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17 octobre 2013 4 17 /10 /octobre /2013 07:17


Garage rock purists dislike horns but that’s alright as we dislike garage rock purists. This show was dedicated to brass arrangement in 60's garage rock and other teenage greatness.


Ole Miss Downbeats – Geraldine

Werps – Love’s a fire

The Onion Rings – She’s gonna cry

Boy Blues – Living child

Avengers – Crying all alone

New Colony Six – I’m just waitin’ (anticipatin’ for her to show up)

The Embermen Five – Do you have to be so cruel

Red Coats Revue Inc. – Keep on trying

The Fireballs – I don’t have the right

Nobody’s Children – Dontcha feel like cryin’

The Cherry Slush – I cannot stop you

Dick Wagner & The Frosts – Little girl

Tonto & The Renegades – The easy way out

The Grodes – What they say about love

Thor’s Hammer – By the sea (version 2)

The Undertakers – (I fell in love) for the very first time

The Bumble Bees – Girl of my kind

The Riot Squad – Gotta be a first time

The Five Americans – Virginia girl



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3 octobre 2013 4 03 /10 /octobre /2013 11:21


Ballsier efforts of soft-oriented bands !


The Millenium – The know it all

The Beach Boys – How she boogalooed it

The Sunrays – Don’t take yourself too seriously

The Tokens – Animal

Del Shannon – Move it on over

Herman’s Hermits – Ace, king, queen, jack

Honeybus – Tender are the ashes

The Gremlins – Listen to me

The Chessmen – There’s no blood in bone

Cher – I walk on guilded splinters

Townes Van Zandt – Black widow blues

The Bee Gees – Lay it on me

Harry Nilsson – Jump into the fire

The Mamas & Papas – Gemini childe

Bread – Tecolote (live 1972)

Nick Lowe – Music for money



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19 septembre 2013 4 19 /09 /septembre /2013 11:43


The softer side of tough acts. To be continued next week with the opposite.


Don & The Goodtimes – I could never be

Charlie Feathers – South of Chicago

Gene Vincent – The day the world turned blue

Link Wray – Black river swamp

The Sonics – Anyway the wind blows

The Breakers/Wailers – All my nights all my days

The Shadows Of Knight – Wille Jean

The Remains – But I ain’t got you

Steppenwolf – Spiritual Fantasy

Iron Butterfly – Flowers and beads

Spirit – Give a life, take a life

Bob Seger & The Last Heard – Very few

Third Power – Passed by

The Koala – Elizabeth

Dean Carter – Shadow of evil

The Troggs – Anyway that you want me



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12 septembre 2013 4 12 /09 /septembre /2013 12:15


Before the Gallagher brothers discovered the joys of glue-sniffing there was a great Marin County folk-rock band named Oasis. There are dozens of other examples, here are a few samples.

The Go-Betweens – Knock knock

Feelies – Happy

The New Order – You’ve got me high

Cult – Fire and flood

The Smiths – Now I taste the tears

The Jam – Something’s gone

The Gladiators – Turning to stone

The Wailers – Bad trip

The Status Quo – They all want her love

Saints – Please don’t leave me

Iron Maiden – Ned Kelly

Nirvana – Rainbow chaser

Genesis – Gloomy Sunday

Oasis – The wake

Felt – Look at the sun

The Bats – Not my girl anymore

The Damned – Morning bird



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9 septembre 2013 1 09 /09 /septembre /2013 14:38

Dedicated to lesser-known Detroit suburbian barbarians from the late 60's and early 70's.


Doug Brown & The Omens – Youth and experience

Bob Seger System – Lucifer

The Rationals – Poor dog (who can’t wag his own tail)

Grand Funk Railroad – Please don’t worry

Half-Life – Get down

Salem Witchcraft – Rock & Roll lover

Third Power – Feel so lonely

SRC – No secret destination

The Thyme – No opportunity necessary, no experience needed

Mijal & White – I’ve been you

Dick Wagner – Sunshine

The Up – Together

The Punks – My time’s coming

Sunday Funnies – Walk down the path of freedom



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25 juillet 2013 4 25 /07 /juillet /2013 17:43


Last show before the holidays ! The beautiful remains of 60's icons !


