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18 juin 2011 6 18 /06 /juin /2011 10:37


The Music Explosion – Hearts and flowers

Blue Lite Conspiracy – Her heart said no

New Dawn – I see a day

The Elastik Band – Mixed emotions

Somebody’s Chyldren – Shadows

The Dickens – Sho’ need love

The Artwoods – One more heartache

Federal Duck – Tomorrow waits for today

Dry Ice – Mr. Sawyer

Willie & The Walkers – Magic in her eyes

Those Fadin’ Colours – Try me on for size

Jimmy Lomax – Remember me

Lee Bonds – I’ll find a true love

Joe Mayfield – How’s things with you

Billie Dearborn – Friday’s child

Bobby Dixon – Woman you made me

Scot Richard Case – Who is that girl

The Kitchen Cinq – You’ll be sorry some day

The Omegas – Mr. Yates

The Kinetics – Feeling from my heart

Carrol’s Mood – No one’s waiting for me

Index – Rainy starless night

C.A. Quintet – Sleepy hollow lane

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9 juin 2011 4 09 /06 /juin /2011 10:50


The Magic Sounds – I’m in love with you

The Mixed Emotions – Search my heart

The Chaparrals – If your heart were only wise

Vilas Craig & The Vi Counts – My heart

The Fantastic Baggys – My heart is an open book

The Fantastic Dee Jays – Mr. Sad

The Hellions – Daydreaming of you

Forever Amber – Bits of your life, bits of my life

Caretakers – All you got to do

The Dream – Driftin

The Searchers – What have they done to the rain

Floyd Henley – Believe in me

Bobby Angelle – I wanna go back home

Rick & The Sonics – As time goes by

Little Ann – Deep shadows

The Masters Of Soul – Please wait for me (demo)

The Others – Morning

United Travel Service – Like me

Blue – The way things are

Passing Clouds – Clock upon the sky

The Uniques – Look to me

The Summer Sounds – Lonely beach

The Enfields – You don’t have very far

Nocturnal Day Dream – Dark dreary night

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3 juin 2011 5 03 /06 /juin /2011 08:10


Dusty Greyrock – Tears in my heart

Chevelles – Tears

The Heirs – Do you want me

The Citations – Long time wanderin’

Michael – If I were a man

Vic Pernell & The Hangmen – Sad boy

John Carter & Terry Kennedy – It’s your turn to cry

Mascots – A sad boy

Explicit souls – Rebecca’s shop

Chosen Few – I won’t be around anymore

Gary James – You’re gone

Russ Lewis – Love made me blue

Gene Burks – You don’t love me

Merle Spears – It’s just a matter of time

The Modern Redcaps – No sign of you

The Chi-Lites – Oh girl

Freddie Cook & The D-Men – I just can’t stop my tears

The Out Cast – Bokuno Sobakara

Creme Soda – Keep it heavy

Mystery Meat – Tears

The Art Collection – So sad about us

The Challengers – The streets of London

The Mad Tea Party – Keep it in your mind

Patti’s Groove – Tears fill the hours

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31 mai 2011 2 31 /05 /mai /2011 07:49


The David – People saying, people seeing

The City Zu – Too much, too soon, too fast

Five By Five – Hang up

Plague – The face of time

Neal Ford Factory – You made me a man

Hidden Charms – The hill

The Wild Cherries – That’s life

Q65 – The life I live

Blue Comets – Linda

The Movement – Head for the sun

Freedom – Seeing is believing

The Unemployed – They won’t let me

Darrow Fletcher – What good am I to loving you

Tommy Smiley – I won’t cry

John Ellison – Let me be the one

Tokay Lewis – What can the matter be

The Yo Yo’s – The Raven

The Bare Facts – To think

Gross National Product – That’s what I’ll do now

Licorice Schtick (Milan) – Flowers flowers

The Knickerbockers – High on love

The Del-Vetts – If you’re ready

Bohemian Vendetta – Charity Killjoy 

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22 mai 2011 7 22 /05 /mai /2011 11:50


Hullaballoo Jingle WQAM Florida

The Stuarts – Just a little bit more

Bobby Runnel’s Faux Pas – Black clouds

The Twiliters – Spellbound

Flash & The Memphis Casuals – Uptight tonight

The Chicago Loop – (When she wants good lovin’) my baby come to me

Giant Crab – Don’t make me leave you

The Hassles – I can tell

The GTO’s – Missing out on the fun

The Road Runners – Goodbye

Ferrari’s Of Canada – (All I ever want is) girls

Marvin Smith - Have more time

Ripp Tide – Dynamite

Everyday People – Today, tomorrow & you

The Sisters Love – Ha ha ha

Wilmer Alexander Jr. – Give me one more chance

Ismail Haron & The Guys – Bersedia

The Spiders – Anata to irutoki sonnatoki

Tony Worsley – Tell me why

Slam Creepers – Open the door to your heart

Ola & The Janglers – Um um um um um

Selwyn & John – Bogey man

The Quotations – Cool it

Gates Of Eden – 1 to 7

Alan Bown Set – Emergency 999

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12 mai 2011 4 12 /05 /mai /2011 10:59


