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6 février 2014 4 06 /02 /février /2014 06:33

Some early cuts of wealthy people from before they reached fame.


Levon & The Hawks – He don’t love you (and he’ll break your heart) (The Band)

The Motorcycle Abeline – (you used to) ride so high (Warren Zevon/Bones Howe)

The Sidewinders – Bad dream (Andy Paley)

Kippington Lodge – I can see her face (Nick Lowe)

The Loose Ends – He’s a nobody (T-Bone Burnett)

Four Speeds – Variety (Don Henley)

Mushrooms – Burned (Glen Frey)

The Maundy Quintet – 2’s better than 3 (Don Felder/Bernie Leadon)

The Poor – Come back baby (Randy Meisner)

Fritz – In the dawn (Stevie Nicks/Lindsay Buckingham)

The Hassles – Just holding on (Billy Joel)

The Nazz (PA) – If that’s the way you feel (Todd Rundgren)

The Moving Sidewalks – Need me (Billy Gibbons)

The Chain Reaction – Ever lovin’ man (Steven Tyler)

The Nazz (AZ) – Lay down and die (Vincent Furnier - Alice Cooper)

The Doors – Go insane

Link Cromwell – Crazy like a fox (Lenny Kaye)

The Mynah Birds – It’s my time (Rick James/Neil Young/Bruce Palmer)



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