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15 juin 2010 2 15 /06 /juin /2010 10:26


The 4th Street Exit - Strange one

Harbinger Complex - Tomorrow's soul sound

The Knight Riders - I

The Druids - Sorry's not enough

Peter Wheat & The Breadmen - All the time

Teddy & His Patches - From day to day

The Jesters Of Newport - Stormy

Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed

Soul Owners - I'll cry

People - Riding high

Orphan Egg - Don't go to him

Gladstone - What a day

Stained Glass - Finger painting

Saturday's Photograph - Summer never go away

The Book Of Changes - I stole the Goodyear blimp

The Newcastle Five - Yes I'm cryin'

Syndicate Of Sound - Get outta my life

The Ariel - I feel like crying

Other Side - Streetcar

Chocolate Watch Band - Don't need your lovin'

William Penn & His Pals - Blow my mind

The Stop Sign - Nothing matters now

The Staff - Mr. Misfortune

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8 juin 2010 2 08 /06 /juin /2010 12:00


Gerry & Leslie - Me love am gone

The Mojo Men - Somethin' bad

The Other Half - I've come so far

The Short Yellow - Start Seeing

The Family Tree - Do you have the time

The Ace Of Cups - Taste of one

The Front Line - Got love

The Crystal Set - She's on my mind

Butch Engle & The Styx - She is love

Electric Train - Through winter and sunshine

Transatlantic Railroad - Irahs

Donnybrookes - You're gonna cry

Diminished Fifth - Doctor dear

The Answer - Why you smile

The Immediate Family - Rubiyat

Notes from the underground - Where does love go

Rodger Collins - Foxy girls in Oakland

Lenny Williams - Iove her too

The Spyders - Gotta find a new love

The Shillings - Part time man

The Baytovens - Luv look away

Crystal Garden - Peach fuzz forest

The U.S. Male - You got yours

The Just VI - You

Soul Vendors - Shake a tail feather

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29 mai 2010 6 29 /05 /mai /2010 10:43

Mystery Trend

Chimney Sweeps - I'll get my way

The Electric Company - You remind me of her

Denise & Co - Take me as I am

Flying Circus -  Green eyes green world

The Tears - Weatherman

Original Wild Oats - My chance will come

Travel Agency - Time

The Mystery Trend - Carl street

Herb Jackson Group - She's mine

Us - How can I tell her

The Wildflower - Wind dream

Wally Cox & Nate Branch - I want to dance with you

The Magicians - (Just a little) faith and understanding

The Imports - I'm not ashamed of loving you

Sly & The Family Stone - Dynamite

Leon's Creation - Sightless (part one)

The Neigb'rhood Childr'n - On our way

The New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Louisiana lady

Rejoice - Golden gate park

Dino Valenti - Birdses

The Rear Exit - Excitation

San Franciscans - If you lie

The Chosen Few - I think it's time

The Beau Brummels - They'll make you cry

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25 mai 2010 2 25 /05 /mai /2010 11:53

555 Drewsallee TheDead

Hustlers - Linda

Marauders - Since I met you

Denny & Kenny Duo - Meet my little sweety

The New Breed - Want ad reader

New Generation - We'll talk about sunshine

The Mergers - I'll be on my way

Drusalee & The Dead - Lily

The Graveyard 5 - The marble orchard

The Liberty Lads - Too much loving

The Next Step - Rivers of hate

Group "B" - Stop calling me

Looking Glass - If I never love again

The Styx - My girl

The Kee-Notes - Please don't tell me no

St. George & The Dragons - Trust me

Eirik Wangberg - Every night I dream a little

Psycho - You need me

Public Nuisance - Daddy's coming home

Plague ltd - So cold

Living Children - Now it's over

Boy Blues - Coming down to you

The Fugitives - Blowin' my mind

Sel-Sync - The fire is gone

Brimstones - Cold hearted woman

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10 mai 2010 1 10 /05 /mai /2010 13:07


The Bootmen - Love you all I can

The Galaxies - Along comes the man

Jim Harpo Valley - I'm real

Keith Kessler - Don't crowd me

The Rooks - I'll be the one

Tom Thumb & The Casuals - I don't want much

Billy & The Kids - When I see you

The Lincoln's - Come along and dream

The Counts - Come now

The Velvet Illusions - Velvet illusion

Pastels - Circuit breaker

The Magic Fern - Beneath a tree

The Dynamics - I'll be standing there

The Trolley - Toy shop

Fragile Lime - Angie

Bumps - Please come down

The Twilighters - Out of my mind

The Daily Flash - Green rocky road

Spindle - Little lies

The Breakers (The Wailers) - All my nights, all my days

Extremes - I'm hurtin'

Mark Five - Determination

Talismen - She was good

The Page Boys - I'll be there

The Bards - The owl and the pussycat

Rocky & The Riddlers - Flash and crash

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29 avril 2010 4 29 /04 /avril /2010 09:22


