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25 mars 2011 5 25 /03 /mars /2011 05:26


The Grodes – Uh-uh girl

Neal Ford & The Fanatics – The Jones

West – Summer flower

The Seventh Plane – Time to realize

Shillings –The world could stop

The Interns – Life with you

Appletree Theatre – Who do you think I am

Rudy Romero – Love comes (when it wants to anyway)

Michael Konstan – Long before

Andy Roberts – Queen of the moonlight world

George Perkins – Cryin’ in the streets

Gene & Eddie – It’s so hard

Jackie Russell – Don’t trade love for money

Nola & The Soul Rockers – Center of my heart

Rocky Brown – I wish I knew

The Tuneful Trolley – Hello love

Every Mother’s Son – What became of Mary

Flat Earth Society – When you’re there

Paul McCartney – I’m carrying

Jaim – Ship of time

Angel Pavement - Genevieve

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17 mars 2011 4 17 /03 /mars /2011 19:02


Jefferson Lee – Bubblegum music

The Burgundy Blues – I’ll get you back again

Ohio Express – Had to be me

Conlon & The Crawlers – I won’t tell

Private Property Of Digil – Jewelry lady

Uncle & The Anteaters – Kathy ran around

Tommy James & The Shondells – Love’s closin’in on me

The Mascots – Words enough to tell you

The Majority – Simplified

Herman’s Hermits – This door swings both ways

The Thunders – I’m the one you left behind

Herb Johnson – I’m so glad

Robert Parker – The Hiccup

The Chitlins – Sugar woman

Paul Kelly – 509

Ernie K. Doe – Hurry up & know it

The Cuff Links – When Julie comes around

The Appalachians – Look away

The Mockingbirds – Lovingly yours

John Julian & Curt-Görans – Misery is such a mystery

The Cowsills – The rain, the park & other things

The Boys – How do you do with me

The Rotten Kids – Let’s stomp

The Shags – Wait& see

The D-Men – No hope for me

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10 mars 2011 4 10 /03 /mars /2011 18:51


Merrel Fankhauser & HMS Bounty – The big gray sky

Hearts & Flowers – Highway in the wind

Earth Island – Civilization I can’t hear a word

The Kee-Notes – Please don’t tell me no

Wichita Fall – Going to Ohio

The Riot Squad – Gotta be a first time

Jumbo – Promises

Les Payne – I can’t help but feel the love

The Bee Gees – Birdie told me

Freddie North – Sun comes up

L. Ruffin – It’ so wonderful

Willie Williams – With all of my soul

Ronnie Taylor – Without love

Ollie & The Nightingales – I got a sure thing

The Five Americans – Virginia girl

Bodine – Travelogue

Yankee Dollar – Mucky truckee river

Willow – Evening

Grumbleweeds – Fiona McLaughlin

Greenfield & Cook – Don’t turn me loose

Sundragon – Far away mountain

Gretta Spoone Band – Close your eyes

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17 février 2011 4 17 /02 /février /2011 12:14


Price & Walsh – Saved

Honeybus – She’s out there

The Knacks – Te extranare

Thor’s Hammer – If you knew

Gary & Stu – Lemon city

The Gremlins – You gotta believe it

Five Cards Stud – Beg me

Giant Crab – It started with a little kiss

The Illusion – Talkin’ sweet talkin’ soul

The Road Runners – Night time love

Larry & The Paper Prophets – The only thing

Archie Bell & The Drells – Wrap it up

Marcus Daniel – My best year

Bette Williams – A feeling (for someone else has grown)

Tyrone Davis – She’s looking good

Joe Cato – I’m so glad

The Checkerlads – The dreamer

The Mynah Birds – It’s my time

The Great Scots – Don’t want your lovin’

Characters – Tell me

Andy Kim – This is the girl

The Innovation – I can make it without you

Los Shakers – Only in your eyes

Peter & Gordon – She needs love

Hollins Ferry - Surprise

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10 février 2011 4 10 /02 /février /2011 12:33


The Golliwogs – Don’t tell me no lies

The Beatles – It won’t be long

Everly Brothers – Made to love

The Dowlands – Lucky Johnny

The Gestures – I’m not mad

Philip & Stephan – Meet me tonight little girl

Mike & The Ravens – Mr. Heartbreak

Jack London & The Sparrows – Our love has passed

The Five Emprees – Mama didn’t know

The Motions – Land beyond the moon

The Kasuals – Listen to the rain

Bobby Long & The Satellites – Mojo workout

Tami Lynn – Mojo Hanna

The Valentinos – Lookin’ for a love

The Perfections – Am I gonna lose you

Mike Ancona & The Jokers – There’ll come a day

Jimmy Crockett & The Shanes – That lovin’ touch

Merry Clayton – Usher boy

Chad Allan & The Expressions – I’ll keep coming back

The Beathovens – About the sun

The Motions – We fell in love

I Kings – La bussola

The Beatmen – Now the sun has gone

The Wackers – The girl who wanted fame

Fats Domino – It keeps rainin’

