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26 avril 2012 4 26 /04 /avril /2012 11:05

freddie-north-ad.jpgWe had the honour of welcoming Jean-Pierre Paul Poire for this show dedicated to baroque soul. Yes, baroque soul. We gloriously proved that such a thing exists.


Kenny Smith – Lord, what’s happening to your people ?

Tommy Tate – Where did I go

The Masters Of Soul – Sad face

Raw Spitt – Midnight rider

Ila Vann – Flying solo tomorrow

The Sisters Of Righteous – Is my lovin’ too slow ?

Freddie North – Raining on a sunny day

The Masqueraders – Love, peace & understanding

Lou Johnson – Crazy about you

David Ruffin – Flower child

Nelson Sanders – I’m lonely

Eddie Holman – Four walls

The Extentions – This love of mine

Willie Tee – Mirror

L.C. Cooke – Half a man


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19 avril 2012 4 19 /04 /avril /2012 10:37



Downunder 60's rock is often reduced to wailing punks but  Australia and Nezw Zealand produced a lot of dreamy and sophisticated pop during this era. That's what this show was about. Stay tuned, as we're going to stick around Oceania for a while.


Terry Walker With The Hi Five – Long time gone

Normie Rowe – Sunshine secret

Glen Ingram With The Clan – That it’s me

Ronnie Burns – Age of consent

The Twilights – Bessemae

The Gremlins – Kingsforth Hemmingseen

The Fourmyula – Cosy picture theatre

Bruno – Mandy Jones

Larry’s Rebels – Dream time

The Executives – Moving in a circle

The Easybeats – Amanda Storey

Tin Tin – I took a holiday

The Cam-Pact – It won’t be long

Johnny Farnham – Turn around

Ted Mulry – Louisa

The Strangers – Take the time

Lynne Randell – Stranger in my arms


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12 avril 2012 4 12 /04 /avril /2012 17:18



British bands did great classic pop music as far as the mid seventies. This show is a collection of long-time and new favourites, memories of a time when punk rock hadn’t make everything ugly yet.


Jawbone – Honeysuckle Redwood cabin

The Hinge – Village postman

Barclay James Harvest – So tomorrow

Sundragon – Empty highway

Hotlegs – Fly away

Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Strike a light

Angel Pavement – Napoleon

Gary & Stu – Man of many faces

Honeybus – Be thou by my side

Keith Cross & Peter Ross – The dead salute

Rick Price – Talking to the flowers

Vigrass & Osborne – Don’t you worry

The Troggs – Strange movies

The Laurels – Underground

Airbus – Susanna in the summer

Jumbo – Promises


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5 avril 2012 4 05 /04 /avril /2012 09:10


Michael Lloyd (far right) with the WCPAEB supported by an enthusiastic fan


Michael lloyd is undoubtedly one of the most talented and prolific 60's musician/songwriter/producer, and his achievments make an exemplary californian success story. We had to pay tribute to the man and everything hre represents, that we fight for daily.

New Dimensions – National breakout

Laughing Wind – John works hard

Rogues – Wanted : dead or alive

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – Just you and me

Neo Maya – I won’t hurt you

Kim Fowley – Strangers from the sky

The Smoke –Cowboys and indians

October Country – Caryle’s theme

Boystown – End of the line

Marcia Strassman – Self analysis

Cattanooga Cats – My girlfriend is a witch

Elfstone – Beat the clock

Rockit – Amblin’

Markley – Little Ruby Rain

Frosty – Organ grinder’s monkey

J.J. Light – Love is not a game

American Revolution – Cold Wisconsin nights

Family Scandal – October country

Roks – Transparent day


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22 mars 2012 4 22 /03 /mars /2012 12:22


San Francisco isn’t only home to Haight Ashbury acts, long bearded gurus and endless jams. Some bands kept on playing classic and classy pop until the early 70’s, as we proved it gloriously with this show.


The Beau Brummels – Fine with me

Electric Company – You’re wrong

Sound 70 – There is no reason

Tommy Faia & The True Blue Facts – Rain, rain, rain, rain

Mother’s Worry – Hard blade of grass

The Other Half – Oz Lee Eaves Drop

Travel Agency – Make love

Summerhill – My way (hard for you)

New Riders Of The Purple Sage – I don’t know you

Tripsichord Music Box – We have passed away

Moby Grape – I am not willing

Family Tree – He spins around

The Us – How can I tell her

Soul Owners – I can’t hide

Neighb’rhood Childr’n – Please leave me

Jan Ashton – About my tears

San Franciscans – I love you so

Mystery Trend – Words you whisper

The Tears – Rat race


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15 mars 2012 4 15 /03 /mars /2012 09:44



Daydreaming under the sunlight : a collection of all-time and new favourites.


