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4 octobre 2012 4 04 /10 /octobre /2012 11:38


Further exploration of the poppy and powerful 70’s, including long time faves, well known names and some tasteful rarities.


Bernie Schwartz – Candy man

Bear – Greetings

Emitt Rhodes – Tame the lion

Flame – I’m so happy

Stories – Love is in motion

The Troggs – I’m on fire

Rockin’ Horse – Julian the hooligan

Michel Pagliaro – Some sing some dance

Peach & Lee – Hold on

Crabby Appleton – Go back

Vance Or Towers – Scream bloody scream

Cargoe – Feel alright

Freeport – I need your lovin’

Dwight Twilley Band – Looking for the magic

Gary Charlson – Real life saver

Hollins Ferry – Downtown menagerie

Truck – Earth song


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