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18 janvier 2009 7 18 /01 /janvier /2009 11:58

Link Wray - Street fighter
The Cykle - Walk out of my mind
The New Generation - That's the sun
The Marke 5 - Pay
The Paragons - Abba
The Nomads - How many times
The Wyld - If I had it
Sounds Unlimited - Cool one
The Stowaways - You lied
Mike & The Dimensions - Why
The Si-Dells - Watchout mother
The Fabulous plaids - Let's learn
Don Covay - The Boomerang
Roy Roberts - You ain't miss it
Paul Burton - So very hard to make it without you
The Appreciations - No no no
The Bojax - Fast life
Woody With The Goodies - I can't hide
The Knights Of The Road - Do you really care
Huckleberry Mudflap - Blue surf
The Grifs - Keep dreamin
Michael & The Medallions - Better forget her
The Fabulous Wunz - If I cry
Link Wray - Hidden charms
The Nova Local - Games
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15 janvier 2009 4 15 /01 /janvier /2009 18:39

The Family Goat - Now she's gone
The Fugitives - Cry me a river
The Reverbs - Lie in the shade of the sun
Voxmen - Time won't change my mind
The 4th Amendment - Always blue
Buddy's Buddies - I love my baby
Carolyn Champion - I feel it coming
James Brown - Licking stick
James Crawford - Stop and think it over
W.B. Seymore - Left hand in a right glove
The Sherlocks - Skin of my teeth
The Malibus - I've gotta go
The Rogues Inc. - People say
The Avlons - Madman's fate
The Younger Bothers - This feelin' in my heart
Little Richard - It ain't whatchado
Billy Young - Suffering with a hangover
Bobby Thomas - The rough road
Johnny Barfield Jr. & The Men From Soul - We got that
Bo & The Weevils - My time
The Snails - When I met you
Beau Allen - Part of me
Jackie Avery - Your love has brought me (a mighty long way)
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22 décembre 2008 1 22 /12 /décembre /2008 14:01

Jerry Ashley - Come on
Lee Moses - Diana (from NYC)
George Hughley & The Cama Rockers - What did I do
Dee & Lola - Let's do it together
W.J. Stafford - Get hooked on Jesus
Jarvis Jackson - Something I never had
Red Beard & The Pirates - Go on leave
The Stone Cutters - Fellow slave
The Vandals - Your love will die
Little Phil & The Nightshadows - Plenty of trouble
Swinging Appolloes - Chained and bound
Barbara Hall - Big man
Chuck Wilder - The clown
Richard Cook - Somebody's got'a help me
Herman Hitson - You are too much for the human heart
The Famen - Crackin'up
The Loving Machines - Same thing again
Atlanta Vibrations - If you let me love you
The Celtics - Looking for you
Joe South - Untie me
Richard Marks - Funky 4 corners
Nathan Wilkes - Now that I'm wise
Dee Ervin - Love is good (good to me)
Bill Wright - How can I hit the ball (when you won't let me bat)
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13 décembre 2008 6 13 /12 /décembre /2008 18:54

The Rockin' Roadrunners - Down
We The People - Boy I just don't feel it
Twelfth Night - Grim Reaper
The Barons - Drawbirdge
Plant Life - Say it over again
The Undertakers - Love so dear
The Burlington Squires - Back up
Flower Power - Stop
The Rare Breed - I talk to the sun
The Maundy Quintet - 2's better than 3
Nation Rocking Shadows - Time
John Hamilton & Doris Allen - Bright star
Don & The Holidays - It won't be long
Wrong Numbers - The way I feel
J. Walker & The Pedestrians - Life's too short
Candy & Billy - The judgement
The Florida Deep Six - I don't wanna cry
Monarchs - Only you know
Little Willie & The Adolescents - Get out of my life
Larry & The Loafers - Let's go to the beach
The Tiffany System - Wayward one
The Nightcrawlers - The last ship
Chuck Conlon - Won't you say yes to me girl
The Berkley Five - You're gonna cry
The Illusions - I know
Billy Sandlin & The Interns - Poor rich girl
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8 décembre 2008 1 08 /12 /décembre /2008 20:13

The Modds - Don't be late
Clarence Reid - Tear you a new heart
Mona Lisa - I can't stand it
The Rollers - Knocking at the wrong door
Pearl Dowdell - It's all over
Helene Smith - Help me to keep what I've got
The Burgundy Blues - I'll get you back again
The Birdwatchers - I'm gonna do it to you
The Evil - I'm movin' on
The Echos Of Carnaby Street - Baby doesn't know
The Novas - Whenever you're ready
Robert Moore - Everything's gonna be alright
Jimmy Bo Horne - I can't speak
Them Two - Am I a good man
Della Humphrey - Your love is all I need
Lynn Williams - Don't be surprised
The Clef Of Lavender Hill - So I'll try
The Squires V - Bucket of tears
Shaggs - Ring around the rosie
The Young Strangers - You are
James Knight & The Butlers - I love you
Joey Gilmore - Somebody done took my baby and gone
The Reflections - I need your love
George Mc Crae - I get lifted
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2 décembre 2008 2 02 /12 /décembre /2008 18:36

