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15 janvier 2009 4 15 /01 /janvier /2009 18:39

The Family Goat - Now she's gone
The Fugitives - Cry me a river
The Reverbs - Lie in the shade of the sun
Voxmen - Time won't change my mind
The 4th Amendment - Always blue
Buddy's Buddies - I love my baby
Carolyn Champion - I feel it coming
James Brown - Licking stick
James Crawford - Stop and think it over
W.B. Seymore - Left hand in a right glove
The Sherlocks - Skin of my teeth
The Malibus - I've gotta go
The Rogues Inc. - People say
The Avlons - Madman's fate
The Younger Bothers - This feelin' in my heart
Little Richard - It ain't whatchado
Billy Young - Suffering with a hangover
Bobby Thomas - The rough road
Johnny Barfield Jr. & The Men From Soul - We got that
Bo & The Weevils - My time
The Snails - When I met you
Beau Allen - Part of me
Jackie Avery - Your love has brought me (a mighty long way)
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