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10 octobre 2014 5 10 /10 /octobre /2014 17:28

Second part of our Soft-rock focus, a travel through 70's suburbs, night bars and mansions. Don’t miss the forthcoming third part dedicated to the beach.


American Flyer – Lady blue eyes

Simms Brothers Band – Take me as I am

Steely Dan – Caves of Altamira

Ned Doheny – I can dream

Shaun Harris – Today’s a day

Reggie Knighton – Drug dealer

The Four Seasons – Who loves you

Daryl Hall & John Oates – Gino (the manager)

Jimmy Webb – Sleeping in the daytime

Joni Mitchell – Free man in Paris

Jan Hammer – Don’t you know

Alessi – Do you feel it ?

Hot Dogs – Morning rain

Felix Cavaliere – Summer en el barrio



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3 octobre 2014 5 03 /10 /octobre /2014 13:26


First part of a 70’s soft-rock trilogy, dig  !


Pure Prairie League – Call me, tell me

Poco – Starin’ at the sky

Willow – Ace man

Country – Fine and easy

America – Baby it’s up to you

Hall & Oates – Had I known you better then

Firefall – Cinderella

Brave Belt – Anyday means tomorrow

Rick Roberts – Deliver me

Dan Fogelberg – Hickory grove

Hudson-Farnsworth – Music

J.D. Souther – Some people call it music

Mason Proffit – Summer side of love

Danny O’Keefe – The road

Jim Croce – These dreams



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26 septembre 2014 5 26 /09 /septembre /2014 17:14


If you liked my homemade comp “Cool beans”, don’t miss this one : B-sides, alternative LP tracks and some related acts that will make you want to dig further into 70’s pop.


The Boys – We’re too young

Cloud – The frightened sparrow

Hot Knives – Sooner or later

The Names – Baby you’re a fool

Emitt Rhodes – Mirror

The Beach Boys – Here she comes

Cross Country – Tastes so good to me

Salem Witchcraft – Prostyle

Van Duren – Mechanical fire

Aviary – Anthem for the USA

Vance Or Towers – It’s up to you

Cargoe – Feel alright

Barnaby Bye – Damn you girl

The Paley Brothers – Meet the invisible man

The Ravyns – Raised on the radio



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4 septembre 2014 4 04 /09 /septembre /2014 16:33


Groovy, rootsy and naughty white female singers from the 60’s and early 70’s !


Dolly Parton – Gettin happy

Sandra Rhodes – It’s up to you

Donna Rhodes – Something I can count on

Jeannie C. Riley – I’ve done a lot of living since then

Jeanie Greene – Only the children know

Bonnie Bramlett – Got to get down

Cheryl Dilcher – All woman

Joy Of Cooking – Only time will tell me

Cher – Tonight I’ll be staying with you

Jackie De Shannon – What is this

Essra Mohawk – Spiral

Julie Budd – All is quiet on west 23rd street

Linda Perhacs – Paper mountain man

Bonnie Dobson – I got stung

The Poppy Family – Where evil grows

Diana Trask – Don’t let it get away

Laura Nyro – Wedding bell blues



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28 août 2014 4 28 /08 /août /2014 17:57


This is a homemade comp of 70's fave songs. All of the tracks are ripped from my private collection.
I don't own the copyrights to theses songs, the sole purpose of this compilation is to share music.


Download it =========> HERE

1. The Boys – I’m not satisfied (Outrage Records – 1975)


What a way to start this comp... With the almighty Boys, who cut two 45’s on Outrage Records before signing with cult Kansas label Titan and cutting more power pop greatness. “I’m not satisfied” is the b-side to their first effort on Outrage and it’s a sublime instant classic worthy of the Who’s first tracks or the Undertones’ “Teenage kicks”.  Read more about their fascinating story HERE.





2. Hollins Ferry – Surprise (s/t LP - Port City Records 1977)


Baltimore’s 70’s legends Hollins Ferry released one colourful LP in 1977 on the obscure Port city Label (which oddly also released an album by the great soulman Reuben Bell in the 80’s). You can watch a few live clips from the 70’s on youtube, including a couple of non-lp tracks.









3. Emitt Rhodes – Tame the lion (Probe 1972)


No introduction necessary ! Emitt Rhodes released this exciting anti-war single in 1972 just before his last LP.












