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27 septembre 2009 7 27 /09 /septembre /2009 20:16

Ascots - So good
Five Bucks - No use in trying
Dick Curtis - It's not the same
Undecided ? - I never forgot her
Innsmen - I don't know
Midnight Shift - Just another day
Peggy Woods - Love is gonna get you
Tina britt - The real thing
Martha Starr - Love is the only solution
Chairmen Of The Board - Let me ride
The Woolies - Hey girl
Spike Drivers - Drink up the wine
Little John & Tony - The begginning of the end
The Scott Richard Case - Who is that girl
James T. & The Workers- Let me see you crying
Pat Lewis - No one to love
People's Choice - Save all my lovin' for you
The Four Pros - Just another girl
Cecil Washington - I don't like to lose
The Bossmen - Listen my girl
Lee VI - Pictures on my shelf
Terry Knight & The Pack - I've been told
The Byzantine Empire - Snowqueen
Count & The colony - Can't you see

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17 septembre 2009 4 17 /09 /septembre /2009 19:03

Motor City Bonnevilles - Make up your mind
Peter & The Prophets - Don't need your lovin
The Underdogs - Get down your knees
Southbound Freeway - Southbound freeway
Human Beings - I can't tell
The Hearsemen - Christy Anne
Mae Young - Let's give our love a try
The Serenaders - Two lovers make one fool
Nelson Sanders - Tired of being your fool
Billy Sha-Rae - Do it
The Capitols - I thought she loved me
The Shy Guys - Lay it on the line
The Lykes Of Us - Tell me why your light shines
Oxford V - The world I've planned
Fugitives - Said goodbye
The Henchmen - Please tell me
David Ruffin - Each day is a lifetime
The Four Tops - Seven rooms of gloom
Brenda Holloway - Just look what you've done
Isley Brothers - Got to have you back
Marvin Gaye - You
The Illusions - Wait til the summer
The Morticians - With another guy
Dave & The Stone Hearts - Slow down
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11 septembre 2009 5 11 /09 /septembre /2009 18:09

The Trademarks - If I was gone
The Sheppards - Poor man's things
The Iguanas - Again and again
The Free - What makes you
The Mushrooms - Burned
Frut Of The Loom - One hand in the darkness
The Falcons - Has it happened to you
Nathaniel Mayer - I had a dream
The Limelights - You don't love me anymore
Lester Tipton - This won't change
The Smith Connection - (I've been a winner, I've been a loser) I've been in love
Fyrebirds - I'm so lonely
Tidal Waves - I don't need love
Ellie Pop - Oh my friend
The Strange Fate - Love is like
Chris Carpenter - Waterfalls
Emanuel Laskey - A letter from Vietnam
The Dynamics - Yes I love you baby
E.J. & The Echoes - Treat me right
Gene Cooper - Look up & smile
Zerben R. Hicks - Lights out
The Lazy Eggs - As long as I have you
Tino & The Revlons - Little girl little girl
The Boys - Angel of mine
Only Ones - Find a way
The Wanted - Here to stay
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4 septembre 2009 5 04 /09 /septembre /2009 17:37

The Gruve - You're gonna love me
The Sixpence - You're the love
Solitary Confinement - A winner never quits
Fyrebirds - I can get no ride
Tonto & The Renegades - Anytime you want some lovin
The House Of Commons - Love's a funny thing
The Underdogs - Love's gone bad
Mama Cats - Miss you
The Rationals - Sing !
The Bossmen - I cannot stop you
Mickey Denton - Mio amore
Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Heavy music part one
Ormandy - Good day
Thyme - No opportunity necessary, no experience needed
Larry Knight & The Upsetters - Hurt me
The Tidal Waves - She's my woman
Mitch Ryder - You get your kicks
Doug Brown & The Omens - Youth and experience
Rainy Days - Go on and cry
? & The Mysterians - Do something to me
The Unrelated Segments - Cry cry cry
Shades Of Blue - Lonely summer
The Pagens - Someone like you
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30 juillet 2009 4 30 /07 /juillet /2009 18:19

Royal Flairs - Suicide
The Bachs - You're mine
New Colony Six - Last nite
Fourgathering - You're mean to me
Treez - You lied to me before
The Bryds - Why did you have to break my heart
Suburban 9 to 5 - Sunshine becomes you
Wylde Heard - Stop it girl
The Great Society - And I know
The Wild - Sit down and cry
Mystery Meat - Put me down
Barbara Acklin - I'm not mad anymore
The Twi-Lights - My love
The Radiants - Hold on
Johnny Elby - It's alright but it's wrong
Major Lance - Um um um
The Seeds Of Reason - I'm your true love
Shays - People've been sayin'
Misty Blues - I feel no pain
Mavricks - Trains
The Boyz - Never be lonely
Four-A-While - Low class man
Dean Carter - Mary Sue
The Intruders - She's mine
The Shadow Casters - It'll be too late
Things To Come - Til the end

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23 juillet 2009 4 23 /07 /juillet /2009 10:55

