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17 juin 2009 3 17 /06 /juin /2009 16:10

Dantes - 80-96
Jerry & The Others - Don't cry to me
Allard & The Lost Souls - Looking
Centrees - She's good for me
The Endless - Prevailing darkness
The Cutaways - Hold me
Fifth Order - Walkin' away
The Incrowd - Set me free
Forums - Bring it on back
Shillings - Forgive me my love
The New Breeds - Girl in love
Beau Dollar - I'm ready; I'm ready
Junior Mc Cants - The boy needs a girl
Bill Moss - Number one
Joe King - Speak on up
Pure Prairie League - Woman
Sonny Flaharty - When I close my eyes
Eighth Day - Building with a steeple
The Blue Dells - Trust me
Checkmates - Get it while you can
Jon & Gunther - Hey hey babe
Children Of Darkness - She's mine
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10 juin 2009 3 10 /06 /juin /2009 16:26

The Human Beinz - Nobody but me
The Shademen - That's tuff
Circus - Bad seed
The Grasshopers - Mod Socks
Jaye Daye & The Four Knights - (You'll always be my) only girl
The Counts - Now you're gone
The Music Explosion - Can't stop now
The Mods - I give you an inch
Onion Rings - She's gonna cry
The Creations - I want you
The Strawberry Social - The sunday before my life
The Futuras - Hurt
Kenny & The Kasuals - Please don't leave me
Journey Men - She's sorry
The Nite Watchmen - I'm gonna lose my mind
Soul Survivors - I won't cry
Harvey Russel  - Keep a knockin'
Shepherd's Heard - I know
The Es Shades - Without my love
A Group Called Eve - Smile
The Chylds - Hay girl
The Panicks - You're my baby
Diamond Rings - Which end is up
Last Times - Don't tell me
The Younts Bros. Inc. - Love is a game

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3 juin 2009 3 03 /06 /juin /2009 20:26

The Decades - Strange world
The Road - You rub me the wrong way
The Outsiders - Haunted by your love
The Quantill Raiders - Sad eyed lady
The Runaways - It can't be long
The Vikings - Such a love
The Streys - She cools my mind
The Executioneers - Don't put me on
The Triumphs - Lovin' cup
The Bittersweets - Hurtin' kind
Eye Zooms - She's gone
The Cashmeers - Back to school again
The Exits - You got to have money
Hot Chocolate - What should I do
The O'Jays - Stand in for love
The Nomads - I need your love
The Motions - Land beyond the moon
The Sleepers - Time will tell
N. Patrick Williams - Tears I lost for you
The Fortels - Merry-go-round
The Treytones - Nonymous
The Pied Pipers - Stay in my life
The Missing Lynx - (You don't love me) anymore
The Tree Stumps - Listen to love
The Turfits - If it's love you want
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28 mai 2009 4 28 /05 /mai /2009 09:21

The Snaps - You don't want me
Pat Farrell & The Believers - Gotta find her
Thee Avantis - I want to understand
The Shaynes - From my window
The Live Wires - Being alone
Groop Therapy - Ronnie Ronnie
Chuck Barr & The Playboys - My lonely guitar
The Couriers - Stomping time again
The Arkay IV - Down from N°9
The Vandals - My girl
Wayne & The Impressions - I saw you
The Lords - Tell me
The Centurys - Hard times
The Counts - I will lose my mind
The Flares - I found out
Oncomers - You let me down
The Sundae Train - Love affair of two happy people
Marcus - Grains of sand
Fowerz - Flyte
Tresa Leigh - I remember
The Fantastic Dee-Jays - Get away girl
Peter's Pipers - I didn't believe her
The Swamp Rats - Hey freak
John Harrison & The Hustlers - Don't ask why
Noblemen IV - I can hear raindrops
The Volcanics - But I love her 
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21 mai 2009 4 21 /05 /mai /2009 17:46

The Dynamic Deadbeats - No second chance
The Magic Mushrooms - Never let go
Changing Tymes - Try a whole lot harder
The Rising Tydes - Artificial peace
Ascensions - All alone
The Satyrs - Marie
The Effects - I've been told
King's Ransom - Without you
Ognir & The Nite People - I found a new love
The Limits - He'll make you cry
The Bentleys - Now it's gone
The Chosen Few - Staircases places and time
The Sleepless Knights - You're driving me crazy
The Finestuff - Big brother
The Dogs - Don't try to help me
Bounty Hunters - Somewhere
Jim & Dale - You and me
The Young Ideas - Barney Buss
The Combinations - Bump ball
The Hi-boys - Girls in the groove
The Scott Bedford Four - You turned your back on me
The Shillings - Seems like yesterday
The First Four - One and only man
Steve Carpenter - Am I lost
The Outcasts - I didn't have to love her anymore
The Liberation News Service - Midwinter's afternoon
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14 mai 2009 4 14 /05 /mai /2009 17:55

