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12 février 2015 4 12 /02 /février /2015 19:50


Light funky tracks and brotherly vibes.

Paul Parrish – English sparrows

Green Lyte Sunday – If you want to be free

Jim Sullivan – Rosey

Hollins & Starr – Home ?

Michael Franks – Born with the moon in virgo

Batteaux – Tell her she’s lovely

Two Friends – Must be the wrath

Harumi – Hello

Joy Of Cooking – Did you go downtown

D.R. Hooker – Forge your own chains

Saint Jacques – Rubies

Terry Durham – Crystal telephone

Fable – Same key



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5 février 2015 4 05 /02 /février /2015 18:29

Country-psych-pop-rock sounds from the enchanted Colorado mountains.

Danny Holien – Red wing

Michael Stanley – Rosewood bitters

Pete McCabe – Magic box

Rudy Romero – Loves comes (when it wants to anyway)

Danny Holien – Colorado
Arthur Gee – Dimensions
                         Plain talk
Rudy Romero – If I find the time
Robb Kunkel – Monterrey
Dewey Terry – Sweet as spring

Michael Stanley – Resurrection

Robb Kunkel – O light



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22 janvier 2015 4 22 /01 /janvier /2015 10:56


A smooth selection of british lush ballads from the golden 70’s.

Les Payne – I can’t help to feel the love

Billy Nicholls – Winter rose

John Howard – Gone away

Leo Sayer – The bells of St. Mary’s

Danny Kirwan – Cascades

Colin Blunstone – Smooth operation

Brian Protheroe – Lady Belladonna

Nasty Pop – Mistaken I.D.

The English Roses – Yesterday’s hero

Blue – Red light song

Paul Vigrass – Like it never was

Lesley Duncan – Love melts away

Danny McBride – Goodbye blues



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16 janvier 2015 5 16 /01 /janvier /2015 18:16


Cocaïne cowboys united !


The Byrds – Full circle

Batdorf & Rodney – Poor man’s dream

Ned Doheny – I know sorrow

David Blue – Looking for a friend

Jo Jo Gunne – Shake that fat

The Bernie Leadon/Michael Georgiades Band – You’re the singer

The Souther/Hillman/Furay Band – Falling in love

Bob Dylan – Something there is about you

Essra Mohawk – If I’m gonna go crazy with someone it might as well be you

Judee Sill – Jesus was a cross maker

Joni Mitchell – The hissing of summer lawns

Andrew Gold – Love hurts

Terence Boylan – Don’t hang up those dancing shoes

Gene Clark – From a silver phial



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8 janvier 2015 4 08 /01 /janvier /2015 18:07

Before reaching planetary success, each member of the Eagles cut some glorious records. Here they are gathered, from the teenage “garage” sides to late 60’s country-rock splendor.


The Maundy Quintet – I’m not alone

The Four Speeds - why did you hurt me

The Felicity – Hurtin’

The Mushrooms – Such a lonely girl

The Measles – I find I think of you

Hearts & Flowers – Two little boys

The Poor – Feelin’ down

Dillard & Clark – Something’s wrong

Longbranch Pennywhistle – Rebecca

James Gang – Funk#48

Flying Burrito Brothers – Older guys

Shiloh – I’m gone

Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band – Sing me a song

Flow – Daddy

Poco – Keep on believin’

Joe Walsh – I’ll tell the world

Linda Ronstadt – In my reply



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11 décembre 2014 4 11 /12 /décembre /2014 19:25


Increase your street credibility bruva !


Ron Wray Light Show – Speed

The Third Bardo – Lose your mind

Jelly Bean Bandits – Generation

Bohemian Vendetta – Riddles & fairytales

Paul Martin – It happened

The Groupies – Down in the bottom

The Denims – I’m your man

Branded X – Society and me

The Koala – Strange feelings

The Bag – Down and out

The Illusion – Talking sweet talking soul

Majic Ship – Life’s lonely road

The Gurus – Breakaway

The Bay Ridge – Without you

Milan – On the go

Giles Strange – Watch the people dance

Elizabeth – You should be more careful



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29 novembre 2014 6 29 /11 /novembre /2014 19:08


Take a ride on the strip !


Yankee Dollar – Reflections of a shattered mind

Things To Come – Hello

The Fantastic Zoo – This calls for a celebration

The Joint Effort – The Children

Dave Travis Extreme – Last night the flowers bloomed

The Churchill Downs – Don’t turn the light off

West Coast Natural Gas – A favor

The Electric Prunes - Shadows

Lowell George & The Factory – No place I’d rather be

The Other Half – Flight of the dragon lady

Unwritten Law – Action speaks louder

The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – Turn on a friend (to the good life)

Terry Randall – Tell her

Boston Tea Party – Don’t leave me

Country Coalition – Your one man band

The Rising Sons – Take a giant step

The No-Na-Mee’s – Gotta hold on

The Brain Train – Black roses


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21 novembre 2014 5 21 /11 /novembre /2014 08:19


This transcendental show is a companion to Pet Records' magnificent second volume of Mystic Males, with some unexpected names.


Marcus – Grains of sand

Dino Valente – My friend

John Dunn - I’m a deeper blue

Darius – I feel the need to carry on

Click Horning – Many times Jimbo

Michael Blodgett – Fire engine sky

Dave Bixby – 666

Booker T. Jones – Tennessee voodoo

Tommy James – Light of day

Frank Sinatra Jr. – Building with a steeple

Hoyt Axton – Kingswood manor

Harumi – Fire by the river

Michael Deacon – Wind river children

Andy Pratt – Low tide island



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6 novembre 2014 4 06 /11 /novembre /2014 10:55


Third and final part of our soft rock trilogy, this one is all about beaches, yachts and blue skies, or how sunshine pop kept on ruling the world in the 70’s.


Joe & Bing – Daybreak

The Beach Boys – The trader

Dennis Wilson – Rainbows

Ricci Martin – Streets of love

Addrisi Brothers – Windy Wakefield

Alessi – Just can’t stop it

Chris Rainbow – Blue bird

John Townley – To love you

Chris White – Driftin’

Fable – Four horsemen

Carmen & Thompson – Time moves on

Paley Brothers – Lovin’ eyes can’t lie

Eric Carmen – She did it

Fragile Lime – Angie

Michelle Phillips – Where’s mine ?



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27 octobre 2014 1 27 /10 /octobre /2014 06:35


With our special guest, the rotproof Jean-Pierre Paul Poire, we dedicated this show to the larger-than-life figure of Swamp Dogg, mostly focusing on his pre-fame output and his work as producer/songwriter.


G.P. – She’s a heartbreaker

Little Jerry Williams –I’m the lover man

Bette Williams – A feeling (for someone else has grown)

Brooks O’Dell – What’s so wrong with you loving me

Jerry Williams – If you ask me

Gary U.S. Bonds – I’m glad you’re back

Freddie North – Sidewalks, fences and walls

Little Jerry Williams – Baby, you’re my everything

Doris Duke – How was I to know you cared

Sandra Phillips – My man and me

Swamp Dogg – Total destruction to your mind

Raw Spitt – Who do they think they are

Z.Z. Hill – Second chance

Swamp Dogg – Buzzard luck



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