The Moguls - Round Randy

The Wheel Of Fortune - Before you leave

Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen - I've been thinking

U.S. Kids - Check out

The Ethics - It's ok

Click Kids - Run Samson run

Don & The Goodtimes - You were a child

Live Five - Hunose

The Kingsmen - I guess I was dreamin'

The Barber Green - Gliding ride

Mr Lucky & The Gamblers - I told you once before

Hunger - No shame

The United Travel Service - Wind and stone

New Yokers - Adrianne

dRAKE - Glory train

disraeli - Humidity 105

Norsemen - Can't you fall in love

New Dawn - Dark thoughts

Zero End - Fly today

The Fabulons - Since you've been gone

The Heirs - You better slow down

The Dominions - I need her

The Jolly Green Giants - Caught you red handed

The Gentlemen Wild - You gotta leave

Little John & The Monks - Black winds

The Navarros - Sad man

Zorba & The Greeks - One and only girl

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23 avril 2010 5 23 /04 /avril /2010 18:09


The Travelers - Spanish moon

Mile Ends - Bring'em on in

The Dearly Beloved - I'm not coming back

The Five Of Us - Let me explain

The Grapes Of Wrath - If anyone should ask

Wild Flowers - A man like myself

The Status Quo - They all want her love

Phil & The Frantics - Till you get what you want

Topsy Turbys - Hey tiger

Solid Ground - Sad now

The Grodes - I've lost my way

Michael Liggins - Standing on the corner

Roy & The Dew Drops - Soul side of the street

Shila Jack - I've got to have you

Freddy Love - I'm just a nobody

Ernie Johnson - In these very tender moments

The Stream Of Consciousness - Till you're through

Superfine Dandelion - Day and night

The Lewallen brothers -Cause you want me to

The Whose Who - The fun we had

The Night Sounds - Torment

The Caravelles - Self service

The Cordials - Tell me please

The Door Nobs - I need your lovin' baby

The Spiders - Don't blow your mind

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20 avril 2010 2 20 /04 /avril /2010 11:42


Jerry Gilmer & The Fireballs - Come to me

The Defiant 4 - My time is now

The Plague - Go away

Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells - My baby done left me

King Richard & The Knights - I want to love you

The Trademarques - In her own little world

The Fe Fi Four Plus Two - Pick up your head

Lincoln Street Exit - Paper place

The Outer Limits - Don't leave me

The Chob - We're pretty quick

The Four Dimensions - I love you for what you are

Rudy & The Soul Setters - I dig girls

The Saliens - Baby say

The Keymen - What am I to do

Sheltons - Yesterday's laughter

The Morfomen - Thinking of you

The Piggy Bank - Thoughts of you

The Viscount V - She doesn't know

The Shandells - Does the circus ever close

The Apple Glass Syndrom - Going wrong

The Sidewinders - Tears from laughing

The Venturie V - Good'n'bad

The Burgundy Runn - Stop

The Era Of Sound - Girl in the mini skirt

The Kreeg - Impressin'

The Grass - Y' love

The Berries - Baby won't you follow me down

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4 avril 2010 7 04 /04 /avril /2010 20:23

buddy holly 1956

The B.C.s - Comin' on home

The Cinders - Three minutes time

The Hysterical Society - I know

Smokin' Bananas - Will you love me tomorrow

Remaining Few - In the morning

The Clue - She's the reason

The Chains - It's a shame

Danny & The Counts - You need love

The Knights Bridge - C.J. Smith

The Perils - Hate

Carrol's Mood - Out she goes

The Crickets - Now hear this

The Feathers - It's alright

Buddy Holly - I'm gonna love you too

The Cavaliers (with J. Frank Wilson) - Bound to happen

Bobby Fuller - You made me cry

The Brentwoods - Yeah, yeah, no, no

The Cords - I'll do just what I wanna do

A Handful - Does anybody know

The Derby-Hatville - Scorched Sand

Swift Rain - Nancy's song

The Sparkles - No friend of mine

The Kitchen Cinq - Determination

The Checkmates - Hey girl

The Heartbeats - Cryin' inside

The Lynx - Just a friend

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28 mars 2010 7 28 /03 /mars /2010 09:54
Zakary Thaks - Face to face
Christopher & The Souls - Diamonds, rats & gum
The One Way Street - Joy and sorrow
The Basic Things - You're still dreaming
The Cavaliers - Pride
The Coastliners - She's my girl
Morning Sun - Let's take a walk in the woods
The Solid State - Wait and see
Playboys Of Edinburg - News sure travel fast
Simon Reyes & The Outer Limits - Mistake number three
Bad Seeds - All night long
Libert Bell - I can see
Bubble Puppy - Thinkin' about thinkin'
Michael - I'm nobody's man
The Six Deep - Girl it's over
The Reddlemen - I can't go on this way
The Clouds - Jeannie
The Outcast - How many times
Roy Head - You're (almost) tuff
Barry & Life - Top-less girl
Countdown 5 - Uncle Kirby (from Brazil)
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