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21 mars 2014 5 21 /03 /mars /2014 19:06


Tribute to the magical Youngbloods and the late great Jerry Corbitt.


(All tracks by the youngbloods except where noted)


Dreamer’s dream

Tears are falling

Don’t play games

Jesse Colin Young – California child

Country home

Sugar babe

One note man

Jerry Corbitt – Kahuna song



Jerry Corbitt – Georgia



Darkness, darkness

Let’s get together



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7 mars 2014 5 07 /03 /mars /2014 18:42

Aka the beards and flutes preservation society


Miller Anderson – Bright city

David and David – In the city

Andy Roberts – Queen of the moonlight world

Trader Horne – Morning way

Gary Higgins – Thicker than a smokery

Robb Kunkel – O light

John Villemonte – People like you

RJ Fox – Rite of passage

Willow – Loaves and fishes

Saint Jacques – The young girl (Kathy’s song)

Karen Dalton – Something on your mind

Rex Foster – In the spring

Tia Blake – Single girl

David Ackles – Love’s enough



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27 février 2014 4 27 /02 /février /2014 09:20

Some more 70’s sounds, this time focusing on the pre-british invasion era, or how Phil Spector and the Brill Building songwriters left their mark on the Dwight Twilley generation.


The Beach Boys – Add some music to your day

The Paley Brothers – Rendezvous

Snatch – For always and ever

The Raspberries – I wanna be with you

Beano – Candy baby

Blue Ash – Plain to see

April Wine – Tonite is a wonderful time to fall in love

Stars In The Sky – Love (what a feeling)

Dwight Twilley Band – Baby let’s cruise

Nick Lowe – Marie Provost

Brinsley Schwarz – Why, why, why, why, why

Dave Edmunds – Little darlin’

Shakane – Jenny

Randy Winburn – Sunshine USA

Bay City Rollers – There goes my baby

Warwick – Let’s get the party going


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20 février 2014 4 20 /02 /février /2014 06:42

A smooth selection of (mostly early) 70’s songs bearing the glimmering influence of the Beatles.

Emitt Rhodes – Somebody made for me

Chesapeake Juke Box Band – Until we meet again

Rockin’ Horse – Yes it is

Tremeloes – By the way
Help Yourself – Deanna Call & Scotty

The Flame – Don’t worry Bill

Tin Tin – Ships on the starboard

October Cherries – Lay down your love

We All Together – Why

Sleepy Hollow – Love minus you

Airbus – Walking the silver hay

Poppees – If she cries

Key – Pamela

Hollins Ferry – Love from above

Hudson Brothers – Oh Gabriel

Aviary – Mystic Sharon



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15 février 2014 6 15 /02 /février /2014 16:23


Dedicated to the four ones we love... Rarities, underrated tracks and solo stuff from California's fantastic four.


(Tracks performed by the Mamas & Papas except where noted)

Barry Mc Guire with the Mamas & Papas – California dreamin’

The Journeymen – River, she come down

The Mugwumps – Everybody’s been talking

The Big 3 – All the pretty little horses

Even if I could

Did you ever want to cry

Scott McKenzie –Holy man

Safe in my garden


Mama Cass – Make your own kind of music

John Phillips – Malibu people

Denny Doherty – Got a feelin

Shooting star

Fantastic four

Denny Doherty – I’m home again

Michelle Phillips – Aching kind

Jamme – Thanks to the man in the rabbit hat

(Audio begins with the Big 3 track)



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6 février 2014 4 06 /02 /février /2014 06:33

Some early cuts of wealthy people from before they reached fame.


