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28 mars 2010 7 28 /03 /mars /2010 09:54
Zakary Thaks - Face to face
Christopher & The Souls - Diamonds, rats & gum
The One Way Street - Joy and sorrow
The Basic Things - You're still dreaming
The Cavaliers - Pride
The Coastliners - She's my girl
Morning Sun - Let's take a walk in the woods
The Solid State - Wait and see
Playboys Of Edinburg - News sure travel fast
Simon Reyes & The Outer Limits - Mistake number three
Bad Seeds - All night long
Libert Bell - I can see
Bubble Puppy - Thinkin' about thinkin'
Michael - I'm nobody's man
The Six Deep - Girl it's over
The Reddlemen - I can't go on this way
The Clouds - Jeannie
The Outcast - How many times
Roy Head - You're (almost) tuff
Barry & Life - Top-less girl
Countdown 5 - Uncle Kirby (from Brazil)
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18 mars 2010 4 18 /03 /mars /2010 19:42
The Valiants - All night long
Vance Charles & The Sonics - We gotta get out of this place
Destiny's Children - Fall of the queen
Thursday's Children - Dominoes
The Crabs - Bye bye my little girl
Tommy & The Nightbeats - Come on darling
Bobby Adeno - The hands of time
Bobby Conerly - Little girls go home
Bobby Boseman - Dying heart
The Traits - Too good to be true
Luvenia Lewis - Tender loving pain
Baroque Brothers - So glad was I
The Nomads - I'll be there
The Lavender Hour - I'm sorry
The Disciples Of Shaftesbury - My cup is full
The Clique - Shadow of your love
Archie Bell & The Drells - Tighten up
The Malibus - Two at a time
Willy Willey - Push and shove
Johnny Copeland - You're gonna reap just what you sow
Sherwoods - I know you cried
Michael - Caretaker
Sterling Damon - Rejected
Yesterday's Obsession - The Phycle
Lemon Fogg - Girl from the wrong side of town
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12 mars 2010 5 12 /03 /mars /2010 20:38
moving sidewalks
The Actioneers - It's you
Blox - Hangin' out
Moving Sidewalks - Need me
Brother Love Congregation - Bringing me love
Satori - Time machine
The Chancellors Ltd - You be the judge
Jean Stackback - If I ever needed love
Melvin Carter - Teacher of love
Lil' Nelson - You could have kissed me goodbye
Lee Lamont - Pleasin' woman
Shirley Butler - I don't want to beg
The Sixpentz - Imitation situation
U.S. Males - Open up your heart
Fun & Games - It must have been the wind
Magic Ring - Little Mary sunshine
Neal Ford & The Fanatics - I have thoughts of you
Jeannette Williams - Something's got a hold of me
George Mc Cullough - Welcome home
Goree Smith - It's never too late
Oscar Perry - I found a true love
Ola V. Harper - I wanna weep
Dave Allen - Terp
Steve Akin - I'm trippin' alone
The Surf Knights - In the summer
Eddie Cunningham - Girl don't change you mind
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7 mars 2010 7 07 /03 /mars /2010 18:11
Reasons Why - Don't be that way
Modulation Corporation - What to do
The Merlynn Tree - Look in your mirror
Gaylan Ladd - Repulsive situation
Dicky Treadway & The Salados - You can't believe it
Keystones inc. - The rain makes music
Roy Junior - Victim of circumstances
Trackers - You are my world
Golden Dawn - Starvation
The Spades - We sell soul
Fountain Of Youth - Day don't come
Joe Tex - I should have kissed her more
Darker Shades - Trackin' down on Jodie
Major Burkes - Who was the fool
Sweetarts - A picture of me
Ginger Valley - Country life
Jolly Roger & The Poppiteers - Beautiful lady in the sky
Bob & Gaylon - It belongs to you
Leo & The Prophets - Tilt-a-whirl
Oedipus & The Mothers - How it used to be
The Wig - Drive it home (live)
The Twilighters - Nothing can bring me down
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19 février 2010 5 19 /02 /février /2010 13:26
Hernandez Collection Sunny
The Centurys - City surfin'
Graven Image - Take a bite out of life
The Outcasts - 1523 Blair
The Driving Wheels - One year ago today
The Chayns - See it thru
The Five Canadians - Don't tell me
Sunny & The Sunliners - Should I take you home
The Commands - Hey it's love
The Playboys - Falling in love with you
Little Jr Jesse & The Teardrops - Ain't no big thing
The Bourbons - A dark corner
The Stoïcs - Hate
Barons - Come to me
Sir Douglas quintet - In time
Robb London & The Rogues - Standing under Big Ben
The Latin Breed - I turn you on
The Tonettes - I gotta know
The Sunglows - Till the end of time
Joe Jama & The Royal Jesters - Phases of time
Dino Bazan & The Dell-Tones - Don't leave me baby
The Infinite Staircase - Margaret
The Mysterions - Is it a lie
The 12 A.M. - The way I feel
The Hangmen - I'm gonna love you
The Grim Reaper - It's not for the living
The Madison Revue - Another man
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5 février 2010 5 05 /02 /février /2010 19:33

