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11 juin 2007 1 11 /06 /juin /2007 17:44

         Hallo Freunde. Now’s the time to prove yourself the purest champion of the Psycho-Batave Graal, and the deal is easy.


            You gotta create three band names, related to a special period and musical genre of Psycho-Batave. For each of these names, pick the ideal single, a-side and b-side. At last, you’ll also name the label on which these sides were released.


            Only one cover will be authorized. No homonymous for the band’s name. No justification to be brought with what you suggest : let the jury decide for the right interpretation. Year and genre cannot be replaced. They are :


1. Deep Soul, 1964


                  2. Teen Trauma, 1966


                  3. Psych-Prog, 1970


            Jury consists in : Jean Pop 2, Jean-Pierre Paul-Poire, Peter Bogdanovitch and Emile Maugelmann. No member of the jury will participate.


            Prizes consist mainly in Respect, Honour and Devotion. But we might as well imagine something more substantial. Like some patch of skin detached from the Holy body of Jean Pop 2. The Contest will last a full month.


            Look at these following propositions meant to inspire you in this difficult task. Note that the variation on Sred Sweign’s name is purely an amusement, and not a rule.


Deep Soul, 1964 : Sred S. Sweign Jr. “What Do I Get (In Return)” b/w “Soul Bear” (Peak Records)


Teen Trauma, 1966 : Little Sred & The Sweigns “I’ve Been Working Hard” b/w “Full Time Weeper” (Timber Records)


Psych-Prog, 1970 : The Sred Sweign Plastik Machine “In The Wake Of Artemis” b/w “Children Of Hope” (Albert Camus Records).




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Alors nous disons : <br /> 1964 - Samuel Longhorn III - harvest our love / we belong (bone records)<br /> 1966 - The unfit boys - alone on a saturday evening / weeping again (sweign bros)<br /> 1970 - Nimrodel's familly - flying to the rainbow / from the rainbow to the moon (purple people records)<br />  
Hello hello,1. 1964 : AL COUSIN  " You can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t go this way ! " b/w "  The last train to New Orleans " (  the Lake records )2. 1966 :Solution H " No Lady no tears " b/w " Panzers fields"(OP straat records )3. 1970 :Tod Ball & the Swirling Sufis : " Doris\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s gesture " b/w  "The thousands virgins" ( Salonique)
My dear and kind sirs,<br /> 1.) Little Louie & The Moonshines : "Speak Of The Angel" b/w "Come Autumn" (Parsoul Records)<br /> 2.) The Rugged Youth : "She Said Never" b/w "Mister I'm A Better Man Than You" (Hercules Records)<br /> 3.) The Kane Mutiny : "Kubla Khan" b/w "Under Heavens" (Fearless Friar Records)
Mazeltov,1. Jay Chopson & The Originals - "Let\\\'s Do The Cobra" ” (Original Records)2.The New Originals - "Ain\\\'t Too Short To Run" b/w "Lightin\\\' Flash" (Yeah Original Records)3.The High Original Crowley  Society - "Waitin\\\' For The Dawn Of Our Hearts" b/w "Children Of The Enoch (Original Crow Records)
<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> 1. Deep Soul, 1964 "Teardrop Tammy/Storm Inside"-The Rellingtons (POCA) 2. Teen Trauma, 1966 "Stop Hasslin' Me/I Quit"-Captain And The Crunches (IT) 3. Psych-Prog, 1970 "See My Mind (Part 1)/See My Mind (Part 2)-Winter's Day (SYKADEL) <br /> <br /> <br />