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10 novembre 2011 4 10 /11 /novembre /2011 11:08



Yes sir ! Northwest isn't only the land of frat-rock and wailing lumberjacks, there's also room there for harpsichord, beards and introspection... That's what we gloriously proved with this show.


Jingle : The Galaxy Club, Belvue, WA, Featuring West Coast Natural Gas

The New Tweedy Bros – What’s wrong with that

Emergency Exit – Why girl

United Travel Service – Gypsy eyes

King Biscuit Entertainers – Take my thoughts away

disraeli – What will the new day bring

The Thundering Heard – Sunny street love

The Fragile Lime – Fairyland

The Gas Company – If you know what I mean

Calliope – How about us (Clyde’s tune)

The Springfield Rifle – I loved her

Douglas Fir – Jersey thursday

The Velvet Illusions – Lazy

Hunger – Open your eyes

New Dawn – It’s time

Sweet Rolle – Squares and triangles

The Sonics – Always love her

Heard – Itchin’in my heart

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