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20 octobre 2016 4 20 /10 /octobre /2016 14:27


Mop tops, concise pop songs and gorgeous harmonies.


The Sages – I’m not going to cry (UK)

Short ’66 – I don’t know why (Netherlands)

The Sevens – Be my loving baby (Switzerland)

The Mascots – We should realize (Sweden)

The Lollipops – Lies (Danemark)

Thor’s Hammer – By the sea (Iceland)

The Beatmen- Let’s make a summer (Slovakia) 

The Idols – Reward (Greece)

The Shondels – Another man (Canada)

The Savages – He’s a man (Bermuda)

Los Walkers - Ay buena gente hoy (Argentina)

Los Shakers – Only in your eyes (Uruguay)

Os Baobas – Bye bye my darling (Brazil)

Los Vidrios Quebrados – Las docos caras del amor (Chile)

The Allusions – The dancer (Australia)

The Gremlins – I can’t say (New Zealand)

Kopy Kats – Maryanne (Papua New Guinea)

Invaders – Thinking about you (South Africa)

The Sea-Ders – Cause I do care (Lebanon)

Thunderbirds – Hey ! Girl (Indonesia)

The Spiders – Mr. Monkey (Japan)

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