The Delfonics - You'll get enough
The Universals - New lease on life
Soul Brothers Six - You gotta come a little closer
Richard Anthony & The Blue Notes - No good
Millie Mc Laine - Caught up
Frankie & The Spindles - Makin' up time part 1
Eddie Holman - I surrender
The Determinations - You can't hold on to love
Bobby Peterson - Irresistible you
Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights - I need a true love
Sheila Ferguson - Heartbroken memories
Bunny Sigler & Dee Dee Sharp - Conquer the world together
The Zodiacs - Don't change on me
The Modern Redcaps - No sign of you
Brooks O' Dell - You better make up your mind
Eddie Whitehead - Just your fool
The Intruders - Jack be nimble
The Epsilons - The echo
Bobby Fulton - It's good to be lonely sometimes
Cliff Nobles - My love is getting stronger
The Emperors - My baby likes to boogaloo
Jackie Moore - Loser again
John Ellison - Lost the will to live
The Uptites - Girl of the night
The Combo Kings - Mish mash soul
Carl Holmes & The Commanders - Crossin' over
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8 mai 2009 5 08 /05 /mai /2009 10:41

The Distant Sounds - Dreamin'
Shames - The Special one
The Boys From NYC - I'm down girl
The Psychopaths - See the girl
The Classics - Pink cats
John Brown's Bodies - Out of my mind
The New Breed - Wasting my time
Mickey & The Motions - I do
The Shadows Four - Heart of wood
Head & The Hares - One against the world
The Plagues - To wander
The Rouges - Next guy
The Remains - Ain't that her
The Rockin' Ramrods - Bright lit blue skies
The Rising Storm - To L.N./Who doesn't know
Landlords - I'm through with you
The Energy Package - See that I come home
The Improper Bostonians - Victim of environment
Teddy & The Pandas - 68 days till september
Bondsmen - I don't want your lovin' anymore
The Ebb Tides - My baby's gone
The Bold - Gotta get some
The Barbarians - What the new breed say
The Levis - Hear what I say
C.C. & The Chasers - Hey, put the clock back on the wall
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30 avril 2009 4 30 /04 /avril /2009 10:23

Beep Beep & The Roadrunners - True love knows
William The Wild One - My love is true
The Knights - You're not mine
The Minets Of England - My love is yours
The End - Make our love come through
The What Fours - Eight shades of brown
Buck Rogers Movement - Baby come on
The Bugs - Pretty girl
Underground Cinema - Where has the time gone
The Off-Set - You're a drag
The Pentagons - About the girl I love
Travis Pike's Tea Party - If I didn't love you girl
The Morning After - Things you do
The Section Five - Pusher's route
The 5 PM - How many days
Retreds - Black Mona Lisa
Little John & The Sherwoods - Long hair
The Fonograf Hour - Don't throw stones
Nightrockers - Junction #1
The Mauve - You've got me cryin'
Eagle - Kickin' it back
Orpheus - Congress alley
The Specters - Depression
The Shilos - Cause I love you
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23 avril 2009 4 23 /04 /avril /2009 11:06

The Chosen Few From St Michaels - Get it on life
Mott's Men - Coming or going
The Vistas - I want you
Mike & The Ravens - Mr Heartbreak
Stephen Sargeant & The Pride - Grey eyes watching
The Messengers - The other side
The Renegades - Waiting for you
Skip Ellis - Ice cube girl
The Mar-Vels - Someone else
The Foul Dogs - Baby I know
The Fantasmics - Heaven or hell
Euphoria's Id - Deception's ice
Love Inc. - She don't care about me
Black Ravens - Wipe those teardrops
Bobby & The Farraris - In the morning
Innkeepers - People say
The Cobras - I wanna be your love
Jason & The Argonauts - I don't need anyone
Laurie - Everyone will know
Roman Knights - The world is bigger than you and me
The Blazing sons - Do you know the reason
The Tidal Waves - Laugh
Alan Burn & The Ushers - Whirlpool
Terry & The Telstars - Reasons
Mike & The Ravens - Living in a dream
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16 avril 2009 4 16 /04 /avril /2009 17:51

Satan's Breed - Laugh myself to the grave
The Shyres - Where is love
The Others - I can't stand this love, goodbye
Dick Domani & The Demons - I won't cry anymore
Balladeers - Words I want to hear
The Cowsills - Milk spot
Bram Rigg Set - Take the time be yourself
The Fifth Estate - That's love
The Shags - Hide away
D Men - So little time
The Eastern Alliance - Love fades away
The Blue Beats - Extra girl
Uranus & The Five Moons - Nothing remains
The Cadaver - Haven't got the time
The Wildweeds - Never mind
Robby - I don't want to leave
The Road Runners - Luv
Chips & Co - Let the winds blow
High Tensions - No use hangin' around
The Insane - I can't prove it
Me & The Rest - Dark clouds
Yesterday's Children - Baby I want you
The Five Cards Stud - Beg me
The North Atlantic Invcasion Force - Black on white
The Squires - Go ahead
The Runaways - Love
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