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13 novembre 2010 6 13 /11 /novembre /2010 12:43

Purple Gang pic1

New Generation - Stay away

The Nightriders - Baby how I fell for you

New Invaders - Don't let me down

No-Na-Mee's - Just wanna be myself

Nineteen Eighty Four - Amber waves

The Other Four - Once and for all girl

The Others - Revenge

Outlaw Blues - Nonstop blues

The Outcasts - Run away

Odds & Ends - Cause you don't love me

Paatz - When you're around

The Palace Guards - Better things to do

The Palace Guard - Playgirl

Pat n' Al - Meant to love

The Patriots - I'll be there

The Pasternak Progress - Cotton soul

Peanut Gallery - Out of breath

Planned Obsolescence - Still in love with you baby

Penny Arkade - Country girl

The Preachers - Pain and sorrow

The Purple Gang - One of the bunch

The Prodigal - You got me

The Puddin' Heads - You don't have to be lonely

The Psychedelic Psymphony - Don't be afraid

Denny Proviser - It really tears me up

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