagner, Terry Jacks, Warren Zevon and the elder Ron Nagle.


The Bossmen – Bad girl

The Bossmen – Tina Maria

The Cherry Slush – I cannot stop you

The Bossmen – Listen my girl

The Bossmen – Baby boy

Tonto & The Renegades – Easy way out

Dick Wagner & The Frosts – Rainy day

The Chessmen – Love didn’t die

The Chessmen – For running wild

The Chessmen – What’s causing this sensation

The Chessmen – The way you fell

The Motorcycle Abeline – (You used to) ride so high

The Sounds Like Us – Outside chance

Lyme & Cybelle – Follow me

Lyme & Cybelle – I’ll go on

The Mystery Trend – Carl street

The Mystery Trend – Johnny was a good boy

The Mystery Trend – So glad I found you

The Mystery Trend – There it happened again

The Mystery Trend – Mambo for Marion



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