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19 janvier 2011 3 19 /01 /janvier /2011 22:00


Harmony Grass – Summer dreaming

Katch 22 – Groovy summertime

The Searchers – Take me for what I’m worth

The Pyramid – Summer of last year

West Coast Consortium – Listen to the man

23rd Turnoff – Bless you

Five Man Electrical Band – Last time I saw Memphis

3’s a Crowd – I don’t wanna drive you away

British North American Band – Baby Jane days and nights

The Chessmen – Running wild

49th Parallel – Blue Bonnie blue

(Australian) Playboys – Sad

The Spiders – Yves

The Quests – Mr. Rainbow

Los Vidrios Quebrados – La primavera de miss L.O’B

Liz Damon’s Orient Express – 1900 yesterday

Fairport Convention – Time will show the wiser

Marvin, Welch & Farrar – Mr. Sun

Orange Bicycle – L.A.

Gary & Stu – Country Fever

Pussyfoot – Hasty words

Toreros – Come

Jackpots – King of the world

Hep Stars – Changing away from you

Steven Lancaster – San Francisco street

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13 janvier 2011 4 13 /01 /janvier /2011 11:43


The Rivieras – Surfin’ fun

The Cryan’ Shames – Sunshine psalm

Forte Four – Don’t let the sun shine on me

The Choir – I’d rather you leave me

Every Mother’s Son – Another day, another song

Elizabeth – Lady “L”

Spring Fever – You made my life

The Del-Vetts – I call my baby STP

Ronny & The Daytonas – When stars shine bright

The Coastliners – She’s my girl

Kit Kats – Breezy

Eighth Day – A million lights

The Fredric – Red Pier

Something Else – Let me say now love

Mad Lads – Everything is blue

Orpheus – The dream

The Rogue Show – Make me over again

Butterscotch Caboose – Can I borrow some time

The Five Americans – Big Sur

The Scandal – There’s Reasons why

Don & The Goodtimes – The music box

The Fun & Games – Close to Carmel

The Underbeats – It’s gonna rain today

Marcus – The Coming

The Persuaders – Whispering surf

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8 janvier 2011 6 08 /01 /janvier /2011 13:14


Bobby Fuller – KHJ Big Kahuna theme

The Rooks – Believe in you

The Wailers – I don’t want to follow you

Pembrook LTD – Sleepy John

Green Lyte Sunday – If you want to be free

Fargo – Sunny day blue

Sidewalk Skipper Band – Cynthia in the garden

The Robbs – Cynthia loves

The Shag – Stop and listen

The Castaways – Just on high

The Knickerbockers – What does that make you

The Elastik Band – I would still love you

The Staccatos – Whisper words

New Wing – The thinking animal

Sparrow – Tomorrow’s ship

The Rainy Daze – My door is always open

The Higher Elevation – Thoughts of Lyla

The Fantastic Zoo – Light show

Soul Survivors – Hung up on losin’

The Guilloteens – I sit and cry

The Gordian Knot – The world keeps spinnin’

Jim Ford – Working my way to L.A.

The Grodes – This is goodbye

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24 décembre 2010 5 24 /12 /décembre /2010 18:47


Ty Wagner - Walking down lonely street

Tommy Thompson & Chapter 17 - Beggermen

Torquays - Stolen moments

Things To Come - Til the end

Togas - Babe I'm in the mood for you

TR4 - Let it be known

The Tangents - Good times

The Touch - Not so fine

Time Of Your Life - Ode to a bad dream

The Turtles - Somewhere friday night

The War-Babies - Jeanie's pub

Wind - Your man is gonna leave you

Sonny Villegas - Help me, help you

Truths - Pending

Tormentors - Hey hey little girl

Whatt Four - Wishing I was someone else

Wilde Knights - Beaver patrol

West Coast Branch - Linda's gone

The Word - Now it's over

Wolfgang - Tomorrow's Yesterdays

The Wooly Ones - Slings and arrows

The Yellow Payges - Our time is running out

The Young Lions - We better get along

Yellow Hand - Hello I've returned

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20 décembre 2010 1 20 /12 /décembre /2010 20:17


The David – 40 miles

The Human Expression – Every night

1st National Band – When once it was good

The Calliope – Ryan Five

The Byrds – Everybody’s been burned

Music Emporium – Catatonic variations

Georgy & The Velvet Illusions – Hippy town

New Wave – The evening mist – a morning dew

The Source – Phantom in the rain

Michael Blodgett – Fire engine sky

Storybook – Beads of innocence

The Forum – World of illusion

Stone Country – Everywhere I turn

The Parade – Lullaby

Buffalo Springfield – The hour of not quite rain

The Moon – Not to know

Epitome – Sleep

The Beautiful Daze – City jungle

Beauregard Ajax – Loneliness is a sometime thing

Darius – Shades of blue

Tommy Roe – Cry on crying eyes

Mark Eric – Move with the dawn

The Mamas & Papas – Mansions

Thorinshield – Prelude to a postlude

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