Murphy & The Mob - Born loser
The Passions - Lively one
Billy McKnight - You're doin' me wrong
The Heard - Exit 9
Mouse & The Traps - Cryin' inside
The Revolvers - Like me
Larry Mack - Last day of the dragon
Kenny Wayne & The Kamotions - A better day's a comin'
Shade - All is gone
The Felicity - Hurtin'
Tickled pink - Reach out and give me your hand
Linda Burns - And that remains me
Donnie Carl - You've got it
Banny Price - There goes the girl
Tommy Jackson - Cold cold world
Tyme Of Day - Listen to what is never said
Dalton, James & Sutton - One time around
The Visions - Small town commotion
Brym-Stonz Ltd. - Tymes gone by
Roy Orbison - My prayer
Danny Wyant - I want you
Nobody's Children - Somebody to help me
The Briks - It's your choice
The Esquires - These are the tender years
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29 janvier 2010 5 29 /01 /janvier /2010 18:44

J.C. Horton, Dot Records. Un label Californien, un nom qui connote une certaine âpreté sudiste. Deux titres, You are love/If you want my love qui épèlent le sésame d’un temps d’embrassades à ciel ouvert, d’avant l’intrusion dans le champ artistique et amoureux des « ennemis du système ».

A nous d’intercaler nos rêves entre ces maigres données.

Dot records est une filiale de Paramount, et de la même manière que le studio cultivait le style, comme l’illustrent les europes inexistantes de Lubitsch ou les dentelles fanées de Von Sternberg, notre homme mystère synthétise les raffinements 1966 : blue-eyed soul timidement torrentielle, déhanché rougissant de sa propre sensualité, doo-wop de linceul, accords aquarelles au bord de l’évanouissement…

L’universalité du propos ne pourra nous éclairer davantage : J.C. Horton chante bien l’amour, sa qualité solaire, le UI. « You’re the you in every song I sing ».

Parce que l’humanité sera pour toujours incapable d’offrir une réalité à Tim Granada, parce qu’il fallait que Bobby Fuller s’éclipse avant la maturité, parce que Buddy Holly est né le 3 février 1959, J.C. Horton continuera de peupler les limbes comme un des plus beaux souvenirs d’homme à venir.


jc horton


J.C. Horton - You are love

J.C. Horton - If you want my love

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28 janvier 2010 4 28 /01 /janvier /2010 11:44
vandykes picweb
Bards - Alibis
Cynics - I'll go
Larry & The Blue Notes - In and out
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - If you know how to start
Five Of A Kind - I don't want to find another girl
The Elite - I'll come back to you
Van Dykes - What will I do (if I lose you)
James moore - Feet
Bobby Darnell - Tell me how to find true love
Phyliss Brown - I've got something on my mind
Billy Mills - All these things
The Front Page news - Thoughts
Crowd + 1 - Try
Mods - Days mind the time
Ron-Dels - Lost my love today
Those Guys - Looking at you behind the glasses
Pic & Bill - Talk about love
Hal Tiore - Darling I'm sorry
Louis Howard - Please forgive me
Sammy Roberson - Some man's woman
Cellar Dwellers - Bad day
Jinx - I can't go on loving you
The Loose Ends - He's a nobody
The Barons - I'll never be happy
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22 janvier 2010 5 22 /01 /janvier /2010 18:54
the novas
Sam The Sham - HIS Slacks spot
Jimmy Rabbit with Ron & Dea - Pushover
Kempy & The Guardians - Love for a price
The Gentlemen - It's a cryin' shame
Floyd Dakil Four - It takes a lot of hurt
The U.S. Britons - I'll show you a man
Kenny & The Kasuals - Come on kid
Jonathan's Experiences - I'm gonna make it
The Novas - William Junior
Cast Of Thousands - Girl what you're gonna do
The Rogues - Something beautiful is dying
Lil' Henry & His Soul Express - Baby
Little Anthony - You're my one and only
Eddie Finley - Sad honoured night
Bobby Patterson - How do you spell love
Lovegrass - All around me
Five Americans - Big cities
Southwest F.O.B. - On my mind
The Penthouse 5 - You're always around
Gretta Spoone Band - Close your eyes
Kit & The Outlaws - Don't tread on me
The New Breed - Big time
Terry Haynes - Further down the line
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7 janvier 2010 4 07 /01 /janvier /2010 18:57
Roger Biminghof - Over my head
The Fatimas - Hoochy Coo
Tidal Wave - Searching for love
Jades - I cried
Hucksters - It's so hard
The Pyramids - I don't wanna cry
Three Of A Kind - Only time will tell
Beethoven's Fifth - Come down
The Jam - Something's gone
The Shamrock - The road ahead
Bad Manners - I am alone
Bobby Mac - How was your week-end
Wess Oliver - I confess
Joe Mansion - Soulful christmas
Wesly Paige - Trapped
Kin Vassy - That's the bag I'm in
The Trespassers - Come with me
Pure Madness - Freedom rides
J.C. Horton - You are love
The Wildflowers - Back in your arms
The Tuesday Club - A godess in many ways
Roman Rebellion - Every groovy day
Mid Day Rain - Friday mourning
Sages - I'm not going to cry
Uncivilized - Back again
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