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22 mai 2011 7 22 /05 /mai /2011 11:50


Hullaballoo Jingle WQAM Florida

The Stuarts – Just a little bit more

Bobby Runnel’s Faux Pas – Black clouds

The Twiliters – Spellbound

Flash & The Memphis Casuals – Uptight tonight

The Chicago Loop – (When she wants good lovin’) my baby come to me

Giant Crab – Don’t make me leave you

The Hassles – I can tell

The GTO’s – Missing out on the fun

The Road Runners – Goodbye

Ferrari’s Of Canada – (All I ever want is) girls

Marvin Smith - Have more time

Ripp Tide – Dynamite

Everyday People – Today, tomorrow & you

The Sisters Love – Ha ha ha

Wilmer Alexander Jr. – Give me one more chance

Ismail Haron & The Guys – Bersedia

The Spiders – Anata to irutoki sonnatoki

Tony Worsley – Tell me why

Slam Creepers – Open the door to your heart

Ola & The Janglers – Um um um um um

Selwyn & John – Bogey man

The Quotations – Cool it

Gates Of Eden – 1 to 7

Alan Bown Set – Emergency 999

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