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18 octobre 2012 4 18 /10 /octobre /2012 06:46



For the first time in history, this show was dedicated to a single band, the incredibly rich and complex case of early Spirit.


Clear promo spot

I got a line on you

Morning will come


Straight arrow

Uncle Jack

So little to say

Give a life, take a life


Concert promo

Mechanical world


The drunkard

Fresh garbage

Mr. Skin

Jo Jo Gunne – I make love


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11 octobre 2012 4 11 /10 /octobre /2012 12:39



This show is a tribute to the great and sometimes controversial work Mainstream Records and its boss Bob Shad did for late 60's psych-pop.


The Tiffany Shade – A quiet revolution

The Fever Tree – Hey mister

Tangerine Zoo – Can’t you see

Ellie Pop – Winner loser

Thee Sixpentz – Please come home

The New Dawn – Slave of desire

Jelly Bean Bandits – Poor precious dreams

Wrongh Black Bag – I don’t know why

Bohemian Vendetta – Deaf, dumb & blind

Superfine Dandelion – Ferris wheel

The Scarlett Letter – Timekeeper

Orient Express – Train to Bombay

The Amboy Dukes – Surrender to your kinks

Lincoln Street Exit – Phantom child

Freeport – Just what you need

Alice Clark – Never did I stop loving you


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4 octobre 2012 4 04 /10 /octobre /2012 11:38


Further exploration of the poppy and powerful 70’s, including long time faves, well known names and some tasteful rarities.


Bernie Schwartz – Candy man

Bear – Greetings

Emitt Rhodes – Tame the lion

Flame – I’m so happy

Stories – Love is in motion

The Troggs – I’m on fire

Rockin’ Horse – Julian the hooligan

Michel Pagliaro – Some sing some dance

Peach & Lee – Hold on

Crabby Appleton – Go back

Vance Or Towers – Scream bloody scream

Cargoe – Feel alright

Freeport – I need your lovin’

Dwight Twilley Band – Looking for the magic

Gary Charlson – Real life saver

Hollins Ferry – Downtown menagerie

Truck – Earth song


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27 septembre 2012 4 27 /09 /septembre /2012 07:18



At the junction between 60's classicism and punk-rock were standing lots of early to mid-70's bands who predated the power pop sound. Tonight we payed tribute to them, especially to their moodier side, reminding the best 60's b-sides.


Pony – It’s gonna be so easy

Clap – Get it while you can

News – Loser

Hollins Ferry – Too bad about sorrows

Blue – I wish I could fly

Rockin’ Horse – You say

April Wine – I wouldn’t want to lose your love

Nimbo – Forget her

Creme Soda – Keep it heavy

Zerfas – I need it higher

Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

The Boys – I’m not satisfied

The Nerves – When you find out

Shoes – Something I can’t see

Monik – Maybe I know


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21 juin 2012 4 21 /06 /juin /2012 10:40



Welcome to the stadium. This show is the glorious proof that in the 60’s and early 70’s, chart-toppers were also great bands.


The Beatles – You like me too much

The Rolling Stones – Connection

Donovan – There was a time

The Bee Gees – Alone again

The Shadows – Dear old Mrs. Bell

Steppenwolf – A girl I knew

Jimi Hendrix – Highway Chile

Graham Nash – I used to be a king

The Rascals – I’d like to take you home

The Impressions – We must be in love

Percy Sledge – Out of left field

Bill Medley – Brown eyed woman

The Four Seasons – Electric stories

B.J. Thomas – Solitary man

Bread – He’s a good lad

Mama Cass – It’s getting better


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7 juin 2012 4 07 /06 /juin /2012 11:10



Tired of hearing pseudo-hipsters making fun of country-rock ? Stick a groove up into their ass with this show !


Horses – Country boy

Country Funk – Apart of me

Feather – L.A. meantime

Great Speckled Bird – Love what you’re doing child

Manassas – The love gangster

Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Back in L.A.

Cherokee – Too much funky business

Boston Tea Party – Don’t leave me

David & The Giants – Ten miles high

Ginger Valley – Ginger

Bead Game – Country girl

Jim ford – Working my way to L.A.

Bodine – Easy to see

Bobby Charles – Street people

Jamul – Nickel thimble


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31 mai 2012 4 31 /05 /mai /2012 12:56



Slip on your toga and join us in the desert, it's sect time !


The Phoenix Trolley – Too many trees

The Churchill Downs – On my way

David Crosby – Laughin’

The Elastik Band – The word is you

The Salt – Lucifer

Pisces – Mary

Jim Ford – Rising sign

Brothers & Sisters – Don’t let em tell you

The Chants R&B – Early in the morning

Yabancilar – Agit

Johnny’s Guitar – Suppanahong

Fuchsia – Just anyone

Kensington Market – Aunt Violet’s knee

Purple Wine – It’s my mind

Beacon Street Union – The prophet


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10 mai 2012 4 10 /05 /mai /2012 11:58



Third (and last ?) show dedicated to downunder, with a teenbeat orientation which proved that a sheep can cry too.


Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs – Blue day

The Atlantics – When I look into my life

The Lost Souls – Peace of mind

The Marksmen – But why

The Blue Stars – I just fell in love

The (Australian) Playboys – Sad

Steve & The Board – Lonely winter

Young Once – Before I go

Chants R&B – Baby I need your loving

The Gremlins – The only thing on my mind

The Loved Ones – Love song

Party Machine – Gentle Art

Ahmed Dahman Group – Stage door

The Missing Links – Not to bother me

Jimmy Wayne – I love you so much

The Smoke - Control your love

Tol Puddle Martyrs – Nellie Bligh

The Southern Gentlemen – Leave myself to me


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3 mai 2012 4 03 /05 /mai /2012 11:11



Second part of our trilogy, this one focuses on bright sunny sounds from downunder, before entering the night of our third show.


The Valentines – Love makes sweet music

The Strangers – Happy without you

1863 Establishment – Gained for a fall

Marty Kristian – I’ll give you love

Affair – Shoeshine boy

Troubled Mind – I’m good for you

Sandy Edmonds – Daylight saving time

Fourmyula – Together

Lynne Pike – The colour of crimson

Bee Gees – Claustrophobia

Allusions – Two of a kind

Billy Adams – I fall to you

Autumn – It’s just a thought

The Black Diamonds – See the way

The Groop – Woman, you’re breaking me

The Master’s Apprentices – Living in a child’s dream

The Cam-Pact – If I promise

Normie Rowe – The breaking point


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26 avril 2012 4 26 /04 /avril /2012 11:05

freddie-north-ad.jpgWe had the honour of welcoming Jean-Pierre Paul Poire for this show dedicated to baroque soul. Yes, baroque soul. We gloriously proved that such a thing exists.


Kenny Smith – Lord, what’s happening to your people ?

Tommy Tate – Where did I go

The Masters Of Soul – Sad face

Raw Spitt – Midnight rider

Ila Vann – Flying solo tomorrow

The Sisters Of Righteous – Is my lovin’ too slow ?

Freddie North – Raining on a sunny day

The Masqueraders – Love, peace & understanding

Lou Johnson – Crazy about you

David Ruffin – Flower child

Nelson Sanders – I’m lonely

Eddie Holman – Four walls

The Extentions – This love of mine

Willie Tee – Mirror

L.C. Cooke – Half a man


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