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9 février 2012 4 09 /02 /février /2012 12:36



Who in the world would be able to put up a show entirely dedicated to bands inspired by John Phillips and the godlike Mamas & Papas ? Some people. But not with the Jean Pop 2 maestria, on this 8th day of cold february.


The Mamas & Papas – Anthology LP promo spot

The Collage – Lookin’ at a baby

Earth Island – Earth’s people park

Ashes – Return home

Morning Glory – I see a light

The Marianne – You know my name

Friend & lover – Reach out of the darkness

Petticoat & Vine – Now you can fly

Good And Plenty – Children dreamin’

The 5th Dimension – Another day, another heartache

The Comfortable Chair – Child’s garden

Bach’s Lunch – You go on

The Music Emporium – Winds have changed

The Constant Sound – Avelon

Tee & Cara – I got plenty o nuttin’

Chrysalis – April grove

Tony & Terri – California L.A.

Eighth Day – How can I stop loving you


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2 février 2012 4 02 /02 /février /2012 12:17



Minor chords, high-school shyness and elegance, jazzy smoothness : bands influenced by the Zombies !


The Boys Next Door – Suddenly she was gone
The Golliwogs – You better be careful
Live Five – Yes you’re mine
Fabulous Rumbles – The truth hurts more than lies
Five Of A Kind – I don’t want to find another girl
The Creatures – Letters of love
The Gestures – It seems to me
Willie & The Walkers – Baby do you need me
The Youngbloods – Four in the morning
The Guess Who – Undun
Peppermint Trolley Co. – I remember long ago
Passing Clouds – I thought I knew her by heart
Airbus – Without a second word
Eden’s Children – Goodbye girl
River Deep – Shelley Tell me why
State Of Mind – Goin’ away
The Outcasts – Loving you sometimes
The Vikings – Such a love
Five Emprees – Pretty face


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20 janvier 2012 5 20 /01 /janvier /2012 17:54



Gary & Stu – Good lady fair
Tages – Treat her like a lady
Fourmyula – Lady scorpio
The Ones – Lady greengrass
Hollins Ferry – Patent leather lady
The Parade – Laughin’ lady
Cherokee – Lady on my mind
Fargo – Lady goodbye
Jim & Jean – Flower lady
Phil Cordell – Red lady
Jet Harris – My lady
The Attack – Lady orange peel
The Idle Race – The lady who said she could fly
The Other Half – Flight of the dragon lady
The Koala – She’s a lady
Dynamic Tints & Pieces Of Peace – Be my lady
The Deans – (Lady of the ) caravan
The Royals – The lady’s bad


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14 janvier 2012 6 14 /01 /janvier /2012 19:33



Dennis Wilson – Lady (live)
Stained Glass – Lady in lace
Cherokee – Lady on my mind
Elizabeth – Lady ‘L’
Jim & Jean – Flower lady
Five Man Electrical Band – She fancies herself a lady
West Coast Consortium – Lady from Baltimore
Tuneful Trolley – Lady (with the tangerine blouse)
Michael Nesmith & The First National Band – Lady of the valley
Honeybus – Scarlet lady
Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Lady of the morning
Private Property Of Digil – Jewelry lady
Dino, Desi & Billy – Lady love
The Turtles – Lady-o
The Parade – Laughin’ lady
Bobby Darin – Lady fingers
Fargo – Lady goodbye
Circus Maximus – Fading lady
The Fourmyula – Home to my lady
Holy Mackerel – Lady is waiting
Gary & Stu – Good lady fair
The Idle Race – The lady who said she could fly
The Mamas & Papas – Lady Genevieve
Dory Previn – The lady with the braid
Tin Tin – Lady blue


Download link !

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14 janvier 2012 6 14 /01 /janvier /2012 12:52



Check part one !


Quiet Jungle – Ship of dreams
The Plastic Cloud – Dainty general rides
The Paupers – Think I care
Eyes Of Dawn – Ignorance and hardship
The Fifth – Sunshine people
J.K. & Co – Christine
Rockadrome – There you go again
Lighthouse – Little kind words
Bobby Kris & The Imperials – A year from today
Family Tree – 9 to 3
Kensinton Market – Phoebe
Terry Mc Manus – Gimme a hand
Meddy’s People – World of fantasy
Bel Kanto – A kind of breakdown
The French Revolution – Nine till five
Bent Wind – Touch of red
Last Words – It made me cry

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5 janvier 2012 4 05 /01 /janvier /2012 12:31



The title says it all. We chose to play half  Bonniwell recordings, half songs by other bands who were undoubtly influenced by this great visionary.


