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23 juillet 2009 4 23 /07 /juillet /2009 18:29

Pour qui n’y a jamais posé les pieds, il semble presque impossible d’imaginer New York éclairée par le soleil. C’est la nuit que s’y propagent les sirènes perdues et les huées de néons que nous désirons y trouver. Et c’est toutes les nuances nocturnes qui s’y logent alors : la lune balafrée des hommes aux doigts d’or, celle percluse de rouille qui éternue la suie nous séparant de l’aube, la nuit enfin des capes ocres qui s’évanouissent derrière des immeubles trop blêmes.

La cape est celle qu’aime à s’entourer Giles Strange. Derrière cette onomastique de serial de gare se tient un des trois faux frères des Strangeloves (les deux autres se prénommant Miles et Niles), cette fabulation de trois petits moguls New-Yorkais gentiment visionnaires. « Watch the people dance » contient autant de bagarres, rebondissements et mâchoires menacantes que les comics de leur enfance. La musique de Giles Strange, si elle est toute empreinte de la classe urbaine des voisins du Queens The Denims, si elle est exécutée avec la même rigidité féline qui feint de déborder toutes les quatre mesures, possède quand même un mystère sur lequel il est malaisé de mettre un visage : proche des furies baroques des Easybeats ou des machines de guerre maniaquement calibrées de Sean Bonniwell, elle ajoute au sublime dédain du précédent, qui s’inscrivait déjà au-delà du sentiment, une nouvelle couche de peinture nuit scintillante qui en renforce l’opacité et le glamour crapuleux.

Ainsi, hanté par ces guitares louves, on imagine volontiers Giles Strange tel James Caan à la fin du « Gambler » de Karel Reisz, à l'orée de la nuit, face au miroir d’un hôtel jaunasse, admirant intensément la plaie vive qui lézarde son visage avec fierté, horreur et soulagement.




Giles Strange - Watch the people dance

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23 juillet 2009 4 23 /07 /juillet /2009 10:55

Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters - Just being careful
Shandels - Mary Mary
Huns - Destination lonely
The Noblemen - Short time
Edges Of Wisdom - That lonely road
Dave & The Squires - The girl of my dreams
Blue Condition - Once there was a girl
Shades Of Blue - The time of my life
Missing Links - You hypnotize me
Perpetual Motion - You hurt me
Conquests - Is it right
Maurice & Mac - Lay it on me
Harold Burrage - Long way home
James Phelps - Wasting time
Billy "The Kid" Emerson - A dancin' whippersnapper
Willie Parker - You got your finger in my eye
The Exterminators - Voo-doo
The Warner Brothers - I won't be the same without her
The Cryan' Shames - First train to California
George Edwards - Nevermind I'm freezing
The Lemon Drops - Jennifer Ann
Kookie Cook - Workin' man
Barry Ebling & The Invaders - I can make it without you
Gary & The Knight Lites - I don't need your help
The Quarrymen - Why
The Todds - I want her back
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17 juillet 2009 5 17 /07 /juillet /2009 11:45

Long John & The Silvermen - Heart filled with love
The Delights - Find me a woman
The Other Half - The girl with the long black hair
Ray Peck & Placy Anatra - Makin' up and breakin' up
Keith Everett - The chant
The Prophets - Sad on me
The Caravans - Walk around heaven all day
Barbara & Gwen - Right on (to the street called love)
Tyrone Davis - Is it something you've got
Betty Everett - I'm gonna be ready
Ruby Andrews - Just loving you
The Commons Ltd - I'm gonna change the world
The Hollow Steps - Hung up on you
The Foggy Notions - Need a little lovin'
Guy Kraines Trio - Come see the way
The Riots - I can go on
Len Woods - Do it funky
The Perfections - Which one am I
The Intentions - Dancing fast dancing slow
Johnny Thompson - I lost everything
Bo Diddley - Back to school
The Rovin' Kind - Right on time
Michael & Lee - It's you I'm thinking of
The Dirty Wurds - Why
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9 juillet 2009 4 09 /07 /juillet /2009 18:16

The Crestones - The chopper
The Todds - I want her back
The Banshees - Project blue
The Reasons Why - All I really need is love
Appolo's Apaches - Cry me a lie
The Illusions - Her own way
The Impressions - I can't stay away from you
The Steelers - Get it from the bottom
The Notations - A new day
The Dontells - I'm gonna tell the world
Gene Chandler - In my body's house
Half Pint & The Fifths - Loving on borrowed time
006 - Like what me worry ?
The Tills - I remember
The Kasuals - Listen to the rain
Carol & The Omens - September
The Visitors - Changes
Uptight Sound Creation - Blind am I
Jimbo Johnson & The Violators - Popcorn
General Crook - Do it for me
Chuck McLean - Let me hear it from you
Gary & The Knight Lites - Take me back
The Del-Vetts - Last time around
The Buckinghams - Love ain't enough
The M.H. Royals - Old town
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1 juillet 2009 3 01 /07 /juillet /2009 15:59

