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10 juin 2008 2 10 /06 /juin /2008 05:42


The Beach Boys - Summer means new love
Napeleon I & his relatives - Summer love
The Summer Sounds - First date
Chozen Ones - Cold summer
Lemon Fog - Summer
The Higher Elevation - The Summer Skies
Joe & Bing -  Summer sounds
Ronny & The Daytonas - I'll think of summer
The Street Corner Society - Summer days, summer nights
Katch 22 - Groovy summertime
The XL's - Summer love in the sand
Tammy & The Bachelors - My summer love
Psy-Kicks - Summer tears
Groop Therapy - Silhouetted Summer dream
The Surf Knights - In the summer
The Beathovens - Summer sun
Summer's Children - Everybody's been talking
John Summers - Don't fool yourself
June Conquest - Take care
Roy Orbison - Summersong
Charles kingsley Creation - Summer without sun
West - Summer flower
The Pyramid - Summer of last year
Peppermint Trolley Co. - It's a lazy summer day
Angel Pavement - When will I see june again ?
Five Travellers - Midsummer night
The Big Town Boys - August 32nd


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9 juin 2008 1 09 /06 /juin /2008 12:33


Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The hunch
Peck's Bad Boys - Crazy world
Madd Inc. - I'll be the one
The Intruders - Temporary insanity
Fugitives - Blowin' my mind
The Karpetbaggers - The fire I feel
The Tikis - Mad
Razor's Edge - Baby's on his way
The Last Five - Kicking you
The Gestures - I'm not mad
Paul Kelly - The upset
The Coasters - Crazy baby
The Grand Prixx - You drive me crazy
Eddie Campbell - Bullets don't have eyes
The Pychopaths - See the girl
The Bachs - Fee fall
Larry & The Blue Notes - What made me lose my head
Groop Therapy - I've got to leave this world
Mad Lads - Everything is blue
The Easybeats - I'm a madman
The Missing Links - You're driving me insane
The Psychotics - If you don't believe me, don't
Pure Madness - Freedom rides
Nomads - Thoughts of a mad man
The Escapades - Mad, mad, mad
Painted Faces - I think I'm going mad
The Music Machine - People in me
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29 mai 2008 4 29 /05 /mai /2008 18:23

Brothers & Sisters

Hustlers - Linda
The Kinks - Two sisters
The Baytovens - My house
The Tokays - Time
The Warner Brothers - I won't be the same without her
Peppermint Trolley Co. - I've got to be going
The Showmen - Honey house
Bell Brothers - Throw away the key
Kelly Brothers - Make me glad
Bill Moss - Sock it to' em Soul brother
Allen Toussaint - Soul sister
Clefs Of Lavender Hill - First tell me why
The Contents Are - Brother Abbot
Lewallen Brothers - It must be love
Addrisi Brothers - Time to love
Every Mother's Son - Another day another song
Baroque Brothers - So glad was I
Bruthers - I'm gonna be alone
The Heirs - You better slow down
The Sole Survivors - Love her so
The Fugitives - Said goodbye
Fun & Games - Topanga Canyon Road
Cherry People - Imagination
Giant Crab - Listen girl
Era Of Sound - The girl in the miniskirt
Chambers Brothers - I can't stand it
The Romancers - Love's the thing
Rainy Daze - Baby I need your loving
The Churchmice - Baby we're not part of society
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19 mai 2008 1 19 /05 /mai /2008 11:27


P.B. & The Staunchmen - Mean Willie
The New Fugitives - That's queer
Galaxies - Along comes the man
The Warner Brothers - Dirty Ernie
Neal Ford & The Fanatics - Good men are hard to find
Tiffany Shade - An older man
True Blue Facts - The boy I left behind
The Blue Things - The man on the street
The Hard Times - Candy man
Hearts & Flowers - Two little boys
The Blades Of Grass - Charlie & Fred
Peppermint Trolly Co. - 9 O' clock business man
Mark Wirtz - Shy boy
Teddy & The Pandas - Crossing man
23rd Turnoff - Michael Angelo
Sam Cooke - Chain gang
Eddie & Ernie - It's a weak man that cries
Don Julian & The Larks - Shorty the pimp
Art Neville - Bo Diddley
Syndicate Of Sound - That kind of a man
Eddie & The Showmen - Danny boy
The M.I.5 - Muggsie
The Wet Paint - We call him a man
The Young Ideas - Barney Buss
The Easybeats - Peter
Silver Eagle - Theodore
The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone
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13 mai 2008 2 13 /05 /mai /2008 18:50


