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16 octobre 2008 4 16 /10 /octobre /2008 17:47

Casuals Incorporated - I realize
Ole Miss Downbeats - Geraldine
The Marquee Monsters - Laws and restrictions
Kidds - Straighten up and fly right
Clockwork Orange - Your golden touch
Illusions - Just be you
The Fugitives - No tease
Joe Frank & The Nights - Can't find a way
The One Of Hours - It's best
The Moxies - I must apologize
The Us Four - The Alligator
The Aristocrats - Don't go
Maxine Thomas - Your promises
Marie "Queenie" Lyons - A minute of his goodtime
Virgil Griffin - A forgotten lover
Soul Inc - 60 miles high
The Wallabies - White doors
Alphabetical Order - All over the world
Eternity's Children - Again again
The Gants - Never go right
Rugbys - Endlessly
The Merseybeats USA - You'll come back
The Outcasts - Loving you sometimes
The Terrifics - Lover's plea
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12 octobre 2008 7 12 /10 /octobre /2008 20:00

Dale Hawkins - Little rain cloud
Bobby Womack - Broadway walk
Jimmy Hugues - Lovely ladies
The Ovations - I'm living good
Ted Taylor - Without a woman
Walter Rhodes - I worship the ground you walk on
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Do right woman
The Hour Glass - Power of love
31st Of February - Sandcastles
The Cam-Pact - I'm your puppet
Dan Penn - Willie & the hand-jive
Candi Staton - Another man's woman, another woman's man
Barbara Lynn - You left the water running
Irma Thomas - Cheater man
June Edwards - My man (my sweet man)
Sandy Posey - Are you never coming home
The Box Tops - Happy times
Major Lance - The beat
Dan Penn - I need someone
James & Bobby Purify - She ain't gonna do right
James Carr - The dark end of the street
Solomon Burke - Take me (just as I am)
Bill Brandon - Rainbow road
Dan Penn - Raining in Memphis

The shows will be downloadable again soon ! You can still podcast them in the meantime.
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6 octobre 2008 1 06 /10 /octobre /2008 09:38

James Barnett - Keep on talking
Art Grayson & The Graysettes - Better hush
Mitty Collier - Everybody makes a mistake sometimes
Shorty Long - I had a dream
Clarence Carter - I'd rather go blind
Lee Webber - Seventh son
Eddie Bradford - You made your bed
Jean Elias - How long can I go on fooling myself
Don Varner - Tear stained face
Steve Dixon - Sunny afternoon in Memphis
The 7th Wonder - For the good times
Eddie Hinton - I can't be me
Len Wade - It comes and it goes
Jerry Woodard - Something I ain't never had
Hersey Taylor - Ain't gonna share your love
Piney Brown - Everything but you
Curtis Blandon - In the long run
R.B. Greaves - Take a letter Maria
Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces - Jenny Jenny
Jimmy Hugues - It ain't what you got
Tony Borders - Please don't break my heart
Sam Dees - It's all wrong
Mary Greshan - Get on back on the right track
Chuck & Mariann - Let's walk down the street together

The shows will be downloadable again soon ! You can still podcast them in the meantime.
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25 septembre 2008 4 25 /09 /septembre /2008 17:44

The Swingin' Lamp Liters - Get away
The Rites Of Spring - Comin'on back to me
Mongrell's Band - Let me be my own man
Citations - Now I'm gone
The Drones - Don't even think about it
The Tempos - Two timer
The Bittersweet - She lied
Hardtimes - Losing you
James & The James Gang - Act right
Days Of The Week - Home at last
17th Avenue Exits - A man can cry
Randy & The Rest - Confusion
Baker Knight & The Nightmares - Hallucinations
The Precious Few - World of your dreams
Vikings - Cherish the love you feel
Candy Store Prophets - You're a teaser
The Del-Rays - Like I do
The Movement - Just a driftin'
Fox & The Huntah's - Funny kinda day
The Lost Chords - I want to be her man
The Versatiles - Warm in the rain
The Changin' Tymes - Bye tyme
The 5c Stamp - Gotta go now
Mixed Emotions - Can't you stop it now
String & The Beans - When I get that feeling
The So... But so what - I will cry
Distortions - Thank you John
The K-Otics - Double shot

The shows will be downloadable again soon ! You can still podcast them in the meantime.
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22 septembre 2008 1 22 /09 /septembre /2008 18:55