Baby Huey & The Baby Sitters - Just being careful
Shandels - Mary Mary
Huns - Destination lonely
The Noblemen - Short time
Edges Of Wisdom - That lonely road
Dave & The Squires - The girl of my dreams
Blue Condition - Once there was a girl
Shades Of Blue - The time of my life
Missing Links - You hypnotize me
Perpetual Motion - You hurt me
Conquests - Is it right
Maurice & Mac - Lay it on me
Harold Burrage - Long way home
James Phelps - Wasting time
Billy "The Kid" Emerson - A dancin' whippersnapper
Willie Parker - You got your finger in my eye
The Exterminators - Voo-doo
The Warner Brothers - I won't be the same without her
The Cryan' Shames - First train to California
George Edwards - Nevermind I'm freezing
The Lemon Drops - Jennifer Ann
Kookie Cook - Workin' man
Barry Ebling & The Invaders - I can make it without you
Gary & The Knight Lites - I don't need your help
The Quarrymen - Why
The Todds - I want her back
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17 juillet 2009 5 17 /07 /juillet /2009 11:45

Long John & The Silvermen - Heart filled with love
The Delights - Find me a woman
The Other Half - The girl with the long black hair
Ray Peck & Placy Anatra - Makin' up and breakin' up
Keith Everett - The chant
The Prophets - Sad on me
The Caravans - Walk around heaven all day
Barbara & Gwen - Right on (to the street called love)
Tyrone Davis - Is it something you've got
Betty Everett - I'm gonna be ready
Ruby Andrews - Just loving you
The Commons Ltd - I'm gonna change the world
The Hollow Steps - Hung up on you
The Foggy Notions - Need a little lovin'
Guy Kraines Trio - Come see the way
The Riots - I can go on
Len Woods - Do it funky
The Perfections - Which one am I
The Intentions - Dancing fast dancing slow
Johnny Thompson - I lost everything
Bo Diddley - Back to school
The Rovin' Kind - Right on time
Michael & Lee - It's you I'm thinking of
The Dirty Wurds - Why
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9 juillet 2009 4 09 /07 /juillet /2009 18:16

The Crestones - The chopper
The Todds - I want her back
The Banshees - Project blue
The Reasons Why - All I really need is love
Appolo's Apaches - Cry me a lie
The Illusions - Her own way
The Impressions - I can't stay away from you
The Steelers - Get it from the bottom
The Notations - A new day
The Dontells - I'm gonna tell the world
Gene Chandler - In my body's house
Half Pint & The Fifths - Loving on borrowed time
006 - Like what me worry ?
The Tills - I remember
The Kasuals - Listen to the rain
Carol & The Omens - September
The Visitors - Changes
Uptight Sound Creation - Blind am I
Jimbo Johnson & The Violators - Popcorn
General Crook - Do it for me
Chuck McLean - Let me hear it from you
Gary & The Knight Lites - Take me back
The Del-Vetts - Last time around
The Buckinghams - Love ain't enough
The M.H. Royals - Old town
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1 juillet 2009 3 01 /07 /juillet /2009 15:59

Students - Indiana calling
Sir Winston & The Commons - We're gonna love
The Olivers - I saw what you did
Paul & Emile - I can't take it
The Takers - I can say no more
Galabooches - It'll never work out
The Misfits - I'll feel better (in the morning)
The Chosen Few - Foolin' round with me
Keith Murphy & The Daze - Slightly reminiscent of her
Black & Blues - Come to me
Dawn 5 - A necessary evil
The Cobblestones - I'll hide my head in the sand
Boys Next Door - Suddenly she was gone
Troy Shondell - Whenever
Tommy James & The Shondells - Mirage
The McCoys - Say those magic words
Sounds Unlimited - A girl as sweet as you
Theze Vizitors - For Mary's sake
Blues inc - Get off my back
Oscar & The Majestics - No chance baby
The What Four - Whenever
The Joys Of Life - Good times are over
Dukes - Take your love
The Endd - Out of my hands
Mogen David & The Grapes Of Wrath - Don't want ya no more
The Noblemen - She still thinks I love her
Wild Things - I'm not for you
Try-Angle - The writing on the wall
Sanz Incorporated - I'm gonna leave you
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24 juin 2009 3 24 /06 /juin /2009 16:43

Tom & The Tempests - It's over now
Us Too Group - I'll leave you cryin'
Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - For all of us
Dawks - Good thing
The 2 Of Clubs - My first heartbreak
The Purple Persians - The past and the future
Travelers - Beach boy
Bare Facts - Bad part of town
Them - A girl like you
Bittervetch - A girl like you
Me & The Other Guys - I don't care
The Ditalians - I gotta go
The Four Mints - Too far gone
The Fabulous Denos - I enjoy being in love with you
Kool Blues - I want to be ready
Timmy Willis - Easy as saying 1-2-3
The Myrchents - Indefinite inhibition
The Fabulous Chantels - Remain unknown girl
The Ambushers - I need love
Malcontents - (I'm a) roustabout
Muphets - My money
Captain Crunch & The Crew - Nowadays people
Pictorian Skiffuls - In awhile
X-cellents - Walk slowly away
Julietta 's Valiants - Love me not tomorrow
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