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24 mars 2016 4 24 /03 /mars /2016 18:28


Gloomy sounds from the sixties US underground.


disraeli – Humidity 105

Yesterday‘s Obsession – The phycle

The Perils – Hate

Music Emporium – Catatonic variations

Storybook – Beads of innocence

Erik – You said/but I’ve got my way

Flat Earth Society – Dark street downtown

Jerry Yester & Judy Henske – Farewell Aldebaran

The Grass Roots – Feelings

Kings Ransom – Without you

Pisces – Dear one

Karen Beth – Something to believe in

Food – Fountains of my mind

Adam – Melrose street 5829

The Parade - Lullabye



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17 mars 2016 4 17 /03 /mars /2016 18:39


Songs of love, light and exhaustion


Val Stoecklein – Possibility I was wrong

Uncle Jim’s Music – Ninety miles

Ron Elliott – All time green

Eastfield Meadows – The price

Heartwood – Guaranteed to win

Sid Selvidge – Going through another change

Cherokee – Catch the velvet evening

John Stewart – She believes in me

Circus Maximus – Fading lady

Eddie Mottau – Jesse

Allan Wachs – Mountain road

Gary Farr – Don’t know why you bother child

Floyd Westerman – Goin’ back

Wendell Ing with Hank Leandro & Friends – The lake

Dalton, James & Sutton – One time around



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10 mars 2016 4 10 /03 /mars /2016 17:24


Rootsy music with tinges of psychedelia, trippy cowboys and epic meditations.


Gladstone (Bogus Thunder) – What a day

Cowboy – Rip & snort

Redwing – Dark thursday

Richard Betts – Highway call

Rich Mountain Tower – Uncle Bob White

Mike Corbett & Jay Hirsh – The mighty emerald

Deerfield – Family comfort

Relatively Clean Rivers – A thousand years

Alan Gerber – Jaffe’s lament

Timbercreek – Fallen angel

Jimmy Carter & the Dallas County Green – Summer brings the sunshine

Tom Russell & Patricia Hardin – Tarantula

Ron Elliott – Deep river runs blue



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25 février 2016 4 25 /02 /février /2016 18:45


Here’s a bunch of songs Ray Davies wrote for others, plus some kool Kinks kovers.


John Schroeder Orchestra – The Virgin Soldiers March

Sonny & Cher – Set me free

The Thoughts – All night stand

Dave Berry – This strange effect

Leapy Lee – King of the whole wide world

The Honeycombs – Emptiness

The Majority – Ring the bells

Barry Fantoni – Little man in a little box

The Truth – I go to sleep

The Lancastrians – The world keeps going round

The Jay-Jays – So Mystifying

The Orchids – I’ve got that feeling

The Sevens – Don’t you fret

The Cascades – I bet you won’t stay

The Chocolate Watch Band – I’m not like everybody else

Flo & Eddie – Days

Mo & Steve – Oh what a day it’s going to be

Cold Turkey – Nobody’s fool


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11 février 2016 4 11 /02 /février /2016 18:31

Gritty and sweet sounds from Chicago’s top-notch rhythm’n’blues label, featuring special guest Jean-Pierre Paul Poire.

Johnny Jones & The King Casuals – It’s gonna be good

Jackie Wilson – Didn’t I

The Artistics – Fading memories

Johnny Howard – The chase is on

Johnny Sayles – Good golly

Lavern Baker – Baby don’t you do it

Gene Chandler – Pit of loneliness

Barbara Acklin – Where would I go

John Parker – A big mistake

Ginji James – Love had to come to stay

Fred Hughes – Who you really are

The Chi-Lites – I found sunshine

Tyrone Davis – I keep coming back

The Soul Brothers – She put a hurting on me

Sugar Pie De Santo – The one who really loves you

Billy Jackson – The thrill will still be now



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4 février 2016 4 04 /02 /février /2016 17:31


Tribute to the great man, focusing on his pre-Blowfly years.


Clarence Reid – Part time lover

Bobby Marchan – Funny style

The Daydreams – Part of your love

J.P. Robinson – Only be true to me

Betty Wright – He’s bad, bad, bad

Dusty Springfield – Girls can’t do what the guys do

Charles Whitehead – Between the lines

Della Humphrey - Don’t make the good girls go bad

Clarence Reid – Heaven will welcome you

Clarence Reid – Masterpiece

James Knight & The Butlers – Baby please pretty please

Helene Smith – I am controlled by your love

Lyyn Williams – Don’t be surprised

Clarence Reid – I get my kicks

Vicki Anderson – Don’t throw your love in the garbage can

Benny Latimore – I’ll be good to you

Them Two – Am I a good man

Jimmy Bo Horne – If you want my love



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21 janvier 2016 4 21 /01 /janvier /2016 18:02


Tribute to the chameleon of New-York pop. Bubblegum and sunshine pop fans gather round !

Jimmy Curtiss – Psychedelic situation

Jimmy Curtiss – Laughing at the rain

The Hobbits – Break away
Jimmie Rodgers – Child of clay

The Hobbits – I’m just a young man

The Hobbits – Pretty young thing

The Hobbits – The journey

The Waterproof Tinkertoy – Groovy girl

The Hobbits – Let me make my own mistakes

New Hobbits – Growin’ old

Lost Souls – Artificial rose

Jimmy Curtiss – San Francisco do you remember me

Changing Colours – Da da da da

Trudy Desmond – To need another one

Jimmy Curtiss – Where can I hide

Floyd Westerman – Goin’ back



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8 janvier 2016 5 08 /01 /janvier /2016 19:01


Between 1967 and the early 70’s, Peter Dunton and his friends played in multiple bands and their contribution to british psychedelic music is essential. This is their story.


Please – Strange ways

Neon Pearl – What you see

Neon Pearl – Urban ways

Please – Paper Anne

The Flies – The magic train

The Flies – Winter afternoon

Bulldog Breed – When the sun stands still

Gun – Drown yourself in the river

Please – Words to say

T2 – CD

Pete Dunton – Taking time

Keith Cross & Peter Ross – The last ocean rider

Please – No more white horses



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18 décembre 2015 5 18 /12 /décembre /2015 17:52

What’s so funny about it ?


Smokey Roberds – Love is the people’s choice

Jesse Colin Young – The peace song

Paul Simon – Peace like a river

Curtis Mayfield – We got to have peace

Tommy Tate – Peace is all I need

Keith Cross & Peter Ross – Peace in the end

Bernie Schwartz – Peace on earth

Dave Bixby – Peace

Alan Gerber – People together

Dan Penn – Prayer for peace

Rotary Connection – If peace was all we had


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26 novembre 2015 4 26 /11 /novembre /2015 17:28

Pour a second round of straight bourbon and dig the groove. You may also like this one and that one.


Joey Gregorash – Dollar bill

Mac Davis – Two plus two

Eddie Mottau – Old New Hampshire

Blue Jug – Lodi

John Prine – Middleman

Free Beer – I’m in love

Funky Kings – Highway song

Lee Michaels – Keep the circle turning

Alan Gerber – Sigmund’s blues

Thomas Jefferson Kaye – Hoe bus

Terry Reid – Dean

Jerry Corbitt – Delight in your love

Blac Dog – Nobody like you

Country Coalition - Poverty



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