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24 septembre 2010 5 24 /09 /septembre /2010 16:14


The Emperors - Blue day

Kim Fowley - Strangers from the sky

Flower Of Purple - Love's so free

F.B.I. - What am I to do

The Edge - Scene thru the eyes

John English III & The Heathens - Some people

The Fabs - That's the bag I'm in

Five More - I'm no good

Art Guy - Where you gonna go

Green Beans - Superstition

Fapardokly - Suzie cryin'

Gigolos - She's my baby

Georgy & The Velvet illusions - Mini Shimmy

Gypsy Trips - Ain't it hard

Grains Of Sand - Nice girl

Giant Sunflower - February sunshine

Jerry Howard - Wild in the streets

Nick Hoffman - King of the moon

Harley & The Night riders - Won't you help me

The Hands Of Time - Midnight rider

His Majesty's Coachmen - I don't want to see you

Human Expression - Everynight

Hysterics - Everything's there

Hydraulic Raisins - Travel the world

Gentrys - Wild

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20 septembre 2010 1 20 /09 /septembre /2010 17:07

willia larr twoforthe 101b

Rhonda Davis - A long walk on a short pier

Joe Mc Dade - Tears on my pillow

Jimmy Richards - My new found love

Delilah Moore - Wrapped up tight

Bobby Garrett - Keep it coming

Ernie Shelby - Carry me

Ted Hawkins - Baby

Little Joe Hinton - My love is real

The Invincibles - Heart full of love

John Westly - Just believe

Larry Williams & Johnny Watson - A quitter never wins

Roosevelt Grier - C'mon cupid

Bobby Womack - What is this

Malcolm Hayes - I can't make it without you

The Sims Twins - I've got to win your love (for me) 

The Isonics - He needs her

Betty Willis - Ain't gonna do no harm

Those Two - If we could start all over

Bobby Angelle - This is a new year

King Solomon - Separation

Billy Nitro - As sweet as your love for me

Bobby Sheen - Love stealing

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12 septembre 2010 7 12 /09 /septembre /2010 10:41


The Cascades - I bet you won't stay

Laughing Wind - Bells

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Endless night

The Smoke - Self analysis

Markley - Little ruby rain

Rockit - Amblin'

The Factory - No place I'd rather be

Benjamin Carry Ltd - Old man

Paul Parrish - Suzanne

The Lewis & Clarke Expedition - Freedom bird

Gentle Soul - Marcus

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Some of Shelly's blues

The Light - Music box

Jesse Lee Kincaid - Baby you come rollin' cross my mind

Charley D. & Milo - I'll keep it with mine

Peppermint Trolley Co. - I've got to be going

Lamp Of Childhood - First time, last time

Dunn & Mc Cashen - Lydia purple

Gary Lewis - Jill

The Chocolate Tunnel - Ostrich people

Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit & Greenhill - As pure as the freshly driven

Hearts & Flowers - The view from ward three

Flower Pot - Wantin' and gettin'

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4 septembre 2010 6 04 /09 /septembre /2010 11:54

BeckettQuintet Photo 16Oct65

Agents - Gotta help me

The Allies - I'll save my soul

American Four - Luci Baines

American Zoo - Back street thoughts

Anglo-Americans - Music never stops

Answers - Please please go away

Ascots - Summer days

The Avanties - Baby come back

Barracudas - The Reason why

Beau Gents - Three letter word

Beckett quintet - No correspondence

The Bees - Leave me be

The Bel Cantos - Feel awright part one

Boo Boo & Bunky - This old town

Brand X - She lied

Sean & The Brandywines - She ain't no good

Bud & Kathy - Hang it out to dry

The Bush - I want your love

The Byrds - You movin'

The Cavaliers - Checkmate

The Chocolate Light Bulbs - I'll forgive you girl

The Colony - All I want

Damon - I wonder why

The David - I'm not alone

John Does - One kind favor

Don & Jerry with The Fugitives - I can't quit

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22 juillet 2010 4 22 /07 /juillet /2010 18:19


The Knights - Ditch day

The Beach Boys - When I grow up (to be a man)

Sunrays - I live for the sun

Fantastic Baggys - Anywhere the girls are

The Full Treatment - Just can't wait

The Ragamuffins - The fun we had

Carl Henderson - See what you've done

Bob & Earl - Baby, your time is my time

Question Marks - Don't drop that (that's my love you got)

The Attractions - Destination you

Ken Williams - Come back

The Chymes - He's not there anymore

The Love Exchange - Swallow the sun

Cher - Where do we go

Summer's Children - Everybody's been talking

The Cupons - Turn her down

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - Ooh ooh the dragon

Kent & The Candidates - The neck

Communicators & Black Experiences Band - Is it funky enough ?

