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13 décembre 2008 6 13 /12 /décembre /2008 18:54

The Rockin' Roadrunners - Down
We The People - Boy I just don't feel it
Twelfth Night - Grim Reaper
The Barons - Drawbirdge
Plant Life - Say it over again
The Undertakers - Love so dear
The Burlington Squires - Back up
Flower Power - Stop
The Rare Breed - I talk to the sun
The Maundy Quintet - 2's better than 3
Nation Rocking Shadows - Time
John Hamilton & Doris Allen - Bright star
Don & The Holidays - It won't be long
Wrong Numbers - The way I feel
J. Walker & The Pedestrians - Life's too short
Candy & Billy - The judgement
The Florida Deep Six - I don't wanna cry
Monarchs - Only you know
Little Willie & The Adolescents - Get out of my life
Larry & The Loafers - Let's go to the beach
The Tiffany System - Wayward one
The Nightcrawlers - The last ship
Chuck Conlon - Won't you say yes to me girl
The Berkley Five - You're gonna cry
The Illusions - I know
Billy Sandlin & The Interns - Poor rich girl
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