Tina Mason – You go your way

The Golden Gate – I never thought I’d love you

The Critters – Touch n’ go

The Tradewinds – Huggin’ in the hall

Aesop’s Fables – Take a step

The Fireballs – Ain’t that rain

Jimmy Holiday – Yesterday died

Reggie Garner – Hotline

Eddie Holman & The Larks – Return to me

Little Archie – You can’t tie me down

The Isley Brothers – He’s got your love

Tages – Treat her like a lady

Carnival Connection – Poster man

Paul Vigrass – Like it never was

Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders – 24 Sycamore rock

Bobby Long & The Dealers – Heartbreak Avenue  

The Players – Get right

The Dialtones – Don’t let the sun shine down on me

The Mad Lads – Please wait until I’m gone

John Buck Wilkin – Apartment 21

Gene & Debbie – Anyway you want me

Sunny & The Sunliners – Put me in jail

The Cryan’ Shames – It could be we’re in love

Teddy Neely – Grand Hotel

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8 mai 2011 7 08 /05 /mai /2011 16:27


The Country Gentlemen – Greensleeves

The Electric Company – Scarey Business

The Rock Garden – You got me signed

Don Norman & The Other 4 – Low man

The Vipers – In vain

Turks – Tell me now

The Coming Generation – Hey girl

The In – Just give me time

The Emperors – I want my woman

Ninth Street Bridge – Wild Illusions

The Leather Souls – What’s the use

Family Plann – Come on let’s do the breakdown

The Aubry Twins – Love without end amen

Reginald Milton – Soul Clap is back

The Wallace Brothers – (those) precious words

Pete & The Boulevards – You’re my girl

The Truth – Who’s wrong

Chimney Sweeps – Lies, lies

Fabulous Four – Rotten rats

Group $oall – By my side

The Four More – Problem child

The Jagged Edge – Gonna find my way

Delirium – Never comin’ home

The Electras – Soul searchin’

The Church Mice – College psychology of love

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28 avril 2011 4 28 /04 /avril /2011 17:27


Tres – I can’t hold on

Stained Glass – Gettin’on’s gettin’ rough

Moccasin – Sun’s gonna shine

Hardwater – Plate of my fare

Dale Hawkins – Heavy on my mind

Bobby Charles – Small town talk

Jawbone – Mister Custer

Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Marmaduke

Bodine – Easy to see

Bold – Frienly smile

The Five Americans – Amavi

Buddy Grubbs – I’m telling you

James Fountain – Seven days lover

Tony Owens – I can’t lose

Bettye Lavette – He made a woman out of me

Paul Vann – Taking all the love I can

Jim Ford – She turns my radio on

Joe South – Children

Space Opera – Country Max

Julie Budd – All is quiet on west 23rd street

Steppenwolf – 28

Horses – Class of ‘69

Cherokee – Too much funky business

The Rising Sons – I got a little

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16 avril 2011 6 16 /04 /avril /2011 07:41


Joey Day – The chase

Jay Telfer – Life, love and the persuit of happiness

(Those) Rogues – Girl

Tony Colton – You’re wrong there baby

Love Affair – Let me know

The Imp-acts – The dum dum song

 The Denims – The ghost in your house is me

Giles Strange – You’re going up to the bottom

Caesar & The Romans – When will I get over you

Street People – Jennifer Tomkins

Kasenatz & Katz – Quick Joey Small

Dottie Cambridge – He’s a bout a mover

Harold Burrage – Things ain’t what they used to be

Bobby Powell – Funky broadway

Jimmy Norman – Gangster of love

Rudy Love & The Company Soul – Suffering wrath

The Caretakers – Eastside story

The Velvet Illusions – The stereo song

The Red-Lite District – Mr. Feelgood

Travel Agency – She understands

The Grass Roots – Feelings

The Daze Of The Week – One night stand

The Fanatics – Woman

The Cobras – It’s a lie

The Mondells – I got a feeling

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3 avril 2011 7 03 /04 /avril /2011 18:51


Swinging Machine – Comin’on back home

Harlem Speakeasy – Flight of Pegasus

Don Meehan Project – My silent symphony

The Grass Roots – Midnight confessions

New Colony Six – I’m just waitin’ (anticipatin’ for her to show up)

Chevrons – Mine forever more

1863 Establishment – Gained for a fall

The Growin’ Concern – What kind of life

The Springfield Rifle – It ain’t happened

The Bossmen – Easy way out

Tee Fletcher – All because of you

Dee Irwin – I can’t stand the pain

The Universals – Sparkling

Bernard Smith – Man without a people

Jackie Wilson – (You love keeps lifting me) higher and higher

The Wee Four – Weird

Little Phil & The Nightshadows – So much

The Mamas & Papas – 12.30

Junior Campbell – If I call your name

Jelly Bean Bandits – September rain

The Black Diamonds – Not this time

The Easybeats – I’m just tryin’

Elizabeth – Not that kind of guy

The Bachs – Tables of green fields

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