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9 avril 2009 4 09 /04 /avril /2009 17:52

The Catalinas - Barbara
The Acoustics - My rights
Bill Hjerpe - Not for sale
The Charles - Motorcycle
The Organization - I won't let go
The Young Tyrants - She don't got the right
The Humans - Warning
The Fallen Angels - Bad woman
The Show Stoppers - If you want to, why don't you ?
The Tigermen - Tiger girl
Art Swartz - One life, one love
The Invictas - The Detroit move
Dyke & The Blazers - Runaway people
Soul Brothers Six - I don't want to cry
Caesar & The Romans - When will I get over you ?
The Tweeds - I want to know her
Wee Four - Weird
The Rogues - You better look now
The American Teens - A brand new love
Michael & The trees - Nothing to say
Pete Morticelli - Lost
P.B. & The Staunchmen - Mean Willy
The Heard - Stop it baby
Kack Klick - One more day, one more night
The Huns - I've got you on my mind
Little Peppy With The Bare Existence - Since you've gone away
The Cavemen - All about love
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2 avril 2009 4 02 /04 /avril /2009 17:57

The Brigands - Would I still be her big man ?
The Primates - Knock on my door
The Outcasts - Nothing but love
Mo-Shuns - What can I say ?
The Shandels - Fifteen children
The Reasons Why - Games
The Continentals - Sick and tired
The Minimum Daily Requirements - I'm grounded
The Weads - Don't call my name
The Hassles - Every step I take
The Vagrants - Your hasty heart
Ruff Francis & The Illusions - Misery loves company
The Descendants - Lela
Erik & The Smoke Ponies - From where I'm standing
The Galaxies - One way highway
The Bougalieu - When I was a children
The Bruthers - Bad way to go
The Chancellors - On tour
The Amberjacks - Blue jaunt
The Thunderbolts - There was I
The Toffs - Where have you gone to ?
The Inmates - Drop your drawers
Wild Bill Kennedy & The Twiliters - (Everybody's goin' to) Rollerland !
Ed Wool & The Nomads - I need somebody
The Last Word - Bidin' my time
The Persuaders - Whispering surf

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19 mars 2009 4 19 /03 /mars /2009 19:39

The Chain Reaction - When I needed you
The Changin' Times - How is the air up there
The Raves - Don't chop down my tree
The Yo Yo's - Crack in my wall
The Saints - Girl forgive me
The Magic Plants - I know she's waiting there
The Rites - Things
First Crow To The Moon - Spend your life
The Balloon Farm - A question of temperature
The Gurus - It just won't be that way
Jimmy Curtiss - Psychedelic situation
The Warmest Spring - Hard, hard girl
The Jagged Edge - You can't keep a good man down
The Outsiders - The guy with the long Liverpool hair
Shane - Don't turn me off
Royale Coachmen - Killer of men
Phil Ochs - Cross my heart
The Ragamuffins - Four days of rain
Mortimer - Waiting for someone
The Live Wires - The mask
Shep & The Downbeats - Girl, girl
Infinite Pyramid - On a windowstill
Terry Cashman & The Men - Try me
The Forsaken - She's alright
Branded X - Society & me
The Bay Ridge - I will wait
The Patriots - What a drag it is
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12 mars 2009 4 12 /03 /mars /2009 19:10

The Leather Boy – On the go
Strangeloves - Nighttime
Peck's Bad Boys - Crazy world
Charlie Brown's Generation - Fast reatreatin' female
Every Mother's Son - Proper four leaf clover
Mustache Wax - On my mind
The Scoundrels - Up there
Paul Martin - You were there
The Mauroks - Susan
The Spirit - No time to rhyme
Brotherhood Of Soul - Save me
Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers - I gotta go now (up on the floor)
John El - Hot Pants USA
Tommy Bass - (I can't help it baby) this is my thing
Wee Willie & The Winners -I don't know what you got but I know what you need
The Third Bardo - Lose your mind
The Denims - I'm your man
Daze Between - Every little raindrop
Present - I know
The Road's End - When I look at you
The Groupies - Down in the bottom
Hugh Mc Cracken with The Funatics - You blow my mind
The Children - I can feel it
The Fugitives - I'll be a man
The Elegant Four - I'm tired
Vi-Dels - Walking down the street

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5 mars 2009 4 05 /03 /mars /2009 20:17

Left Banke - Hertz rent-a-car spot
The Critters - sweet breezes
The Four Seasons - Mrs Stately's garden
The Four Seasons - Touch the rainchild
Mark Radice - Save your money
The Manhattans - If my heart could speak
The Scene - Scenes (from another world)
The Young Rascals - Lonely too long
Giles Strange - Watch the people dance
Appletree Theatre - Don't blame it on your wife
The Canterbury Music Festival - Sunny day
The Orlons - Spinnin' top
Porgy & The Monarchs - If it's for real
J.R. Bailey - Love won't wear off
Vernell Hill - Long haired baby
The Drifters - You got to pay your dues
Harumi - What a day for me
The Hobbits - Hands and knees
The Gates Of Eden - No one was there
The Blades Of Grass - Tomorrow is my turn
Joe & Bing - Daybreak
The Sandpebbles - Forget it
Gloria Lynne - You don't have to be a tower of strength
The Tangeers - This empty place
The Embers - Paradise Hill
The Masqueraders - Tell me you love me
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28 février 2009 6 28 /02 /février /2009 11:50

Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors - Scream
The Friedles - I lost her
The Living Ends - Self-centered girl
The Morticians - Now that you've left me
The Story Tellers - Cry with me
Ascots - Where i'm goin'
Myddle Class - An angel walks beside me
The What-Nots - Mornin'
The Yorkshire Puddin' - Keep me in mind
The RPM's - White lightnin' (it's frightnin')
The Avlons - Patterns of emptiness
The Trees - Don't miss the turn
The Inmates - Fakirs & thieves
The Knickerbockers - My feet are off the ground
The Innovation - I can make it without you baby
Bach's lunch - You go on
The Redcoats - When tomorrow comes
The Sidekicks - Not now
The Statesiders - Patterned the same
The Spectrums - I'll never fear
The Mirror's image - If you are nowhere now
Donny B. Waugh - You better believe it
The Werps - Love's a fire
The Riders Of The Mark - Gotta find somebody
Black & The Blues - Another day
The Apostles - Tomorrow
The Folk Group at Saint Christopher's - I am the resurrection
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21 février 2009 6 21 /02 /février /2009 12:45

The 24 Karat Five - Get you
The Night Walkers - The night walker
Bedforde Set - Girl go run away
The Bad Boys - Love
The Dead Beats - She don't love me
The Hi-Notes - Without you darling
Mike's Messengers - Cause of all mankind
Nobody's Children - Don't cha feel like cryin'
The Piece Kor - All I want is my baby back
The Stratfords - Throw stones
The Attic Sounds - Shadows
Something Else - Let me say now love
Jay Wiggins - Sad girl
Winfield Parker - Oh my love
The Caressors - I can't stay away
Phil Flowers - One more hurt
Gene & Eddie - It's so hard
Dagenites - I'm gonna slide
The Amoebas - Look at the moon
Spiffys - Dream
The Henchmen - She still loves you
The Creatures - Letters of love
Omegas - I can't believe
The Mad Hatters - I'll come running
Second Hand Bittersweet - Please don't go
The Chaparals - It may be my fault
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12 février 2009 4 12 /02 /février /2009 17:59

The Barons - Now you're mine
Juveniles - I wish I could
Something Else - I can't believe
Johnny Neel & The Shades Of Soul - Talking about people
The English Setters - It shouldn't happen to a dog
State Of Mind - Goin' away
The Hangmen - Isn't that Liz
Mister's Virtue - Captured
Mike Alexander & The Visions - Your day has come
The Enfields - Face to face
The Reekers - The girl who faded away (acetate)
Mr Dynamite - Sh'mon
The Jaguars - Banana Fanna
The Diplomats - Here's a heart
Eddie Daye & The Four Bars - Guess who loves you
Tippie & The Wisemen - Let me walk away
Frank May - I'll make you happy
The D.C. Playboys - You were all I needed
The Cherry People - I'm the one who loves you
The Fallen Angels - Love, don't talk to strangers
Friends Of The Family - Blue boat makes me sad
Frankie Karl & The Dreams - Don't be afraid
The Mello Souls - We can make it
The Newports - The trouble is you
The Hidden Charms - The Hill
The Diplomats - I'm sad 
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8 février 2009 7 08 /02 /février /2009 19:19

Hasil Adkins - No more hot dogs
Sebastian & The Houserockers - The best man cryed
Prince George - Wrong crowd
Raw Soul with Dorsey - Leave my beat alone
Jack & The Mods - It's your thing
The Beau Havens - Feel so good
The Heart Attacks - Babba diddy baby
Perpetuated Spirits Of Turpentine - I'm a lucky guy
The Smacks - There'll come a time
Morning Disaster - Black leather books
King Edward & His BD's - Workin' for my baby
The Disciples Of Soul - That's the way love goes
Reginald C. - Take what you want but leave a little bit
Ida Sands - Prophesize
The Long Brothers - Dream girl
Dennis & The Times - Just if she's there
The Lost Soul - A secret of mine
The Warlox - You can't win
The English Muffins - It's my pride
Hollie Helloms & The Rhythm Kings - Don't blame it on the rain
The Uprisers - Let me take you down
The Muffetts - Lost
The Soul Pushers - Sunshine on a blue day
The Mojos - What she's done to me

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31 janvier 2009 6 31 /01 /janvier /2009 13:17

35th Street Gang - Dance of love
The Satisfied Minds - I can't take it
The Swinging Machine - Comin' on back home
One Mile Ahead - Contribution
The Appolos - That's the breaks
The Psychos - Pebbles and stones
Lenis Guess - Thank goodness
Robert Tanner - Tell me your name
Bernard Smith - Man without a people
Barbara Stant - Shadow in your footsteps
Royale VII  - Hand out love
The Changing Tymes - Go your way
The Rejects - Down this street before
Wild Cherries - I cried once
Clover - Remember
Jay-Bees - Good times
Red Coats Revue - Keep on tryin'
The Untouchables - Find a new love
Sir Guy - I need you
Jerry Wilson - I like the music
Flys - Be what you is
The Escorts - My only love
The Banana - She's gone
The Reactors - Do that thing
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