Mike James Kirkland - The only change

Roger Nichols And The Small Circle Of Friends - Just beyond your smile

Fapardokly - When I get home

The Hard Times - Play it for me

The Yellow Balloon - The Children Of Santa Monica

Hinge - Now let me love you

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16 juillet 2010 5 16 /07 /juillet /2010 20:00

Opus1 KRLA Beat May14 1966

The Rangers - Reputation

The Yankee Dollar - Reflections of a shattered mind

The Storybook People - Afternoon glare

Ritchie Dean - Time (can't heal this pain of mine)

The Motorcycle Abilene - (You used to) ride so high

The American Express - When the city sleeps

Opus 1 - Back seat' 38 dodge

The Dirty Shames - Blow your mind

Bentley Road - Kill the cobra

Max Frost & The Troopers - Lonely man

The Prodigal - Reality

The Light - Back up

Clear Light - Night sounds loud

Christian Brothers - Feeling bad

Sonny Vilegas - I cried

Dave Travis Extreme - Last night the flowers bloomed

Kim Fowley - Night of the hunter

Boston Tea Party - Don't leave me

Trippers - Taking care of business

Horses - Run rabbit run

Stud Cole - Feels good

The No-Na-Mee's - Gotta hold on

The Merry Dragons - Universal vagrant

The Children - This sporting life

Backgrounds - The day breaks at dawn

The Deepest Blue - Pretty little thing

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9 juillet 2010 5 09 /07 /juillet /2010 11:44


Jack Nitzsche - Lonely surfer

Keith Allison - Action action action

Jan & Dean - Mulholland

The Kickstands - Mean streak

Mark Eric - Where do the girls of the summer go

Jackie De Shannon - L.A.

Four Making Do - The simple life

The Cake - Baby that's me

The Rose Garden - Here's today

Dino, Desi & Billy - Lady love

Morris Chestnut - You don't love me anymore

Pat Powdrill - Do it

The Performers - Set me free

Bobby Freeman - Everybody's got a hang up

The Phillips Bros - I got hurt

The Bel-Tones - Break time

Sandals - Always I will remember

Boystown - Hello Mr Sun

P.F. Sloan - From a distance

The Parade - I can see love

The Georgia Prophets - For the first time

Bobby Fuller - KRLA king of the wheels

Jim Ford - Linda comes running

Peppermint Trolley Co. - It's a lazy summer day

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6 juillet 2010 2 06 /07 /juillet /2010 09:24


Jim Messina & His Jesters - The thing

Brain Train - Me

Grains Of Sand - Golden apples of the sun

Evergreen Blueshoes - Silver shadows

Hamilton Streetcar - Invisible people

Humane Society - Eternal prison

The Bees - Voices green and purple

Adrian Lloyd - Got a little woman

Good Feelins - Shattered

Ty Wagner - Slander

Marylin Mattson - He means so much to me

The Odyssey - Little girl little boy

The Mom's Boys - Children of the night

The Glass Family - House of glass

Sumpin' Else - You're bad

Children Of The Mushroom - You can't erase a mirror

The Millenium - The know it all

Fenwyck - I'm spinnin'

Phoenix Trolley - Too many trees

Mamas & Papas - Strange young girls

The Satans - Makin' deals

The Second Helping - Let me in

Perpetual Motion Workshop - Infiltrate your mind

Electric Prunes - Hideaway

Looking Glasses - Visions

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26 juin 2010 6 26 /06 /juin /2010 11:40

mark & the escorts

The Mixtures - Tiki

Thee Midniters - Never knew I had it so bad

Godfrey & Friends - Down Whittier blvd

Sunday Funnies - Watcha gonna do

Larry Tamblyn - Destiny

Cannibal & The Headhunters - Please baby please

The Sons Of Adam - Baby show the world

Grim Reepers - Two souls

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Eventually

The Turtles - I get out of breath

Terry Randall - Tell her

The Premiers - Get on this plane

Pat & Lolly Vegas - Let's get it on

Thee Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter

The Sisters - His name was John

East Side Kids - Listen to the wise man

The Joint Effort - The children

Research 1-6-12 - I don't walk there no more

The Penny arkade - Voodoo spell

The Everpresent Fullness - My girl back home

Lyme & Cybelle - Like the seasons

The Romancers - She took my oldsmobile

The Four Tempos - Showdown at the Union Hall

The Puddin' Heads - Now you say we're through

The Black Sheep - I'm feeling down

The Syndicate - Love will take away

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17 juin 2010 4 17 /06 /juin /2010 18:19

E-Types 67

The Avanti's - Countdown

Crystal Image - Time

Uncle Ben & The Wild Rice - Sinner

The Tikis - I'll never forget about you

The E-Types - Long before

Dutch Masters - In my way

Poor Souls - I'll be around

Transatlantic Train - The train

The Brogues - But now I find

The Cindermen - Don't do it some more

The Road Runners - Tell her you love her

Kings Verses - Lights

The Raik's Progress - Prisoner Of Chillon

Canterbury Fair - Days I love

Yankee Dollar - Live and let live

The Avengers - It's hard to hide

Regents - Worryin' kind

The Buddhas - Lost innocence

The Ban - Bye bye

The Now - Like a flying bird

Calliope - I'll take it

The Chances - Get out of my life

Giant Crab - Enjoy it

Tom Beal - That girl isn't coming today

The Dovers - I could be happy

Thee Sixpence - Heart full of rain

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