The In Sound with Sean Bonniwell
The Ragamuffins – Point of no return
The Music Machine – Come on in
The Music Machine – Unka tinka ty
The Music Machine – You’ll love me again
The Fatimas – Sandstorm
Fever Tree – Man who paints the pictures
Knickerbockers – What does that make you
A Passing Fancy – People in me
Zebra – Christmas morning
The Music Machine – Sufferin’ succotash (demo)
The Music Machine – Discrepancy (demo)
T.S. Bonniwell – Who remembers
The Light – Back up
The Grass Roots – Feelings
The Wild Cherries – Gotta stop lying
Le Spectre – Pourquoi ?

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15 décembre 2011 4 15 /12 /décembre /2011 19:27



This is the first of two shows dedicated to this theme, in the largest meaning. Let's meet again in 2012, might be worth the pain.


Eastern Passage – I could make you fall in love

The Sound Set – Mind in a bottle

The Luvin’ Kind – It’s not always that way

3’s A Crowd – Coat of colors

Willapuss Wallapuss – To june

49th Parallel – Good time baby

Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck – One ring jane

James & The Good Brothers – Can’t help yourself

Patrician-Anne – Changing times

Justin Tyme – Julie’s just a friend

Tom Northcott – Other times

Underworld – The strange experiment of dr. Jarrod

The Reign – Visions of Mary

The British North American Act – Only a dream

East African Fair – I won’t stare

Tomorrow’s Keepsake – Elevator operator

+ 3’s A Crowd promos


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1 décembre 2011 4 01 /12 /décembre /2011 11:27



This is the first show (out of three) dedicated to the land of conifers and honey : Canada ! We've focused on the garagey/bubble gum/power pop sides with this one, there's two more to come, so stay tuned !


A Passing Fancy – She phoned

The Action – Winsom’s melody

The Factree – Who I am

The Shondels – Another man

The Plague – Love and obey

Checkerlads – Behind Ev’ry man

Andy Kim – Do you feel it, too ?

Five Man Electrical Band – Didn’t know the time

The Chessmen – What’s causing this sensation

Collectors – We can make it

Kensington Market – Coming home soon

The Guess Who – I found her in a star

The Paupers – You and me

The Northwest Company – Hard to cry

The Sparrow – Green bottle lover

The Pink Plumm – Along came pride

Thee Deuces – You gotta try

Esquires – It’s a dirty shame


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24 novembre 2011 4 24 /11 /novembre /2011 13:14

Or should we say popsike, blue-eyed soul, country-rock... Anyway the southern spirit, with its perfumed blend of tradition, uprightness and recklessness was floating over Jean Pop 2's godlike self this very night.


Terry Manning – Rocks

The Dickens – Inside-outside

Five By Five – Fruitstand man

The Network – The boys and the girls

The Gants – Greener days

The Feminine Complex – It’s magic

Blues Foundation – It’s called love

The Goatdancers – Patches of dust

The Bad Habits – Bad wind

The Lemonade Charade – The straight life

The Gentrys – I just got the news

The Chocolate Telephone Pole – Let’s tranquilize with color

Eternity’s Children – Your world

Joe Rosanova & The Vineyard – Mother’s brother’s

Local Traffic – Time gone to waste

The Soul, Inc. – The leaves of grass

Ronny & The Daytonas – Brave new world


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17 novembre 2011 4 17 /11 /novembre /2011 11:54


"Every citizen of the world has got a midwest, and he gotta respect it, bro" (Abraham Lincoln). Not only did we respect it but we broadcasted the best of its splendor, Jean Pierre Paul Poire and myself, your host, master and lover. And just for the uptight hipsterism of Excalibur's "Dreamin'", you gotta get down on your knees, bro.


The Crystal Rain – World on fire

Grassfire – Aunt Morely’s wheatcakes

Excalibur – Dreamin’

J.D. Blackfoot – I’ve never seen you

The Tiffany Shade – Jaguar city blues

Snow – You let me know

The Skunks – The journey

The Baroques – Rose colored glasses

Zerfas – The piper

Michael Angelo – Field of lonely eyes

Lacewing – Crystal myth

Jack & The Beanstalks – Mood for hurt

Underground Sunshine – Six o’clock

The Bluebeards – Come on-a my house


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