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10 mars 2008 1 10 /03 /mars /2008 19:53

Download it here !!!


The Bad Roads - Too bad

The Castaways - Ain't gonna cheat on me

The Basement Wall - Never Existed

The Countdowns - Can't you see

Dr Spec's Optical Illusion - She's the one

The Little Bits - Girl give me love

Off-Beats - Tired of crying

Better Half Dozen -
I could have loved her

Barracudas - Baby get lost

Glory Rhodes - Not that kind of guy

The Playgue - Gotta be goin

Ye olde Inn Crowd - Go away

Gaunga Dyns - Clouds don't shine

The One Way Street - Tears in my eye


Newcastle Blues - Cottons mama

Paul Allen- Cash for your trash

Esquires - Sadie's ways

Culls - Midnight to six man

Rubber Band - Below up above down

Lost Souls - Lost love

The Chaps - Tell me

The Egyptians - Suzanne

The Magic Sounds - Love can be so fine

The Romans - I'll find a way

The Wig/Wags - I'm on my way down the road

The Rock Garden - Superstuff

The Vipers - In vain

Book - Where she's gone

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12 février 2008 2 12 /02 /février /2008 12:12

Pacific Ocean Red

Download it here !!!


Dennis Wilson Speaks

Darius - Dawn

Chris Lucey - Girl from Vernon Mountain

Goldebriars - Haïku

The Byrds - Everybody's been burned

Now - Deja Vu

The Millenium - Karmic Dream Sequence

Ashes - Dark on you

Jackie De Shannon - Come and stay with me

Eighth Day - Building with a steeple

Something Else - Let me say now love


Novas - Whenever you're ready

Madhatters - You may see me cry

Journey Men - Short and sweet

Chessmen - Running wild

The Moon - Life is a season

Yankee Dollar - Live and let live

Horses - Birdie in a cage

The Poor - Come back baby

Mark Eric - Move with the dawn

Stone Country - Everywhere I turn

Saturday's Photograph - Summer never go away


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12 janvier 2008 6 12 /01 /janvier /2008 11:16
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21 décembre 2007 5 21 /12 /décembre /2007 13:27

Christmas Present !

The Ohio Mix !!!

Click here to download !!!

Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - For all of us

The Bare Facts - Bad part of town

The Outsiders - I'll give you time

Bittersweets - The hurtin' kind

The Centrees - She's good for me

Jerry & The Others - Don't cry to me

The Chylds - Hey girl

The Panicks - You're my baby

Shepherd's Heard - I know

The New Breeds - Girl in love

Fortels - She

N. Patrick Williams - Tears I cried for you

Eye Zooms - She's gone

Us Too Group - I'll leave you cryin'

The Outcasts - Loving you sometimes

Pictorian Skiffuls - In a while

Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - Hey conductor

The Motions - Land beyond the moon

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19 octobre 2007 5 19 /10 /octobre /2007 17:04

The Illinois mix !!!

Click here to download it !

Baby Huey - Just being careful

Cardinals - Hatchet face

006 - Like what me worry ?

The Omens - Searching

Kookie Cook - Working man

The Del-Vetts - Last time aroud

The Banshees - Project blue

Half Pint & The Fifths - Orphan boy

Foggy Notions - Need a little lovin'

Guy Kraines Trio - Come see the way

Odin - Lost

Huns - Winning ticket

The Bachs - You're mine

Barry Ebling & The Invaders - Sunny day rain

Shades Of Blue - Time of my life

Dean Carter - Shadow of evil

New Colony Six - Last nite

The M.H. Royals - Old town

Four-A-While - Low class man

The Untamed - Someday baby

George Jacks - Love is fine

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20 août 2007 1 20 /08 /août /2007 19:02

The Sunrise Pop - Soft Rock Mixtape !!!

Downlad it here !

The Hard Times "Come to your window"

The Everpresent Fullness "Darlin' you can count on me"

Freddie Allen "We've only just begun"

The Byrds "Lady Friend"

Jackie De Shannon "Where does the sun go ?"

The Blades Of Grass "That's the way you'll never be"

The Poor "How many tears"

The Tikis "I'll never forget about you"

Fargo "Talks we used to have"

Price & Walsh "Try your best to forget her"

The Fun & Games "Topanga Canyon Road"

The Mystery Trend "House on the hill"

The Five Americans "Big cities"

The Blazing Sons "Do you know the reason"

Bobby Fuller Four "Let her dance"

The Dovers "I could be happy"

Poco "Make me a smile"

Joe & Bing "Daybreak"

Jumbo "Promises"

We The People "The day she dies"

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15 mai 2007 2 15 /05 /mai /2007 11:25

It's Florida Time !!!