The Hard Times – Under the sunlight

Jack Holiday – Lazy day

We All Together – Children

Adam – Melrose Street 5829

Eastfield Meadows – Helpless is a feeling

West – Looking back Johanna

Jim Ford – She turns my radio on

Royal Jesters – Girl I can’t forget

Bob Lind – West Virginia Summer’s child

Rock Shop – Yes, I love you

Carol & Gerri – How can I ever find the way

June Conquest – Almost persuaded

Helene Smith – Like a baby

The Satisfactions – I didn’t have any summer romance

Autumn – Sun sunshine

Gary Benson – Back in love again

Ronny & The Daytonas – If I had my way


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8 mars 2012 4 08 /03 /mars /2012 06:28


Graham Gouldman is undoubtedly a unheralded hero of the sixties. Everybody on earth knows at least one of his songs but his name is still confidential. Before joining the overrated 10cc, he was one of the best, personal and most prolific british songwriter, as we prove it with this striking show.


Downliners Sect – The cost of living

Jeff Beck – Tallyman

Human Beinz – Evil hearted you

The Hollies – Listen to me

The E-Types – No milk today

Herman’s Hermits – It’s nice to be out in the morning

Toni Basil – I’m 28

Cher – Behind every door

Sarah Jane – Listen people

The Pleasure Fair – East-west

Graham Gouldman – The impossible years

Mockingbirds – I can feel we’re parting

Ohio Express – Sausalito (is the place to go)

Graham Gouldman – Growing older

The Standells – School girl

Normie Rowe – Going home

Dave Berry – I’m gonna take you home

Wayne Fontana – Pamela, Pamela


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1 mars 2012 4 01 /03 /mars /2012 11:28



This one was about the underestimated Rascals influence on the 60's sound, mostly east coast. A great analysis of the italian-american manners and grooviness.


The Buckinghams – Love ain’t enough

The Tradewinds – Only when I’m dreamin’

The Hobbits – Treats

The Innocence – It’s not gonna take too long

Blood, Sweat & Tears – So much love

Little Willie & The Adolescents – Looking for love

The Bad Boys – Love

Five Cards Stud – Beg me

The Warlox – You can’t win

The Hassles – I hear voices

The Illusion – Medley : Run, run, run/Willy Gee (miss holy lady)

Giant Crab – Intensify your soul

The Myddle Class – Who does he love

Aesop’s Fables – In due time

Forum Quorum – Your turn to cry

The Dream – Green things (from outer space)

The Uniques – I’ll do anything


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23 février 2012 4 23 /02 /février /2012 11:48



A musical tribute to the greatest artist of the fifties, who paved the way for years of classic grace. We skipped the very obvious choices (except for Bobby Fuller, but how can you skip him ?).


Buddy Holly : Newscast about the phone crash

Walt & The Satans – Maybe one day

Jackie Dee – Buddy

The Gants – Six days in may

Mike & The Ravens – I’ve taken all I can

Erik & The Smoke Ponies – From where I’m standing

Freddie Starr – Just keep on dreaming

Freddie & The Dreamers – Over you

The Hullaballoos – Every night

Herman’s Hermits – Dial my number

Jack London & The Sparrows – Give my love to you

The Robbs – Cynthia loves

The Cornerstones – You rule me

Jamie & The Jury – My kind

The Baroques – Bicycle

Travel Agency – Old man

Jim Ford – Linda comes running

Bobby Fuller – Only for you

The Castells – Save a chance

Fapardokly – Sorry for yourself

The Rock Shop – Why not three or four


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16 février 2012 4 16 /02 /février /2012 11:26



The whole show was dedicated to covers, divided in four chapters : bands that assimilate the song and make it sound theirs, the slow-motionners, the iconoclasts and the ones who blend the manners. And no Shadows Of Knights allowed.


Brian Hyland – Gypsy woman

Lee Dorsey – Games people play

Nathaniel Mayer – Summertime

The Searchers – Magic potion

Charley D. & Milo – I’ll keep it with mine

The Arbors – The letter

Flat Earth Society – Midnight hour

The Now Generation – You showed me

Jamul – Long tall sally

Dean Carter – Fever

Dale Hawkins – Ruby, don’t take your love to town

The Ballroom – Baby please don’t go

Bystanders – Cheryl’s goin’ home

Sounds Like Us – It was a very good year

The Off-Set – A change is gonna come

Link Wray – Girl from the north country


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