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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 11:27



This is the first show (out of three) dedicated to the land of conifers and honey : Canada ! We've focused on the garagey/bubble gum/power pop sides with this one, there's two more to come, so stay tuned !


A Passing Fancy – She phoned

The Action – Winsom’s melody

The Factree – Who I am

The Shondels – Another man

The Plague – Love and obey

Checkerlads – Behind Ev’ry man

Andy Kim – Do you feel it, too ?

Five Man Electrical Band – Didn’t know the time

The Chessmen – What’s causing this sensation

Collectors – We can make it

Kensington Market – Coming home soon

The Guess Who – I found her in a star

The Paupers – You and me

The Northwest Company – Hard to cry

The Sparrow – Green bottle lover

The Pink Plumm – Along came pride

Thee Deuces – You gotta try

Esquires – It’s a dirty shame


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