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2 décembre 2007 7 02 /12 /décembre /2007 20:03


Emission sublime, ouatée comme le plus beau rêve où le bonheur s'enlace. Sred Sweign le bienheureux fut d'une verve ourlante, et Mermouch le grand dans un mood étonnament paternel. Merci.

Phrase de la semaine : "Intime est le bon verbe" (Sred Sweign le bienheureux)

The Beach Boys "Wake the world"

Chick Lewis "North wind"

Mark Douglas "There's something I got to say"

The Blue Rondos "What can I do"

The Honeycombs "I can tell (something's up)"

The Forsaken "She's alright"

New Colony Six "Last nite"

The Lee VI's "Pictures on my shelf"

Roks "Transparent day"

The Impressions "Isle of the sirens"

Moovers "Someone to fulfill my need"

Irma Thomas "Two winters long"

Marion Black "Who knows"

Sagittarius "Lonely girl"

Goldebriars "Haïku"

Tommy Roe "Melancholy mood"

The Music Machine "Discrepancy (demo version)"

Bobby Fuller "My true love"

Everly Bros "Take a message to Mary"

The Troggs "We waited for someone"

Fox & The Huntah's "Funny kinda day"

Montage "Grand pianist"

Hogarth "Suzie's getting married"

Michael "Gotta make my heart turn away"

The Mystery Trend "There it happened again"

? & The Mysterians "Love me baby"

Magic Sounds "Love can be so fine"

Fabulous Royals "She told me"

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God (meaning JPII) bless you.
I didn't want this show to end. You really outdid yourself. Hearing the magnificent "Isle Of The Sirens" again brought tears... I really need Fabulous Impressions/We're A Winner. And I had to check the artist for "Melancholy Mood" twice because I couldn't believe it was Tommy Roe aka Mr. Jam Up And Jelly Tight. Curt Boettcher needs a monument. And this emission needs to be comped and heard by every musicologist. My favorite, by far ! ... Now I must hear the previous week ;)