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Due to technical reasons, there's no sound clip available for this tribute to the greatest soul songwriter ever. Instead, listen to the soundcloud mix below and be sure to check Kent's beautiful compilation "Impressed : 24 Groups Inspired By The Impressions".


The Impressions – I can’t stay away from you

The Climates – Breaking up again

The Mad Lads – Come closer to me

The Isley Brothers – Who’s that lady

The Invincibles – Heart full of love

The Dontells – I’m gonna tell the world

The Astors – Candy

The Steelers – Get it from the bottom

Willie Cooper & The Webs – You don’t love nobody

The Players – He’ll be back

The Soulville All-Stars – Won’t you please be my girl

Van Dykes – No man is an island

Richard Caiton – Forgive me baby

The Saints – I’ve been taken for a ride

The Perfections – Which one am I

Detroit Emeralds – Long live the king

Freddie North – Gotta get your mommy

Righteous Brothers – A man without a dream 

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