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2 mai 2008 5 02 /05 /mai /2008 18:27


Flying Burrito Brothers - Christine's tune
The Illusions - Shadows of you
The Jades - Surface world
The Illusions - I know
Live Wires - The Mask
The Pastels - Mirage
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion - Tryin' to mess my mind
Georgy & The Velvet illusions - Hippy town
Rising Tydes - Artificial peace
Tommy Roe - Platic world
The Others - My friend the wizard
The Fourth Dimension - Land of make believe
Rich Kids - Plastic world
The Illusions - Now that it's over
The Mytic 5 - Are you for real girl ?
One Way Street - Illusions
Illusions - Just be you
The Hallucinations - You say you love me
Illusions - Wait til the summer
The Illusions - Her own way
Smokey Robinson - The love I saw in you was just a mirage
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1 avril 2008 2 01 /04 /avril /2008 12:08


Dave Marten - You gotta love me
The Groupies - Down in the bottom
Sounds Unlimited - Cool one
William Penn & His Pals - Blow my mind
Branded X - Society & me
King's Ransom - Without you
Royale Cachmen - Killer of men
Ambushers - I need love
Denise & Co - Take me as I am
Heinz - Movin' in
The Syndicats - What to do
Tony Colton - I've laid some down in my time
Other Side - Out my light
The Mods - You've got another think comin'
The Answers - Fool turn around
Half Pint & The Fifths - Lovin' on borrowed time
The Chancellors - On tour
U.S. Male - You got yours
Canadian Squires - Leave me alone
The Midnight Angels - I'm suffering
Jim Jones & The Chaunteys - If you know how to start
The Chosen Few - It just don't rhyme
The Perils - Hate
Second Helping - Let me in
Horses - Country boy
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25 mars 2008 2 25 /03 /mars /2008 19:51


The Mustangs - That's for sure
The Cyclones - Oh no, she didn't say
The Fearsome Five - It's all right
Crucibles - You know I do
Lemon Fogg - Yes I cry
The Electras - Won't take no for an answer
The Hard Times - They said no
The Knightriders - I

The Newcastle Five - Yes I'm cryin
Vistas - Don't know
Lee VI's - I don't know
The Contents Are - I don't know
The Innsmen - I don't know
Little Eva - That's my man
Lee Dorsey - Yes we can
The Dynamics - Yes I love you baby
The Association - Never my love
Next Step - I said no
The Briks - It's your choice
Mickey & The Motions - I do
The Bachs - Answer to yesterday
The Answer - Why you smile
The Answers - Just a fear
The Answers - Please please go away
The Hatfields - Yes I do
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19 mars 2008 3 19 /03 /mars /2008 12:26


Phil & The Frantics - What's happening ?
Peter Wheat & The Breadmen - Baby what's new ?
Invasion - Do you like what you see ?
The Merlynn Tree - How to win friends
Group $oall - Will you teach me how to love ?
The Endd - Don't it make you feel like cryin' ?
Blazing Sons - Do you know the reason ?
F.B.I. - What am I to do ?
The Dovers - What am I going to do ?
The Mockingbirds - How to find a lover
The Young Rascals - What is the reason ?
The Guess Who - Hey ho what you do to me
The Great Scots - What am I going to do ?
The Van Dykes - What will I do (if I lose you) ?
Wendy Rene - What will tomorrow bring ?
Doris Duke -How was I to know you cared ?
Don Covay - (Where are you) now that I need you ?
Thomas & Richard Frost - Where are we ?
Price & Walsh - Where is sunday ?
Mark Eric - Where do the girls of the summer go ?
The Christmas Spirit - Will you still believe in me ?
Book - Where she's gone
Nomads - How many times ?
Pastels - What can I say ? 
The Toffs - Where have you gone to ?
Penetraters - What went wrong ?
Bats - How could you have known ?
The Electric Prunes - Are you loving me more (but enjoying it less) ?
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8 mars 2008 6 08 /03 /mars /2008 13:34

Sax Vs Flute !


Persuaders -  Whispering surf
The Banshees - They prefer blondes
The Juju's - Hey little girl
Five Of A Kind - I don't want to find another girl
Four-A-While - Low class man
The Sonics - Don't be afraid of the dark
The Raymarks - No name
The Moguls - Round Randy
The Iguanas - Again and again
Curtis Mayfield - We got to have peace
Del Capris - Hey little girl
Andy & The Classics - Wilma
Thee Midnighters - Love special delivery
Arlen Sanders - Hopped up mustang
Thee Enchantments - I'm in love with your daughter (part 2)
The Blendells - Get your baby
Kate - Strange girl
The Outsiders - Monkey on your back
J.K. & Co - Little children
Saturday's Photograph - Summer never go away
Michael Blodgett - Fire engine sky
Kathy & Larry - Time
Mid Day Rain - Friday Mourning
The Peppermint Trolly Co. - Trust
Bread - Look at me
The Happy Return - I thought I love her
New Wave - Little Dreams
Maxwell & Nicholson - Trees and things

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3 mars 2008 1 03 /03 /mars /2008 19:41



The Beach Boys "Feel flows"
Neighborhood Children "Feeling zero"
Yesterday's Children " Feelings"
Excentrics "Hold me tight"
Vejtables "Feel the music"
The Rationals "Feelin lost"
Greg Anderson "I feel good"
Derek's Accent "Ain't got no feeling"
The Bristol Boxkite "I'm feeling good"
Sam & Bill "I feel like cryin"
Little Hank
Joe Hicks "Don't it make you feel funky"
Nooky Boy
Good Feelins "Shattered"
King James & The Royal Jesters "I get a feeling"
Dean Ford & the Gaylords "That lonely feeling"
The Jaggers "Feel so good"
The Poor "Feelin' down"
Mark Eric "Sad is the way that I feel"
The Cryin' Shames "Feels like loving"
One Of Hours "Feel the pain"
Jackie Wilson
Felice Taylor "I can feel your love"
The Bush "Feeling sad & lonely"
Alligators "I feel like crying"
Vikings "Cherish the love you feel"