The Strangeloves - Night time
Terry Randall - SOS
Gremlins - Listen to me
Villagers - You're back
Why Four - Hard life
Marauders - Since I met you
The Plagues - I've been through it before
Peabody - Days of rest
Other Side - Streetcar
Price & Walsh - Sensation
Jeff Thomas - Straight aero
The Yo Yo's - Leaning on you
Fuchsia - Mary used to play the piano
Ernie K. Doe - A certain girl
The Showmen - Our love will grow
Carla Thomas - I'll never stop loving you
The Charmells - Sea shells
The Movement - Just a driftin'
Wild Cherries - I cried once
The Moon Rakers - You'll come back
Los Shakers - Don't ask me love
Kinetics - I'm blue
The Contents Are - Country roads
The Syndicate - Love will take away
Bobby Fuller - Don't ever let me know

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13 mai 2008 2 13 /05 /mai /2008 18:13


The Individuals - Monkey on my back
The Birds - How can it be
Psycho - You need me
New Colony Six - I confess
The Band - Stage Fright
New Wave - The Evening Mist
Forever Amber - All The Colours Of My Book
Sundowners - Always you
Montage - Tinsel and Ivy
The Crests - Trouble in paradise
Godfrey - The Trip
Rita & The Tiaras - Gone with the wind is my love
Bo Diddley - Elephant man
The Source - You don't know what's going on
Hand Of Time - Midnight rider
Mom's Boys - Children of the night
Mark Eric - Move with the dawn
The Ugly Ducklings - Gaslight
Clockwork Orange - Your golden touch
The Misunderstood - My mind
Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects - I'm going back
The Boys - Splendor in the grass
Collage - Virginia Day's ragtime memory
Brigadune - I'll cry out from my grave
Johnny's Guitar - Supannahong
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3 mai 2008 6 03 /05 /mai /2008 08:49


The Envoys - Door
Sinners - Nice try
Fabs - Dinah wants religion
Luke & The Apostles - Been burnt
Uncle Ben & Wild Rice - Sinner
The Preachers - Inspiration
The Buddhas - My dream
J.T & The Three Wise Men - You're gonna lose your lovin' man
Fargo - Cross with no name
Stone Country - Love psalm
We The People - Saint John's Shop
Sunset Love - Father Paul
Benny Spellman - Sinner girl
Chairmen Of The Board - God's gift to man
Lord Luther - Two of a kind
Lee Moses - What you don't want me to be
The Easybeats - Heaven and hell
Kenny & The Kasuals - Revelations
Peter & The Prophets - Don't need your lovin'
WM Penn & The Quakers - Ghost of the monks
The Beach Boys - Anna Lee the healer
The Box Tops - I pray for rain
Jimmy Webb - I don't want this modern religion
Roy Orbison - My prayer
Gary Aston - His lordship
The Navarros - Moses
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2 mai 2008 5 02 /05 /mai /2008 18:27


Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine's tune
The Illusions - Shadows of you
The Jades - Surface world
The Illusions - I know
Live Wires - The Mask
The Pastels - Mirage
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - Tryin' to mess my mind
Georgy & The Velvet illusions - Hippy town
Rising Tydes - Artificial peace
Tommy Roe - Platic world
The Others - My friend the wizard
The Fourth Dimension - Land of make believe
Rich Kids - Plastic world
The Illusions - Now that it's over
The Mytic 5 - Are you for real girl ?
One Way Street - Illusions
Illusions - Just be you
The Hallucinations - You say you love me
Illusions - Wait til the summer
The Illusions - Her own way
Smokey Robinson - The love I saw in you was just a mirage
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1 avril 2008 2 01 /04 /avril /2008 12:08


Dave Marten - You gotta love me
The Groupies - Down in the bottom
Sounds Unlimited - Cool one
William Penn & His Pals - Blow my mind
Branded X - Society & me
King's Ransom - Without you
Royale Cachmen - Killer of men
Ambushers - I need love
Denise & Co - Take me as I am
Heinz - Movin' in
The Syndicats - What to do
Tony Colton - I've laid some down in my time
Other Side - Out my light
The Mods - You've got another think comin'
The Answers - Fool turn around
Half Pint & The Fifths - Lovin' on borrowed time
The Chancellors - On tour
U.S. Male - You got yours
Canadian Squires - Leave me alone
The Midnight Angels - I'm suffering
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - If you know how to start
The Chosen Few - It just don't rhyme
The Perils - Hate
Second Helping - Let me in
Horses - Country boy
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25 mars 2008 2 25 /03 /mars /2008 19:51


The Mustangs - That's for sure
The Cyclones - Oh no, she didn't say
The Fearsome Five - It's all right
Crucibles - You know I do
Lemon Fogg - Yes I cry
The Electras - Won't take no for an answer
The Hard Times - They said no
The Knightriders - I

The Newcastle Five - Yes I'm cryin
Vistas - Don't know
Lee VI's - I don't know
The Contents Are - I don't know
The Innsmen - I don't know
Little Eva - That's my man
Lee Dorsey - Yes we can
The Dynamics - Yes I love you baby
The Association - Never my love
Next Step - I said no
The Briks - It's your choice
Mickey & The Motions - I do
The Bachs - Answer to yesterday
The Answer - Why you smile
The Answers - Just a fear
The Answers - Please please go away
The Hatfields - Yes I do
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