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27 avril 2017 4 27 /04 /avril /2017 16:21

An introduction to the rich canadian psych folk scene, focusing on both mainstream label rarities and private press goodies.


Peter Tessier – I Cannot Know

(By Turning A Knob, Columbia 1973)

Riverson – Winter Garden

(S/T, Columbia 1973)

Tapestry – Oldtimer

(Down By Maple River, Polydor 1973)

The Brazda Brothers – Walking Into The Sun

(S/T, Dominion 1973)

Ptarmigan – The Island Main Theme

(S/T, Columbia 1974)

The Perth County Conspiracy - Crucifixation Cartoon

(Does not exist, Columbia 1970)

Fraser & Debolt – Waltz Of The Tennis Players

(With Ian Guenther, Columbia 1971)

Huckle – Rolling River

(Wild Blue Yonder, Homespun 1976)

Life – Needing You

(S/T, Polydor 1970)

Roger Rodier – While My Castle’s Burning

(Upon Velveatur, Columbia 1972)

Moonstone – Hope You Come See Me

(S/T, Kot'Ai 1973)

La Nouvelle Frontière – Que J’aime De T’aimer

(S/T, Gamma 1970)

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