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16 avril 2009 4 16 /04 /avril /2009 17:51

Satan's Breed - Laugh myself to the grave
The Shyres - Where is love
The Others - I can't stand this love, goodbye
Dick Domani & The Demons - I won't cry anymore
Balladeers - Words I want to hear
The Cowsills - Milk spot
Bram Rigg Set - Take the time be yourself
The Fifth Estate - That's love
The Shags - Hide away
D Men - So little time
The Eastern Alliance - Love fades away
The Blue Beats - Extra girl
Uranus & The Five Moons - Nothing remains
The Cadaver - Haven't got the time
The Wildweeds - Never mind
Robby - I don't want to leave
The Road Runners - Luv
Chips & Co - Let the winds blow
High Tensions - No use hangin' around
The Insane - I can't prove it
Me & The Rest - Dark clouds
Yesterday's Children - Baby I want you
The Five Cards Stud - Beg me
The North Atlantic Invcasion Force - Black on white
The Squires - Go ahead
The Runaways - Love
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