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31 mai 2011 2 31 /05 /mai /2011 07:49


The David – People saying, people seeing

The City Zu – Too much, too soon, too fast

Five By Five – Hang up

Plague – The face of time

Neal Ford Factory – You made me a man

Hidden Charms – The hill

The Wild Cherries – That’s life

Q65 – The life I live

Blue Comets – Linda

The Movement – Head for the sun

Freedom – Seeing is believing

The Unemployed – They won’t let me

Darrow Fletcher – What good am I to loving you

Tommy Smiley – I won’t cry

John Ellison – Let me be the one

Tokay Lewis – What can the matter be

The Yo Yo’s – The Raven

The Bare Facts – To think

Gross National Product – That’s what I’ll do now

Licorice Schtick (Milan) – Flowers flowers

The Knickerbockers – High on love

The Del-Vetts – If you’re ready

Bohemian Vendetta – Charity Killjoy 

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