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3 décembre 2010 5 03 /12 /décembre /2010 13:14

The+Peanut+Butter+Conspiracy+pbc promo4

Flower Pot - Wantin' ain't gettin'

Frosty - Organ grinder's monkey

Jacobson & Tansley - I knew you back when babe

The Millenium - Blight

Markley - Booker T. & his electric shock

Shaun Harris - Love has gone away

Price & Walsh - Cross my heart

Powder - I try

October Country - My girlfriend is a witch

The Monkees - She

Steely Dan - Only a fool would say that

Music Emporium - Nam myo renge kyo

The Collection - Paper crown of gold

Creation Of Sunlight - Second thoughts

The Mamas & Papas - Shooting star

The Grass Roots - Tip of my tongue

Hex - Doubt

Arthur Lee - Everytime I look up I'm down or white dog

Spirit - Uncle Jack

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Living, loving life

Bread - Move over

Rising Sons - Take a giant step

Rudy Romero - Simple things

The Knack - Banana man

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