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16 janvier 2014 4 16 /01 /janvier /2014 08:51


Second part of our two shows dedicated to Dylan’s influence in the 60’s, this time focusing on mid-60’s US teenbeat (with a few notable exceptions)

Phil & the Frantics – What’s happening

Art Guy – Where you gonna go

Mouse & the Traps – Maid of sugar, maid of spice

The Bees – She’s an artist

The Obvious – Here I stood before you

London & the Bridges – City I was born in

Sonny Flaharty – For all of us

The Rainy Daze – Discount city

Colin Hare – Fighting for peace

The Shag – Stop & listen

The Koala – Look at the way she comes

Bill Hjerpe – Behind the times

The Love Society – You know how I feel

The Toads – Leaving it all behind

Neal Ford & the Fanatics – One times one ain’t two

The Sapians – Ask yourself why

The Trashmen – Same lines

Pearls Before Swine – Playmate

The Hombres – It’s a gas


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