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6 juillet 2015 1 06 /07 /juillet /2015 14:24

The softest and freshest side of country-rock and southern AOR.


Yankee Dollar - Live and let live

Hardwater - Plate of my fare

Ginger Valley - Ginger

Morning - Tell me a story

Cherokee - Changing winds

Help Yourself - Amie

Brave Belt - Waitin' there for me

Corliss - Bittersweet sorrow

Rising Sons - Take a giant step

Brewer & Shipley - Rise up (easy rider)

Joe Walsh - Happy ways

Bernie Leadon/Michael Georgiades - You're the singer

Pure Prairie League - Boulder skies

Mason Proffit - Walk on down the road

Rio Grande - Wish I could see you again

Atlanta Rhythm Section - Cuban crisis



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30 juin 2015 2 30 /06 /juin /2015 12:54

In memoriam Gary Quackenbush & Richard Treece.

The Other Half – I need you

Kak – Eveything’s changing

Dragonfly – Crazy woman

SRC – Black sheep

Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck – One ring Jane

The Paupers – Think I care

The Frost – Take my hand

The Misunderstood – I unseen

Salem Witchcraft – Onward

Help Yourself – To Katherine they fell

Stone Country – Everywhere I turn

Fleetwood Mac – Sands of time

Mad River – Merciful monks

3 Hür-El – Sevenler Aglarmis



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19 juin 2015 5 19 /06 /juin /2015 17:41


No losers allowed !


Sandy Salisbury – Love divided by two

Mark Eric – Move with the dawn

Bernie Schwartz – Sunshine woman

Emitt Rhodes – The better side of life

Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band – The last time around

Rockit – Amblin’

Ned Doheny – On and on

David Gates – Sail around the world

Don Agrati – Heather Ann

Shaun Harris – Canadian ships

Andrew Gold – I’m coming home

Stephen Bishop – Careless

Ricci Martin – I don’t like it

Terence Boylan – Rain king

Walter Egan – Finally find a girlfriend

Jim Photoglo – Don’t be afraid to love somebody



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12 juin 2015 5 12 /06 /juin /2015 16:59

A collection of Adler’s productions (1966-1973)


Johnny Rivers – Carpet man

The Mamas & Papas – Even if I could

The City – Snow queen

Giant Sunflower – What’s so good about goodbye

Peggy Lipton – Wear your love like heaven

Scott McKenzie – Like an old time movie

Don Everly – Safari

John Phillips – April Anne

Africa – Widow

The Blossoms – Wonderful

Merry Clayton – Country road

Carole King – Brother, brother

Tufano & Giammarese – Give yourself a dream

The Children – From the very start

Spirit – A dream within a dream



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5 juin 2015 5 05 /06 /juin /2015 10:04


Long Island represent !


The Young Rascals – It’s a beautiful morning

The Vagrants – I don’t need your loving

The Illusion – Charlena

The Hassles – Every step I take

The Tradewinds – Catch me in the meadow

Vanilla Fudge – That’s what makes a man

Aesop’s Fables – Everyone’s talking

Majic Ship – We gotta live on

Wildweeds – Can’t you see that I’m lonely

Soul Survivors – Mama soul

Forum Quorum – Misery

The Bag – Up in the morning

Fire – I thought you were a lover

The Rascals – Ready for love

Felix Cavaliere – Everlasting love

The Rascals – A ray of hope



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29 mai 2015 5 29 /05 /mai /2015 17:02


Silky soul and lascivious AOR from the 70’s to the early 80’s.

Bread – Baby I’m a want you

Marvin Gaye – You sure love to ball

Alessi – Too long to forget

Jeff Eubank – Adolescent daydream

Lamont Dozier – All cried out

Smokey Robinson – Cruisin’

Doug Ashdown – Winter in America

Shoot – Ships and sails

Bee Gees – Charade

Photoglo – Beg, borrow and steal

Delfonics – Hey love

Detroit Emeralds – Admit your love is gone

Atlanta Rhythm Section – All night rain



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7 mai 2015 4 07 /05 /mai /2015 10:29


"I wasted time, and now doth time waste me : for now hath time made me his numb'ring clock ; my thoughts are minutes."


The Shadows – My grandfather’s clock

The McCoys – Beat the clock

The E-Types – Put the clock back on the wall

Peppermint Trolley Co. – 9 o’clock business man

The Hassles – 4 o’clock in the morning

The Guess Who – Clock on the wall

Now – The hands on my clock stand still

Nomads – Three o’clock merrian webster time

Joe South – Clock up on the wall

Fapardokly – Mr. Clock

The Feminine Complex – Six o’clock in the morning

Kaleidoscope – Mr. Small, the watch repair man

Five Man Electrical Band – Didn’t know the time

The Camel Drivers – Sunday morning 6 o’clock

Every Mother’s Son – Dolls in the clock

Wendy & Bonnie – Five o’clock in the morning

Arthur Birkby - Cuckoo



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30 avril 2015 4 30 /04 /avril /2015 09:41


Tribute to the great aussie/dutch songwriter team, a frenzied selection from their golden age.

(All tracks by the Easybeats except where noted)


Friday on my mind

Then I’ll tell you goodbye

Remember Sam


Los Bravos – Bring a little lovin’

Pretty girl


Mike Furber – Im’ on fire

I’m just trying

Heaven & Hell

Jennifer’s Friends – In the land of make believe

Johnny no-one

Lay me down and die

The Valentines – Peculiar hole in the sky

Paintbox – Get ready for love

Buster – Pasadena

Heavy Feather – Beautiful and black

See-line woman


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24 avril 2015 5 24 /04 /avril /2015 17:31


Selected works from the criminally underrated Gibb brothers mid-career.

(All songs by the Bee Gees except where noted)


I lay down and die

Portrait of Louise


My life has been a song

Back home

Down the road

It’s just the way

You know it’s for you

My thing

South Dakota morning

I held a party

We All Together – Why

Truck – Broken chair

Tin Tin – I took a holiday




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9 avril 2015 4 09 /04 /avril /2015 15:16


A collection of lesser-knowns productions from Tom Wilson's vaults.

Beacon Street Union – Recitation

The Blues Project – I can’t keep from crying

Fratenity Of Man – In the morning

Harumi – Sugar in your tea

The Willows – Hurtin’ all over

Nick Ashford – When I feel the need

The Purpose – Give in

Marvin’s Circus – The second time

Fear Itself – For Suki

Ill Wind – People of the night

Road – Mushroom man

Central Nervous System – Sweet hot Lucy

Fire – One more heartache

Click Horning – Find it for yourself

Two Friends – Long way hard road


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