Cliquez ici pour télécharger le mix !!!

The Outsiders "She's coming on stronger"

Larry & The Loafers "Let's go to the beach"

The Saxons "The way of the down"

Clefs Of Lavender Hill "Stop ! Get a ticket"

The Maundy Quintet "2's better than 3"

The Burgundy Blues "I'll get you back again"

The Nightcrawlers "A basket of flowers"

Journey Men "She's sorry"

The Cavemen "It's trash"

Little Willie & The Adolescents "Get out of my life"

The Rare Breed "I talk to the sun"

The Rockin' Roadrunners "Down"

The Twelth Night "Grim Reaper"

Painted Faces "And now she knows"

Evil "I know I'll die"

We The People "Saint John's shop"

The Ravens "Reaching for the sun"

The Illusions "I know"

Plant Life "Flower girl"

The Tiffany System "Let's get together"


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10 avril 2007 2 10 /04 /avril /2007 15:45

Massachussets Master Mix !!!

Cliquez ici pour le télécharger !

Playlist :

The Barbarians "You've got to understand"

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners "Through the night"

The Classics "Mean woman"

The Levis "That's not the way"

Richies Renegades "Don't cry"

The Fifth Generation "If I see her"

John Brown's Bodies "Out of my mind"

The Mauve "You got me cryin"

Royale Coachmen "Killer of men"

The Rouges "Next guy"

The New Breed "Wasting my time"

The Nightrockers "Junction N°1"

The Ramrods "Merry go round"

The Boys From New York City "I'm down girl"

The Bold "Gotta get some"

Little John & The Sherwoods "Long hair"

The Landlords "I'm through with you"

The Rising Storm "Frozen laughter"

The Specters "Depression"

The Psycopaths "Til' the stroke of dawn"

The Bugs "Slide"

The Shames "My world is upside down"

The What Fours "Basement walls"

The Timetakers "At least I'll try"

William The Wild One "Willie the wild one"

Rockin' Ramrods "Bright lit blue skies"

The Remains "Say you're sorry"

Teddy & The Pandas "68 days till september"

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2 mars 2007 5 02 /03 /mars /2007 10:34


Cliquez ici pour la télécharger !!!

The Balloon Farm "A question of temperature"

The Chain Reaction "When I needed you"

Nick d'Angelo Farmers "Mr. Zeppelin man"

The Descendants "Lela"

The Groupies "Down in the bottom"

The Heard "Stop it baby"

The Inmates "Drop your drawers"

World Of Milan "One track mind"

Paul Martin "It happened"

Pete Moticelli "Lost"

The Overtones "There's a girl down the way"

Jake Holmes "Think I'm being had"

The Young Rascals "Lonely too long"

The Vagrants "Oh, those eyes"

The Scoundrels "Up there"

The Saints "Girl forgive me"

The Denims "I'm your man"

The First Crow On The Moon "The sun lights up"

The Mystic Tide "Mystery ship"

The Eldorados "All I want to do"

The Yo-yo's "Crack in my wall"

The Tigermen "Tiger girl"

The Third Bardo "Don't lose your mind"

The Off-Set "A change is gonna come"

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1 février 2007 4 01 /02 /février /2007 14:33

Puisque 2007 sera l'année de la reconnaissance de la Psycho-Batave Belt

Jeanpop2 et son crew vous offrent :


Cliquez ici pour la télécharger !

 Playlist :

The Caravelles "Lovin' just my style"

Cordials "Misery"

Mile Ends "Bring'em on in"

The Spiders "Don't blow your mind"

The Grodes "I won't be there"

Lincoln St. Exit "Paper Place"

Phil & The Frantics "Till you get what you want"

Era Of Sound "Girl in the mini skirt"

The Kreeg "How can I"

Lewallen Brothers "Only a dream"

The Solid Ground "Sad now"

The Dearly Beloved "Flight 13"

Outer Limits "Don't need you no more"

The Striders "Am I on your mind"

Fe-Fi Four Plus Two "Double crossing girl"

Tongues Of Truth "Let's talk about girls"

The Plague "Go away"

The Chop "We're pretty quick"


Topsy Turbys "Topsy Turby"

The Burgundy Run "Stop !"


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