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22 décembre 2008 1 22 /12 /décembre /2008 14:01

Jerry Ashley - Come on
Lee Moses - Diana (from NYC)
George Hughley & The Cama Rockers - What did I do
Dee & Lola - Let's do it together
W.J. Stafford - Get hooked on Jesus
Jarvis Jackson - Something I never had
Red Beard & The Pirates - Go on leave
The Stone Cutters - Fellow slave
The Vandals - Your love will die
Little Phil & The Nightshadows - Plenty of trouble
Swinging Appolloes - Chained and bound
Barbara Hall - Big man
Chuck Wilder - The clown
Richard Cook - Somebody's got'a help me
Herman Hitson - You are too much for the human heart
The Famen - Crackin'up
The Loving Machines - Same thing again
Atlanta Vibrations - If you let me love you
The Celtics - Looking for you
Joe South - Untie me
Richard Marks - Funky 4 corners
Nathan Wilkes - Now that I'm wise
Dee Ervin - Love is good (good to me)
Bill Wright - How can I hit the ball (when you won't let me bat)
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excellent choix pour les Berkley Five