Students - Indiana calling
Sir Winston & The Commons - We're gonna love
The Olivers - I saw what you did
Paul & Emile - I can't take it
The Takers - I can say no more
Galabooches - It'll never work out
The Misfits - I'll feel better (in the morning)
The Chosen Few - Foolin' round with me
Keith Murphy & The Daze - Slightly reminiscent of her
Black & Blues - Come to me
Dawn 5 - A necessary evil
The Cobblestones - I'll hide my head in the sand
Boys Next Door - Suddenly she was gone
Troy Shondell - Whenever
Tommy James & The Shondells - Mirage
The McCoys - Say those magic words
Sounds Unlimited - A girl as sweet as you
Theze Vizitors - For Mary's sake
Blues inc - Get off my back
Oscar & The Majestics - No chance baby
The What Four - Whenever
The Joys Of Life - Good times are over
Dukes - Take your love
The Endd - Out of my hands
Mogen David & The Grapes Of Wrath - Don't want ya no more
The Noblemen - She still thinks I love her
Wild Things - I'm not for you
Try-Angle - The writing on the wall
Sanz Incorporated - I'm gonna leave you
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24 juin 2009 3 24 /06 /juin /2009 16:43

Tom & The Tempests - It's over now
Us Too Group - I'll leave you cryin'
Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - For all of us
Dawks - Good thing
The 2 Of Clubs - My first heartbreak
The Purple Persians - The past and the future
Travelers - Beach boy
Bare Facts - Bad part of town
Them - A girl like you
Bittervetch - A girl like you
Me & The Other Guys - I don't care
The Ditalians - I gotta go
The Four Mints - Too far gone
The Fabulous Denos - I enjoy being in love with you
Kool Blues - I want to be ready
Timmy Willis - Easy as saying 1-2-3
The Myrchents - Indefinite inhibition
The Fabulous Chantels - Remain unknown girl
The Ambushers - I need love
Malcontents - (I'm a) roustabout
Muphets - My money
Captain Crunch & The Crew - Nowadays people
Pictorian Skiffuls - In awhile
X-cellents - Walk slowly away
Julietta 's Valiants - Love me not tomorrow
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17 juin 2009 3 17 /06 /juin /2009 16:10

Dantes - 80-96
Jerry & The Others - Don't cry to me
Allard & The Lost Souls - Looking
Centrees - She's good for me
The Endless - Prevailing darkness
The Cutaways - Hold me
Fifth Order - Walkin' away
The Incrowd - Set me free
Forums - Bring it on back
Shillings - Forgive me my love
The New Breeds - Girl in love
Beau Dollar - I'm ready; I'm ready
Junior Mc Cants - The boy needs a girl
Bill Moss - Number one
Joe King - Speak on up
Pure Prairie League - Woman
Sonny Flaharty - When I close my eyes
Eighth Day - Building with a steeple
The Blue Dells - Trust me
Checkmates - Get it while you can
Jon & Gunther - Hey hey babe
Children Of Darkness - She's mine
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10 juin 2009 3 10 /06 /juin /2009 16:26

The Human Beinz - Nobody but me
The Shademen - That's tuff
Circus - Bad seed
The Grasshopers - Mod Socks
Jaye Daye & The Four Knights - (You'll always be my) only girl
The Counts - Now you're gone
The Music Explosion - Can't stop now
The Mods - I give you an inch
Onion Rings - She's gonna cry
The Creations - I want you
The Strawberry Social - The sunday before my life
The Futuras - Hurt
Kenny & The Kasuals - Please don't leave me
Journey Men - She's sorry
The Nite Watchmen - I'm gonna lose my mind
Soul Survivors - I won't cry
Harvey Russel  - Keep a knockin'
Shepherd's Heard - I know
The Es Shades - Without my love
A Group Called Eve - Smile
The Chylds - Hay girl
The Panicks - You're my baby
Diamond Rings - Which end is up
Last Times - Don't tell me
The Younts Bros. Inc. - Love is a game

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3 juin 2009 3 03 /06 /juin /2009 20:26

The Decades - Strange world
The Road - You rub me the wrong way
The Outsiders - Haunted by your love
The Quantill Raiders - Sad eyed lady
The Runaways - It can't be long
The Vikings - Such a love
The Streys - She cools my mind
The Executioneers - Don't put me on
The Triumphs - Lovin' cup
The Bittersweets - Hurtin' kind
Eye Zooms - She's gone
The Cashmeers - Back to school again
The Exits - You got to have money
Hot Chocolate - What should I do
The O'Jays - Stand in for love
The Nomads - I need your love
The Motions - Land beyond the moon
The Sleepers - Time will tell
N. Patrick Williams - Tears I lost for you
The Fortels - Merry-go-round
The Treytones - Nonymous
The Pied Pipers - Stay in my life
The Missing Lynx - (You don't love me) anymore
The Tree Stumps - Listen to love
The Turfits - If it's love you want
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28 mai 2009 4 28 /05 /mai /2009 09:21

The Snaps - You don't want me
Pat Farrell & The Believers - Gotta find her
Thee Avantis - I want to understand
The Shaynes - From my window
The Live Wires - Being alone
Groop Therapy - Ronnie Ronnie
Chuck Barr & The Playboys - My lonely guitar
The Couriers - Stomping time again
The Arkay IV - Down from N°9
The Vandals - My girl
Wayne & The Impressions - I saw you
The Lords - Tell me
The Centurys - Hard times
The Counts - I will lose my mind
The Flares - I found out
Oncomers - You let me down
The Sundae Train - Love affair of two happy people
Marcus - Grains of sand
Fowerz - Flyte
Tresa Leigh - I remember
The Fantastic Dee-Jays - Get away girl
Peter's Pipers - I didn't believe her
The Swamp Rats - Hey freak
John Harrison & The Hustlers - Don't ask why
Noblemen IV - I can hear raindrops
The Volcanics - But I love her 
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