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8 décembre 2008 1 08 /12 /décembre /2008 20:13

The Modds - Don't be late
Clarence Reid - Tear you a new heart
Mona Lisa - I can't stand it
The Rollers - Knocking at the wrong door
Pearl Dowdell - It's all over
Helene Smith - Help me to keep what I've got
The Burgundy Blues - I'll get you back again
The Birdwatchers - I'm gonna do it to you
The Evil - I'm movin' on
The Echos Of Carnaby Street - Baby doesn't know
The Novas - Whenever you're ready
Robert Moore - Everything's gonna be alright
Jimmy Bo Horne - I can't speak
Them Two - Am I a good man
Della Humphrey - Your love is all I need
Lynn Williams - Don't be surprised
The Clef Of Lavender Hill - So I'll try
The Squires V - Bucket of tears
Shaggs - Ring around the rosie
The Young Strangers - You are
James Knight & The Butlers - I love you
Joey Gilmore - Somebody done took my baby and gone
The Reflections - I need your love
George Mc Crae - I get lifted
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