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22 octobre 2007 1 22 /10 /octobre /2007 10:18



Toujours pas de Poire, de Sweign, de Révérend. Mais du talent, de la verve, du FEU. Et bientôt l'achèvement de l'entreprise Mermouchienne.

Phrase de la semaine : toujours pas.

The Exciting Sparklers "Pull, wiggle and kick"

The Rovin' Flames "How many times"

 Circus "Burn witch burn"

The Fantastic Dee-Jays "Fight fire"

The Werps "Love's a fire"

The Swing West "Fire"

Fire "Father's name was dad"

Ronnie Burns "Exit stage right"

The Mushrooms "Burned"

Mike Mathis "Fire"

Embermen Five "Fire in my heart"

Ron & The Starfires "Why did you cry"

Mike & The Ravens "Like a fire"

The Sparkles "No friend of mine"

The Starfires "I never loved her"

Luke & The Apostles "Been burnt"

The Easybeats "I'm on fire"

October Country "I wish I was a fire"

Rainy Daze "Snow and ice and burning sand"

Randy Burns "Sorrow's children"

Steely Dan "Fire in the hole"

The Male "You're playing with fire"

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera "Flames"

Uder Mermouch a attribué au Vermont un indice de 4.4 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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