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13 décembre 2012 4 13 /12 /décembre /2012 09:23



Beyond the pelvis man and soul music (Stax, Hi records...) the town of Memphis has a lot to be proud of. With this show we decided to focus on late 60’s-early 70’s whiteys, with a nod to the Big Star/Ardent records constellation.


Goatdancers advert

Tommy Jay – Tender love

The Village Sound – These windows

The Box Tops – Deep in Kentucky

Butterscotch Caboose – World of hurt

Knowbody Else – Secret storm

Paris Pilot – Roses and rainbows

Terry Manning – Guess things happen that way

Sid Selvidge – Going through another change

Big Star – When my baby’s beside me

Chris Bell – I get kinda lost

Alex Chilton – The EMI song (smile for me)

Cargoe – Things we dream today

Swift Rain – You’re gonna come down

Judy Bramlett – Deja vu

Tommy Hoehn – Blow yourself up


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29 novembre 2012 4 29 /11 /novembre /2012 19:27



Squares gone hip ! This show was an exploration of the late 60’s output of some pre-british invasion singers.


Bobby Vee – I may be gone

Del Shannon – She was mine

Brian Hyland – Lorrayne

Tommy Roe – Misty eyes

The Four Seasons – Wall street village day

Billy Fury – Easy living

The Everly Brothers – I’m finding it rough

Cliff & Hank – Throw down a line

The Shadows – Let me take you there

Bill Ramsey – Confusion

Bobby Cole – I’m growing old

Roy Orbison – Southbound Jericho Highway

Bobby Darin – I can see the wind

Dory Previn – Mythical kings and iguanas

Rick Nelson – Marshmallow skies


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22 novembre 2012 4 22 /11 /novembre /2012 11:02



This show is the companion to our homemade comp (see the link below). If oyu dig this one, you might also like our Funky Cowboys show. Keep the flame up, brothers and sisters.


Don't forget to download the comp HERE.




The Byrds – Sweetheart of the rodeo LP promo spot

Country Funk – For me

Charley D. & Milo – Om sweet om

Steve Miller Band – Quicksilver girl

West – Peaceful times

Pure Prairie League – You’re between me

Lynyrd Skynyrd – The seasons

America – Never found the time

Fleetwood Mac – Dust

John Randolph Marr – Ragedy Ann

Plainsong – For the second time

Flying Burrito Brothers – All alone

Cherokee – Catch the velvet evening

Cargoe – I love you anyway

Beachwood Sparks – Talk about lonesome


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15 novembre 2012 4 15 /11 /novembre /2012 06:40


This show deals with later solo efforts of our gifted 60’s heroes. Scarce singles and wonderful and underrated LP's galore.


Neil Young – Everybody knows this is nowhere LP promo

Chuck Conlon – Won’t you say yes to me girl

Mike Konstan – This time

Michael – I’d only laugh

Val Stöecklein – Possibility I was wrong

Marcus – Royal Maze

J.C. – Where can I hide

Bernie Schwartz – Where can I hide

Rudy Romero – Simple things

Ron Nagle – Marijuana hell

Saint Steven – Sun in the flame

Alex Chilton – Everyday as we grow closer/Funky national

Arthur Lee – Everytime I look up I’m down or white dog

Alzo – Some people

John Buck Wilkin – Faces and places

Liam Hayes & Plush – I sing silence


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30 octobre 2012 2 30 /10 /octobre /2012 10:43