The Outsiders - She's coming on stronger
The Tropics - This must be the place
The Split Ends - Rich with nothin'
Hoppi & The Beau Heems - You make it so hard
Non Pareils - Willow tree
The Paradox - There's a flower shop
Lost Generation - I'd gladly pay
Sir Michael & Sounds - Love your fellow man
Lonely Souls - I can't stop now
The Ravens - Reaching for the sun
Clearwater High School of 68 - My friend
The Purple Underground - Count back
The Saint Petersburg Paradox - Won't you take me
Gene Middleton - When a boy becomes a man
The Delreys Incorporated - Destination unknown
Erma Coffee - Anyway the wind blows
The Cavemen - It's trash
The Painted Faces - Anxious colour
Mor-Loks - Lookin's for a new day
The Tasmanians - If I don't
The Saxons - The way of the down
Ron & The Starfires - Why did you cry
Ron Starr - Crawl into my shoulder
Me & The Other Guys - Runaround girl
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20 novembre 2008 4 20 /11 /novembre /2008 18:21


The Playgue - I gotta be goin'

Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - She's the one

Bobby Loveless - Baby no more

The New Breed - Out of reach

Glory Rhodes - Not that kind of guy

Gaunga Dyns - Clouds don't shine

The Barracudas - Baby get lost

Ron Gray - Hold back the sunrise

The Moon Dawgs - Keep on pushing

Peabody - Days of rest

The Morticians - Why

Eddy G. Giles - While I'm away

Bobby Patterson - Right on Jody

Dori Grayson - I can fix that for you

Johnny Truitt - Don't let me be crying man

Reuben Bell - It's not easy

Little Bits - Girl give me love

The Uniques - I'll do anything

The Young Dreamers - Good time people

The Satans - Makin' deals

John Fred & his playboy band - Outta my head

Spectres - No good nowhere world

The Sounds Of Randall - Wasting my time

Tyrannies - She's a queen

The Roamin' Togas - Bar the door

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16 novembre 2008 7 16 /11 /novembre /2008 19:14
Ernie K. Doe - I'm only human
Allen Toussaint - Sweet touch of love
Eldridge Holmes - Gone gone gone
The Meters - Darling darling darling
Marilyn Barbarin - One little word
Robert Parker - Get ta steppin
Lee Dorsey - Cynthia
Boby & The Heavyweights - Soul train
Eddie Bo - From this day on
Chuck Carbo - Take care of your homework
John Williams & The Tick-Tocks - Blues tears & sorrows
Allen Toussaint - Victims of the darkness
Aaron Neville - She's on my mind
Betty Harris - What I'd do wrong
Dr John - I been hoodood
The Rubaiyats - Omar Khayyam
Willie West - Fairchild
Richard Caiton - Without your love
Allen Toussaint - We the people
Bobby Lu Cure - Send my love to me
Allen Toussaint - Last train
Johnny Moore - Haven't I been good to you
Johnny Adams - In a moment of weakness
Curly Moore - Don't pity me
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6 novembre 2008 4 06 /11 /novembre /2008 12:55

Big Boy Myles - New Orleans
Irma Thomas - Two winters long
The Pitter Men - It do me good
Wallace Johnson - Clap your hands
Al Robinson - Wake up
Allen & Allen - Heavenly baby
Huey Piano Smith - Little Liza Jane
Ernie K Doe - Te ta te ta ta
Bobby Charles - Worrying over you
Willie Tee - Always accused
Charles "Soul" Brown - I'll love you (if you let me)
Barbara George - I don't want to be hurted
Jessie Hill - Whip it on me
Jivin' Gene - The creek don't rise
Benny Spellman - Every now and then
Larry Seibert - You said
Nooky Boy - I got a feelin'
Willie Harper - New kind of love
Ronnie & The Delinquents - Bad neighborhood
Gerri Hall - I'm the one
Martha Carter - I'm through cryin'
Roland Stone - Down the road
Eskew Reader - Never again
Joe Jones - You talk too much
Diamond joe - Fairplay
Fats Domino - It keeps rainin
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27 octobre 2008 1 27 /10 /octobre /2008 05:25

The Wig/Wags - The goofy google
Barefacts - Tell me
Rock Garden - Super stuff
The Reknown - You and me
The Five By Five - Tell me what to do
The Light Brigade - Won't you tell me
The Esquires - Sadie's way
The Curios - Chicken back
Jerry Keller - Summer Sadness
The Spires Of Oxford - I really do
The Dutch Masters - You're nearby me
Newcastle Blues - Cotton Mama
Al Greene - Let me help you
Jeanne & The Darlings - How can you mistreat the one you love
Roscoe Robinson - You qualify
Geater Davis - Sweet woman's love
Lost Souls - Lost love
Magic Sounds - Love can be so fine
The Romans - I'll find a way
The Book - Where she's gone
The Vipers - In vain
The Bar Boys - That's the sound of my heart
The Chaps - You'll be back
The Egyptians - Suzanne 

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