Paul Revere & The Raiders – Powder blue mercedes queen

The Hollies – Lizzy & the rainman

The Searchers – Desdemona

The Troggs – Strange movies

Paul Mc Cartney – London town

Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – You’re a song that I can’t sing

The Mamas & Papas – Pearl

Donovan – Divine daze of deathless delight

John Buck Wilkin – The daydream

The Drifters – You got to pay your dues

The Four Tops – Right before my eyes

Don Covay – Stop by

Arthur Lee – Hamburger breath stinkfinger

Marcus Hook Roll Band – Goodbye Jane

Link Wray – God out west

Michael Rabon & Choctaw – Coming home


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11 juillet 2013 4 11 /07 /juillet /2013 18:39


A musical tribute to the best “adult rock” band ever, by american and british bands (1968-1975).


Blue Jug – Sugar man

Bobby Charles – Small town talk

Jackie de Shannon – I got my reason

Bernie Schwartz – Peace on earth

The Beach Boys – Carry me home

The Grease Band – Let it be gone

Jawbone – Homestead

Ashton, Gardner & Dyke – Got to get back to you

Widsith – Rust in the rain

Bodine – Into my life

Don Nix – She don’t want a lover (she just needs a friend)

Price & Walsh – Sentimental Lisa

Rockin’ Horse – Son, son

Ernie Graham – So lonely

Brinsley Schwarz – Don’t lose your grip on love



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4 juillet 2013 4 04 /07 /juillet /2013 11:39

The great Elektra label has much to offer. Behind the great names (Doors, Stooges, Tim Buckley...) there are many lesser-known acts who beg for rediscovery. Here's our attempt to do them justice.


Jack Margolis & Jere Alan Brain – The history of Marijuana

Waphphle – Goin’ down

Clear Light – Sand

Diane Hildebrande – Jan’s blues

Bamboo – Treehouse

David Stoughton – The sun comes up each day

Plainsong – Side roads

Eclection – In her mind

Farquahr – Start living

Don Agrati – Love, come my way

Steve Noonan – Street singer

Sailcat – The dream

Earth Opera – Home to you

Crabby Appleton – Try

Wackers – I hardly know her name

Ars Nova – Pavan for my lady



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21 juin 2013 5 21 /06 /juin /2013 18:15


“We go together, Annie. I don't know why. Maybe like guns and ammunition go together.”


The Gun – Rupert’s travel

Powder – Gladly

Wes Dakus’ Rebels – Shotgun

Machine Gun Kelly’s Reject – I’m going back

The Trend – Shot on sight

The Scruffs – Tommy gun

Streak – Bang bang bullet

Steely Dan – With a gun

Peter Cowap – The man with the golden gun

The Mamas & Papas – Straight shooter

Shotgun Wedding – 1000 years old man

Betty Wright – Mr. Lucky

Clifford Curry – She shot a hole in my soul

Andy Kim – Shoot’em up baby

The Springfield Rifle – That’s all I really need

J.C. – Johnny get your gun

Brian Hyland – Mail order gun

Rubies – bang bang bang



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13 juin 2013 4 13 /06 /juin /2013 08:20


Marijuana - this seemingly harmless source of rope, paper, clothing and many other products is capable of driving people completely insane! Boys and girls, you must stay away from this plant and tell your friends about it also for their own protection.


The Shadows – Peace pipe

The Soul Inc. – The leaves of grass

Fapardokly – Gone to pot

The Baroques – Mary Jane

Long Grass – Sunshine to burn

Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera – Mary Jane

Troggs – Night of the long grass

Harmony Grass – Ballad of Michael

Fuchsia – Mary used to play the piano

The Mooche – Hot smoke and sassafras

The Illusion – Peace pipe

Owen-B – Zig zag man

Rex Foster with Don and Merrily – Busted in the grass blues

Peter Sarstedt – Mary Jane

Blades Of Grass – Just ah

The Renaissance – Mary Jane (Get off the devil’s merry-go-round)

The Moles – What’s the new Mary Jane



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