1. Stained Glass - Gettin On’s Gettin’s Rough (from the LP Aurora 1969) San Jose, CA

2. Eastfield Meadows – Love’s Gone (from self-titled Lp 1968) CA

3. Cherokee – Changin’ Winds (from self-titled LP 1971) Los Angeles, CA

4. New Riders Of The Purple Sage – All I Ever Wanted (From self-titled LP 1971) San Francisco, CA

5. The Flame – Lady (from self-titled LP 1970) Los Angeles, CA

6. Jerry Jeff Walker – Seasons Change (from the LP Five Years Gone 1969) New-York, NY

7. Jim Ford – Harry Hippie (unissued 1970) Los Angeles, CA 

8. J.D. Blackfoot – I’ve Never Seen You (from the LP The Ultimate Prophecy 1970) Cleveland, OH

9. Manassas – So Begins The Task (from the self-titled LP 1972) Los Angeles, CA

10. The Youngbloods – Sunlight (from the LP Elephant Mountain 1969) Marin, CA

11. Bodine – It’s Just My Way (from the self-titled LP 1969) WA ?

12. Eastfield Meadows – Helpless Is The Feeling (from self-titled Lp 1968) CA



13. Charley D. & Milo -  I’ll Keep It With Mine (from self titled LP 1970) Costa Mesa, CA

14. Bead Game – Country Girls (from the LP Welcome 1970) Boston, MA

15. Moby Grape – It’s A Beautiful Day Today (from the LP Moby Gape’ 69 1969) San Francisco, CA

16. Space Opera – Outlines (from self-titled LP 1973) Fort Worth, TX

17. Twin Engine – The Time Is Now (unissued 1971) Los Angeles, CA

18. Joe South – Children (from the LP Don't It Make You Want to Go Home 1969) Atlanta, GA

19. West – Sad About The Times (from the LP Bridges 1969) Crockett, CA

20. Gretta Spoone Band – Close Your Eyes (Pompeii 45 1968) Dallas TX

21. Rudy Romero – Love Comes (When It Wants To Anyway) (from the LP To The World 1972) San Diego, CA

22. Ginger Valley – Ginger (International Artists 45 1970) Austin, TX

23. Stained Glass – Finger Painting (from the LP Crazy Horse Roads 1969) San Jose, CA

24. Morning – Sleepy Eyes (from self-titled LP 1970) Los Angeles, CA

25. Cargoe – I Love You Anyway (from self-titled LP 1972) Tulsa, OK


Get it HERE !



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25 octobre 2012 4 25 /10 /octobre /2012 10:17


The term "Brum Beat" or "Brumbeat" originated in the early 1960s in the wake of the famous "Mersey Sound". The West Midlands did have its own thriving music scene. This fact is gloriously revealed here. Visit http://www.brumbeat.net/.


The Bobcats – Can’t see for looking

The Hellions – Daydreaming of you

The Kavern Four – Stop your crying little girl

The Exceptions – The eagle flies on friday

The Applejacks – What’s the matter little girl

Ace Kefford – Oh girl

The Move – The lemon tree

Price & Sheridan – Beautiful Sally

The Idle Race – Please no more sad songs

The Rockin’ Berries – She’s not like any girl

The Hinge – Village postman

The Spencer Davis Group – The girls song

The Californians – Golden apples

The Settlers – Early morning rain

The Montanas – I’m gonna change

The Craig – I must be mad

Ugly’s – Mary Colinto

Traffic – Paper sun


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18 octobre 2012 4 18 /10 /octobre /2012 06:46



For the first time in history, this show was dedicated to a single band, the incredibly rich and complex case of early Spirit.


Clear promo spot

I got a line on you

Morning will come


Straight arrow

Uncle Jack

So little to say

Give a life, take a life


Concert promo

Mechanical world


The drunkard

Fresh garbage

Mr. Skin

Jo Jo Gunne – I make love


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11 octobre 2012 4 11 /10 /octobre /2012 12:39



This show is a tribute to the great and sometimes controversial work Mainstream Records and its boss Bob Shad did for late 60's psych-pop.


The Tiffany Shade – A quiet revolution

The Fever Tree – Hey mister

Tangerine Zoo – Can’t you see

Ellie Pop – Winner loser

Thee Sixpentz – Please come home

The New Dawn – Slave of desire

Jelly Bean Bandits – Poor precious dreams

Wrongh Black Bag – I don’t know why

Bohemian Vendetta – Deaf, dumb & blind

Superfine Dandelion – Ferris wheel

The Scarlett Letter – Timekeeper

Orient Express – Train to Bombay

The Amboy Dukes – Surrender to your kinks

Lincoln Street Exit – Phantom child

Freeport – Just what you need

Alice Clark – Never did I stop loving you


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4 octobre 2012 4 04 /10 /octobre /2012 11:38


Further exploration of the poppy and powerful 70’s, including long time faves, well known names and some tasteful rarities.


Bernie Schwartz – Candy man

Bear – Greetings

Emitt Rhodes – Tame the lion

Flame – I’m so happy

Stories – Love is in motion

The Troggs – I’m on fire

Rockin’ Horse – Julian the hooligan

Michel Pagliaro – Some sing some dance

Peach & Lee – Hold on

Crabby Appleton – Go back

Vance Or Towers – Scream bloody scream

Cargoe – Feel alright

Freeport – I need your lovin’

Dwight Twilley Band – Looking for the magic

Gary Charlson – Real life saver

Hollins Ferry – Downtown menagerie

Truck – Earth song


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27 septembre 2012 4 27 /09 /septembre /2012 07:18



At the junction between 60's classicism and punk-rock were standing lots of early to mid-70's bands who predated the power pop sound. Tonight we payed tribute to them, especially to their moodier side, reminding the best 60's b-sides.


Pony – It’s gonna be so easy

Clap – Get it while you can

News – Loser

Hollins Ferry – Too bad about sorrows

Blue – I wish I could fly

Rockin’ Horse – You say

April Wine – I wouldn’t want to lose your love

Nimbo – Forget her

Creme Soda – Keep it heavy

Zerfas – I need it higher

Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

The Boys – I’m not satisfied

The Nerves – When you find out

Shoes – Something I can’t see

Monik – Maybe I know


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