Levon & The Hawks – He don’t love you (and he’ll break your heart) (The Band)

The Motorcycle Abeline – (you used to) ride so high (Warren Zevon/Bones Howe)

The Sidewinders – Bad dream (Andy Paley)

Kippington Lodge – I can see her face (Nick Lowe)

The Loose Ends – He’s a nobody (T-Bone Burnett)

Four Speeds – Variety (Don Henley)

Mushrooms – Burned (Glen Frey)

The Maundy Quintet – 2’s better than 3 (Don Felder/Bernie Leadon)

The Poor – Come back baby (Randy Meisner)

Fritz – In the dawn (Stevie Nicks/Lindsay Buckingham)

The Hassles – Just holding on (Billy Joel)

The Nazz (PA) – If that’s the way you feel (Todd Rundgren)

The Moving Sidewalks – Need me (Billy Gibbons)

The Chain Reaction – Ever lovin’ man (Steven Tyler)

The Nazz (AZ) – Lay down and die (Vincent Furnier - Alice Cooper)

The Doors – Go insane

Link Cromwell – Crazy like a fox (Lenny Kaye)

The Mynah Birds – It’s my time (Rick James/Neil Young/Bruce Palmer)



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23 janvier 2014 4 23 /01 /janvier /2014 07:24


Though some of them are great, the bands included in tonight’s show suffer from a bad reputation. We gave them a fair trial tonight by revealing their better side.


Aerosmith – Bright light fright

Aphrodite’s Child – Don’t try to catch the river

Status Quo – Elizabeth dreams

Blood, Sweat & Tears – House in the country

Scorpions – It all depends

Genesis – A trick of the tail

Queen – Dragon attack

Eagles – Earlybird

Elton John – Amoreena

Bob Seger System – Big river

Rod Stewart – Maggie May

Barclay James Harvest – Taking some time on

Cat Stevens – School’s out

Johnny Farnham – In my room



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16 janvier 2014 4 16 /01 /janvier /2014 08:51


Second part of our two shows dedicated to Dylan’s influence in the 60’s, this time focusing on mid-60’s US teenbeat (with a few notable exceptions)

Phil & the Frantics – What’s happening

Art Guy – Where you gonna go

Mouse & the Traps – Maid of sugar, maid of spice

The Bees – She’s an artist

The Obvious – Here I stood before you

London & the Bridges – City I was born in

Sonny Flaharty – For all of us

The Rainy Daze – Discount city

Colin Hare – Fighting for peace

The Shag – Stop & listen

The Koala – Look at the way she comes

Bill Hjerpe – Behind the times

The Love Society – You know how I feel

The Toads – Leaving it all behind

Neal Ford & the Fanatics – One times one ain’t two

The Sapians – Ask yourself why

The Trashmen – Same lines

Pearls Before Swine – Playmate

The Hombres – It’s a gas


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9 janvier 2014 4 09 /01 /janvier /2014 12:19

First part of two shows dedicated to Dylan's influence, mainly in the 60's and mostly focusing on his mid-sixties rock'n'roll output. The bigger names were the topic of this show, part two will be dedicated to underground and teenbeat bands.

The Cryin’ Shames – What’s news, pussycat ?

Jim Ford – Ramona

The Bee Gees – And the children laughing

The Beau Brummels – Are you happy ?

Simon & Garfunkel – A simple Desultory Philippic

Leon Russell – Everybody’s talking ‘bout the young

P.F. Sloan – Halloween Mary

Sonny Bono – The revolution kind

Gene Clark – The virgin

The Blues Project – Fly away

Procol Harum – A christmas camel

Terry Knight & The Pack – Dimestore debutante

Bob Seger & The Last Herd – Persecution Smith

David Blue – If your monkey can’t get it

Link Wray & his Wray Men – You hurt me so

The Kinks - Death of a clown


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19 décembre 2013 4 19 /12 /décembre /2013 13:56


Tribute to top-notch San Jose folk rock/popsike/psych band and its main man, Jim McPherson.


All songs credited to Stained Glass except where noted


The Trolls – Walkin’ shoes

How do you expect me

The Trolls - Sweeter than life

My buddy sin

Broken man

Inside ouch

A scene in between

Bubble machine

Mediocre me

Lady in lace

Horse on me

Soap and turkey

Finger painting

Gettin on’s gettin’ rough

Inca treasure

Copperhead – Kibitzer

Jim Mc Pherson – A letter to Carmina

You keep me hangin’ on



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