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7 décembre 2009 1 07 /12 /décembre /2009 10:56

The Shags - You're a loser
The Dynamic Dischords - This girl of mine
Dale Gregory & The Shouters - Did ya need to know
Yellow Hair - Somewhere
Melvin Moroson - It's all over now
Embermen Five - Baby I'm forgetting you
Tracers - Watch me
Mystifying Monarchs -I'm in misery
Inner Light - Temptation
The Wonders - Baby come back
The Coachmen - Tyme won't change
The Rumbles - It's my turn to cry
The Chevrons - Mine forever more
The Smoke Ring - Waitin' for love to come my way
West Minist'r - Sister Jane
The Brakmen - Minutes & minutes
Cornerstones - You rule me
The Lost Souls - It's not fair
The Trenchmen - Chains on my heart
Torres - Ride on
Pawnbrokers - Someday
The Fabulous Thunderbolts - My girl Sue
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27 novembre 2009 5 27 /11 /novembre /2009 20:03

The Journeymen - Realities in life
The Invasion - Do you like what you see ?
The Benders - Can't tame me
The Sultans Five - You know you know
Dynasty - I've gotta shout
The Zoo - Sometimes
The Last Draft - It's been a long time
Orbits - Don't
The Cannons - Days go by
The Legends - Here comes the pain
The Deverons - Unnoticed
The Willing Mind - Decide
Private Property Of Digil - Sunshine flames
The Robbs - Race with the wind
The Sunstone Lollypop - Never sad
The Enchanters - On a little island
The Shaprels - Rock-a-boo
The Shag - Stop and listen
The Messengers - In the jungle
Ladds - Survival
Jason Merrick & The Finders - I'm not what you are
The Wanderer's Rest - Don't know what I'd do
Crucibles - You know I do
Denny Noie & The 4th Of Never - Dee-Dee
The Next Five - Talk to me girl
The Society - For me 
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20 novembre 2009 5 20 /11 /novembre /2009 19:36

The Kan Dells - Cloudburst
The Boss Tweads - I'm goin' away
Jeannie, Jim, Tom, Bill - Sily whim
The Continental Co Ets - Let's live for the present
The More-Tishans - Nowhere to run
The Shades - Please please please
The Rave-Ons - Everybody tells me
The Vaqueros - Growing pains
The Fabulous Depressions - One by one
The Messengers - My baby
Steve Ellis & The Starfires - Her face
Prince & The Paupers - Shoulder of a giant
The Gestures - It seems to me
The Stillroven - Cast thy burden upon the stone
The Madhatters - You may see me cry
The Apostles - Help me find a way
Good Idea - Inside Outside
The Canoise - Something I could do
The Magpies - Everybody's fool
The Vy-Counts - Goodbye
The Unbelievable Uglies - Spiderman
The Nightcrawlers - Want me
The Pagans - Baba Yaga
The Devilles - You've made my mind
The Epicureans - I don't know why I cry
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13 novembre 2009 5 13 /11 /novembre /2009 19:22

The Gamins - Freeway
The Castaways - A man's gotta be a man
Sir Laurence & The Crescents - Cheatin' on me
The Corvets - You don't want me
Burch Ray & The Walkers - Waitin' alone
The Accents - Why
H.T.3 - I'm the one
T.C. Atlantic - Faces
C.A. Quintet - Blow to my soul
The Calico Wall - I'm a living sickness
Michael Yonkers - Puppeting
Del Counts - With another guy
Longman & Fogel - I once had a dream
The Paisleys - Something's missing
Greenwood, Curlee & Thompson - Kind woman
Hope - Greenhouse
The Bedlam Four - No one left to love
The Jokers Wild - All I see is you
Gregory Dee & The Avanties - Because of you
The Underbeats - Wishes don't come true
The Electras - Dirty old man
The Nite Caps - You're looking good
The New Life - Why now girl
Aardvarks - I can't explain
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5 novembre 2009 4 05 /11 /novembre /2009 19:30

We Who Are - Last trip
Stompers - I know
Al's Untouchables - Come on baby
Second Half - Forever in your world
The Scavengers - But if you're happy
The Rockers - There's a pain
The Restrictions - Down on the corner
The Countdowns - You know I do
The Patriots - Unkind love
Midknights - I don't have to wait
The Marc V - And I'm glad
The Contents Are - The dream of my predictions
The XL's - Summer love in the sand
The Berries - I've been looking
Uncle & The Anteaters - Kathy ran around
Gallows - Remember Mary
The London Fog - M. Baldi
Morning Tymes - On top
The Daybreakers - If you really love me
Guys Who Came Up From Downstairs - Growth
The Wild Cherries - Baby I see
Terry Klein & Dee Jay & The Runaways - Keep on running
Dale & The Devonaires - Take a look at a fool
Depot Rains - I am lost
The Koats Of Male - Swinebarn n°3
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28 octobre 2009 3 28 /10 /octobre /2009 18:20