The Meters "Thinking"
Front Page News "Thoughts"
Harbinger complex "I think I'm down"
The Dan-Dees "Think about it"
The Noblemen "She still thinks that I love her"
The Young Entreprise "Think I'm gonna make it"
Free Thinkers "You were born for me"
Paul Bearer & The Hearsemen "I've been thinking"
The Checkmates International "Thinking about you"
George Wallace Junior "Think"
The Thoughts "All night stand"
The Smoke "Gold is the colour of thought"
New Colony Six "Don't you think it's time you stop your cryin"
Jake Holmes "Think I'm being had"
Bobby Fuller Four "Think it over"
The Byrds "Thoughts and words"
Buffalo Springfield "Sit down I think I love you"
The Chosen Few "I think it's time"
Mr Clean & The Cleansers "Think !"
Chelsea Sidecar "Thinking of you"
Pleasure Seekers "Never thought you'd leave me"
Ugly Ducklings "That's just the thought that I had in my mind"
Bubble Puppy "Thinking about thinking" 

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12 février 2008 2 12 /02 /février /2008 18:50

No futurel_127ba98f8befe6dbced697e51ed89a01.jpg

De grandes vérités restent à être dites. C'est tout le poid de l'espoir qu'il reste au CEPB. Et inversement.

Buddy Holly "It's too late"
The Cords "Too late to kiss you now"
Galaboochees "It will never work out"
End "Bad night"
Living Ends "Self-centered girl"
We The People "Beginning of the end"
The Pedestrians "It's too late"
The Hydraulic Raisins "The end"
The Scavengers "It's over"
The Epics "Too late"
Living End "Brigitta"
The Endd "Out of my hands"
Evil "I know I'll die"
The Living Children "Now it's over"
Ben E. King "It's all over"
Betty Harris "I can't last much longer"
Jimmy Fraser "Of hopes & dreams & tombstones"
Art Neville "Too late"
Bert Sommer "And when it's over"
MG & the Escorts "It's too late"
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "Endless night"
Bergen White "It's over now"
The Other Side Of Time "This is the end"
Six Deep "Girl it's over"
The Brimstones "It's all over now but the crying"
The Dearly Beloved "It's all over"
The Music Machine "Point of no return"
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4 février 2008 1 04 /02 /février /2008 18:43



Pour cette nouvelle émission proche d'une idée Mazdéenne de la perfection, Sred Sweign déploya son sourire et son éloquence nonchalamment byzantine comme jamais, et nous l'en remercions.

The Pharaohs "Heads up, high hopes over you"
Jaguars "It's gonna be alright"
The Sons Of Adam "Tomorrow's gonna be another day"
Sound Track "I see the light"
Harbinger Complex "Tomorrow's soul sound"
Hardtimes "There'll be a time"
Tommy Jay "Springtime's coming"
The Off-Set "A change is gonna come"
Paul Revere & The Raiders "There's always tomorrow"
Marvin Gaye "Seek and you shall find"
Melvin Davis "Save it (never too late)"
The Autographs "I can do it"
The Soulville All-Stars "I'm gonna get to you"
The Ghools "It will be fine"
The Riots "I can go on"
Four Of Us "You're gonna be mine"
Kenny & The Kasuals "I'm gonna make it"
The Blueberries "It's gonna work out fine"
Shel Naylor "One fine day"
The Syndicats "On the horizon"
New Hopes "I found a love"
The Aerovons "Everything's alright"
Hope "Green house"
Fargo "Promises of love"
Freddie Allen "We've only just begun"
Bob Dylan & The Band "I shall be released"


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29 janvier 2008 2 29 /01 /janvier /2008 14:18

Par cet ignoble individu :
Pendons-le par l'appareil génital

En écoutant The Talismen


The Talismen - I know a girl

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21 janvier 2008 1 21 /01 /janvier /2008 19:12


Superbe émission où tous motifs s'enlacèrent à l'infini comme dans une marine de Turner, avant de tout ramener sur terre la semaine prochaine. Oui, le courage ne se consomme pas, il s'épuise.

Noforonin-Dratsiambakaina, Hirain-Drazaivelo & Christine Zanany "Miverena Rahavana"
Bobby Fuller "Don't ever let me know"
Jackie De Shannon "Come and stay with me"
The Band "You don't come through"
Joe & Bing "Daydream"
Gaunga Dyns "Clouds don't shine"
Tresa Leigh "Until then"
Sounds Of Night "Sorrow"
The Noblemen 4 "I can hear raindrops"
Marvin L. Sims "Danger"
The Rubaiyats "Tomorrow"
Van Dykes "No man is an island"
Curtis Mayfield "To be invisible"
Hard Times "Take a look around"
The Pretty Things "Can't stand the pain"
The Dynamics "I'll be standing there"
The Unknowns "The modern era"
The Instincts "No no no"
St Petersbourg Paradox "Where she's gone"
The Rising Storm "Mr Wind"
I Kings "La bussola"
The Renegades "Tell me what to say"
The Poets "I'll cry with the moon"
The Flamingos "I only have eyes for you"
Dennis Wilson "Lady"

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