4. Cloud – Cool Jane (Audio Fidelity – 1970)


This cool Bee Gees-esque song has already been comped on Fading Yellow but this french version is slightly different and somehow a little “wilder”.












5. The Names – Why can’t it be (Fiction - 1977)


The Names were an Illinois band who made a sole self produced single in 1977 with a cool picture sleeve. Both songs are great but we chose to include the gripping a-side.












6. April Wine – Tonight is a wonderful time to fall in love (LP “Stand Back” – Atlantic 1975)

This canadian band has recorded more than 20 albums and is still touring since its creation 45 years ago. Though they’re often dismissed as an arena hard rock band, they did a fine LP in 1975, “stand back”, which was rewarded by platinum sales. Some of the tracks there are pure 70’s magic.




7. Sweet Rolle – Squares and triangles (Lionel – 1970)


Sweet Rolle was led by the late great Ron Gardner (ex Wailers) and released this exciting unique single in 1970.













8. Cargoe – Things we dream today (Ardent Records 1973)


Originating from Tulsa Oklahoma, they moved to Memphis where they recorded the very first LP on the cult Ardent Records label. Though famous to the power pop crowd for their Who-ish “Feel alright”, their LP had a subtle country-rock flavour, as exemplified in this track.








9. Hot Knives – I hear the wind blow (K.O. Records – 1976)


This San Francisco band formed by ex-Flamin Groovies members did this fine Cyril Jordan-produced folk-rock single in 1976. The A-side is a Moby Grape cover. We strongly recommended you get Got Kinda Lost's anthology of the band HERE.









10. Barnaby Bye – She was pleased (LP “Room to grow – Atlantic 1973)

This Long Island band was formed by ex members of the Blues Magoos and the Illusion, alongside with the great Alessi Brothers who reached fame in the late 70's. They released two fine LP’s on Atlantic Records, the first of which was produced by no other than Ahmet Ertegun and includes this laidback delicacy.



11. The Flame – I’m so happy (Brother Records – 1970)


The Flame were a south african band who caught the attention of Carl Wilson in england to such an extent that he produced their self titled LP in 1970 and released it on the Beach Boys’ Brother Records label. Blondie Chaplin and Ricky Fataar were soon to join Wilson’s band.








12. Peach & Lee – Hold on (RCA - 1973)

Peach & Lee were Arlis Peach and Larry Lee, helped by session drummer Hilly Michaels. It seems they recorded this fantastic driver at home in Lincoln Nebraska. An entire album was scheduled, but the tapes still beg for release. Arlis Peach later cut several songs for Titan Records.








13. Salem Witchcraft – Onward (Chaos Records - 1972)


Exhilarating flipside to their monster “rock’n’roll lover”, this band hailed from Detroit and released a few great organ driven 45’s on the aptly named Chaos Records.











14. Cross Country – A smile song (s/t LP – ATCO 1973)

Cross Country is a band that included ¾ of the Tokens. They recorded a sole LP in 1973 which sounds like a cross between CSN & White album era Beatles, as exemplified with this epic closing track.


15. Aviary – Puddles (s/t LP - Epic 1979)


Led by Brad Love, Aviary released a sole LP in 1979. Don’t let the hideous cover scare you away, this ELO-meets-Sparks kind of record has some very nice moments, like this “Puddles” graced by clever string arrangements.










16. Zuider Zee – You’re not thinking (s/t LP – Columbia 1975)

Louisiana band (ex Thomas Edison's Electric Light Bulb Band) who recorded a fine album of Wings-esque melodies and exuberance when they relocated in Memphis.


17. The Sidewinders – O miss Mary (s/t LP – RCA 1972)

The Sidewinders were Andy Paley’s first band, and their sole LP from 1972 is a perfect blend of stonesian r’n’b and pop refinement.


18. Vance Or Towers – Scream bloody robbery (A&M Records – 1975)


This enigmatic Long Beach band did a very nice LP of Sparks-like power pop with tinges of soft-rock. Their other claim to fame is their cameo in Brian De Palma’s “Carrie”, where they play “Education blues” at the prom. “Scream bloody robbery” was also released as a single.







19. Don Agrati – Heather Ann (LP “Homegrown” - Elektra 1973)


Better known as Don Grady, our man was a TV actor and musician who was briefly a member of Yellow Balloon. He released a gorgeous solo LP in 1973 in the Singer/songwriter vein of which we extract this superb and quite depressing ballad Don’s passing in 2012 makes even more painful.