Fabulous Flippers - Dance party promo KOMA
Eric & The Norsemen - Before
Hoi Polloi - Better things
The Fabulous Apostles - Dark horse blues
The Jerms - That word
Burlington Express - a girl
Theron & Darrell - I was made to love her
The Blue Things - The man on the street
The Morning Dew - Be a friend
The Red Dogs - Open up
The Dinks - Ugly girl
Soule Survivors - Goodbye
Baby Neal & The Smart Bothers - Lorraine
Moby Dick & The Whalers - I love her so
Oxfords - I ain't done wrong
Rogues - How many times
Jerry Waugh & The Skeptics - I told her goodbye
L.T. & The Soul Dynamics - Crazy about you baby
The Express - You gotta understand
Young Aristocracy - Look and see
The Outcasts - I wanted you
Dewayne & The Beldettas - Hurtin'
Tim Jacob - Mercy baby
Louie & The Leprechauns - Let's move

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26 octobre 2009 1 26 /10 /octobre /2009 09:56

The Twilighters - Spell bound
The Intruders - Total raunch
The Reactions - In my grave
Plato & The Philosophers - C.M. I love you
Blazers - I don't need you
The Blue Velvets - Don't leave me this way
Billy Swan - Out of her system
The Guise - Half a man
The Esquires - Settle down
Tonky Thompson - I've been in love
Cole & The Embers - Love won't hurt you
The Bob Kuban Band - Jerkin' time
Jimmie Taylor - My woman
Rose Lynch - I've been hurt
The Kansas City Playboys - Quittin' time
Tommy Soul - I need someone (to love me)
The Kyks - Where are you ?
X-Treems - Facts of life
The Unknowns - The modern era
The Happy Return - I thought I loved her
The St. Johns - She's so fine
The Vandals - You lied to me
The Cholos - Last laugh
Screamin' Joe Neal - Rock'n'roll deacon
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15 octobre 2009 4 15 /10 /octobre /2009 15:07

The Chevron's - I lost you today
The Jaguars - It's gonna be alright
Rainmakers - Tell her no
The Jujus - I'm cryin'
The Fredric - Born in fire
Bel-Aires - If you love me
Del Shannon - She
The Jades - Surface world
Beech Resorts - Springtime
The Pedestrians - Think twice
The Renegades - Raving blue
The Arabians - Today I kissed my new love
Derek Martin - Daddy rolling stone
The Superlatives - Do what you want to do
Just Brothers - She broke my heart
Gino Washington - Gino is a coward
The Satisfactions - Never be happy
Luv'd Ones - I'm leaving you
Baroques - Bad girl
The Sheffields - Please come back
The Zoo - Feeling
Headhunters - Times we share
Jimmy Gilbert - Believe what I say
The Mod 4 - Open up your mind
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11 octobre 2009 7 11 /10 /octobre /2009 18:13

The Mussies - 12 o'clock july
The Pentagons - About the girl I love
The Blokes - All american girl
The Aardvarks - Cherie can't you tell
The Princetons - You're my love
Five Emprees - Hey lover
The Versatones - Rollin' rollin'
The Teans - (Lady of the) caravan
The Grand Prixx - You drive me crazy
The Spinners - What did she use
Audrey Matthews - I have no choice
New Era - Won't you please be my friend
The Quest's - I'm tempted
Psychotics - If you don't believe me don't
Minutemen - Another day with me
Penetraters - Cross the river of love
Freda Payne - The easiest way to fall
The Marvelettes - The hunter gets captured by the game
The Paragons - Pretta words
The Andantes - Like a nightmare
Carolyn Crawford - When someone's good to you
The Chentelles - Be my queen
The Black Watch - Left behind
Troyes - Help me find myself
Pastels - Cause I love you
The Barons - Try a love with me
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4 octobre 2009 7 04 /10 /octobre /2009 16:51

The Marauders - Lovin'
Cherry Slush - Don't walk away
Flowers Fruits & Pretty Things - Wanting you
Run-A-Rounds - I couldn't care less
Me & Dem Guys - Love me (like I love you)
The Herd - Sun has gone
The Fugitives - You can't blame that on me
The Saharas - This morning
Plain Brown Wrapper - You'll pay
The High & The Mighty - Tryin' to stop cryin'
Chancellors - One in a million
Jackie wilson - Nothing but blue skies
Smokey Robinson - I second that emotion
Al Hudson With Vitamin C - I want you to know
Andre Williams - You got it, i want it
Timmy Shaw & Little Melvin - Can't we make this love last
Rob Kirk And The Word - Girl talk
The Why Four - It's a hard life
French Church - Slapneck 1943
The Henchmen VI - All of the day
The Kinetics - I'm blue
Camel Drivers - You made a believer of me
Tonto & The Renegades - Easy way out
Bark Of Paper Mulbery - Wait
Beaux Jens - Trouble baby
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