20. Van Duren – Oh babe (London Records - 1978)


A Memphis legend, Van Duren did some great recordings in the 70’s, as a solo artist or teaming with Tommy Hoehn. He’s still active today.

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18 juillet 2014 5 18 /07 /juillet /2014 11:03

Mellow sounds from the south.

Wet Willie – Faded love

Fallenrock – World on a string

Jonathan Edwards – Emma

Linda Ronstadt – I won’t be hangin’ round

Sandra Rhodes – Sowed love and reaped the heartache

Bobbie Gentry – Sunday best

Sir Douglas Quintet – At the crossroads

Gladstone – Texas Sparrow

Rio Grande – So good to be free

Tony Joe White – The daddy

Tres – Bittersweet tears

Danny O’Keefe – Goodtime Charlie’s got the blues

Donnie Fritts – Rainbow road



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11 juillet 2014 5 11 /07 /juillet /2014 18:06


Tribute to the great lady of the canyon, focusing on her fantastic 60’s output.

Jackie Dee – Buddy

Jackie De Shannon – You won’t forget me

The Fleetwoods – He’s the great impostor

Jackie De Shannon – It’s love baby (24 hours a day)

The Searchers – ‘Till you say you’ll be mine

Jackie De Shannon – Dream boy

Raga & The Talas – My group and me

Jackie De Shannon – Don’t turn your back on me

Diana Dawn – Back street girl

Jackie De Shannon – Are you ready for this

Jackie De Shannon – to wait for love

Jackie De Shannon & the Byrds – Splendor in the grass

Jackie De Shannon – Where does the sun go

Gary James – Nicole

Jackie De Shannon – I keep wanting you

Jackie De Shannon – She’s my best friend

Jackie De Shannon – What is this

Jackie De Shannon – I let go completely

Jackie De Shannon – Children & flowers

Irma Thomas - Breakaway



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4 juillet 2014 5 04 /07 /juillet /2014 17:14


Early 70's british bands knew how to pour bourbon in their tea.


Andy Roberts & The Great Stampede – Bottom of the garden

Matthews Southern Comfort – Woodstock

Bronco – Time (so long between)

Mighty Baby – Slipstreams

Help Yourself – Paper leaves

Brinsley Schwarz – The last time I was fooled

Ernie Graham – The girl that turned the lever

Unicorn – 115 bar joy

The Grease Band – The mandolin song

Shape Of The Rain – Patterns

Elton John – No shoestrings on Louise

Cochise – Past loves

Ashton, Gardner, Dyke & Co – Ballad of the Remo Four

The Rolling Stones – Torn and frayed



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13 juin 2014 5 13 /06 /juin /2014 17:40


BBQ time with some of the most gleaming southern fellas.


Terry & The Chain Reaction – Keep your cool

Travis Wammack – Whatever turns you on

Ray Stinnett – You make me feel

Donnie Fritts – Sumpin funky going on

Allman Brothers Band – Stand back

Grinderswitch – Let the south wind blow

Tony Joe White – Whompt out on you

Little Feat – Willin’

Terry Manning – Trashy dog

Billy Joe Royal – Don’t you be ashamed

Joe South – Leanin’ on you

Don Nix – I need you

Jim Dickinson – Dixie fried

Johnny Jenkins – Voodoo in you

John Randolph Marr – Sarah

Mark James – Suspicious minds



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3 juin 2014 2 03 /06 /juin /2014 15:26


Due to technical reasons, there's no sound clip available for this tribute to the greatest soul songwriter ever. Instead, listen to the soundcloud mix below and be sure to check Kent's beautiful compilation "Impressed : 24 Groups Inspired By The Impressions".


The Impressions – I can’t stay away from you

The Climates – Breaking up again

The Mad Lads – Come closer to me

The Isley Brothers – Who’s that lady

The Invincibles – Heart full of love

The Dontells – I’m gonna tell the world

The Astors – Candy

The Steelers – Get it from the bottom

Willie Cooper & The Webs – You don’t love nobody

The Players – He’ll be back

The Soulville All-Stars – Won’t you please be my girl

Van Dykes – No man is an island

Richard Caiton – Forgive me baby

The Saints – I’ve been taken for a ride

The Perfections – Which one am I

Detroit Emeralds – Long live the king

Freddie North – Gotta get your mommy

Righteous Brothers – A man without a dream 

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