The Girls Getters - Girl Getters
Sound Track - I see the light
Thee Saints & The Prince Of Darkness - Running away from you
The Carpetbaggers - Let yourself go
J.T. & The Three Wise Men - You're gonna lose your lovin' man
Better Sweet - Like the flowers
Lattimore Brown - Sweet Desiree
Paul Vann - Soul Children
Van & Titus - Cry baby cry
Howard Peters - Tell me it's alright
Bobby Bland - Lead me on
The Vibrations - Now I'm sorry
The Night Mist - Last night
Peter & The Rabbits - Someone I've got my eyes upon
Dickens - One of a kind woman
Tim Hardin - Shiloh town
The Tenderonies - Explain it 
Ella Washington - Sweeter and sweeter
Joe Perkins - Thing of the past
Barbara & The Browns - To know I can't touch
Arthur Lee "Pep" Brown - Is it all over
Missing Lynx - Hang around
Jacks Wild - What do you expect
The Expressions - One more night
Jim Carter & Senators - Society
Midknights - Pain
The Kids - Jordan landbs
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11 septembre 2008 4 11 /09 /septembre /2008 19:14

Clifford Curry - Ain't no danger
Kip Anderson - Letter from my darling
Lucile Mathis - I'm not your regular woman
Jimmy Church - Right on time
The Fabulettes - Screamin' and shoutin'
Herbert & Rufus Hunter - The sound of a cryin' man
Starlites - Wait for me
The Vicars - Love has a way
Jades - When shadows fall
Them USA - Her kind
The Rocks - My only love
Frank Howard - Judy
Percy Wiggins - They don't know
Wallace Brothers - Thanks a lot
Marion James - That's my man
Sam Baker - Do right man
The Feminine Complex - Six o' clock in the morning
Gene & Debbie - The sun won't shine again
Ronny & The Daytonas - Nanci
Bergen White - The bird song
Dan Folger - The way of the crowd
Gene Allison - If I ever needed you
Joe Simon - (You keep me) hangin' on
Moody Scott - Darling please don't take my love
Troy Shondell - Here it comes again


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4 septembre 2008 4 04 /09 /septembre /2008 19:51

The Lesabres - Standby
Flash & The Casuals - Uptight tonight
The Yo Yo's - Gotta find a new love
The Excentrics - What can I do what can I say ?
Danny Bunk & The Invaders - Ain't goin' nowhere
Escapades - Mad mad mad
The Lyrics - Darling
The Ovations - I need a lot of loving
Wee Willie Walker - I don't want to take a chance
Arthur Conley - I'm a lonely stranger
Little Dooley - Just like a child
The Scandal - There's reasons why
Now - Having a hard time
Tommy Burke & The Counts - Rainy day lovin'
Lawson & Four More - Halfway down the stairs
Breakers - Don't send me no flowers (I ain't dead yet)
Homer Banks - A lot of love
Johnny Daye - Stay baby stay
Ann Peebles - Trouble heartaches and sadness
O.V. Wright - Gone for good
Jim Dickinson - Dixie fried
The Memphis Nomads - I wanna be (your lover and honey)
The 1st Century - The surveyor
The Hombres - Hey little girl
The Guilloteens - Don't let the rain get you down
Rick & Ronnie - Don't do me this way
Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples - Piece of my heart 

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21 juillet 2008 1 21 /07 /juillet /2008 22:07


Ronnie Dawson - Jump and run
The E-Types - She moves me
King-Beez - I gotta move
Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V - Whole lotta shakin'
Elegants - Let's go Let's go Let's go
Wild Bill Kennedy & The Twiliters - Move it
Price & Walsh - Movin'
Bread - Move over
The Mamas & Papas - Step out
Hyle King Movement - Flower smile
Travis Wammack - You better move on
Moovers - Someone to fulfill me needs
Jesse Anderson - Swing too high
The Grooms - Slow down
Willy Willey - Push & shove
Detroit Sound - Jumping at the go go
Checkerlads - Shake yourself down
The Purple Hearts - You can't sit down
The Movement - Head for the sun
The Jay Jays - Shake it some more
The Moxies - Get a move on
The Goldebriars - Jump down
Superfine Dandelion - Crazy town (move on little children)
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15 juillet 2008 2 15 /07 /juillet /2008 15:05

Famille Fonda

Davie Allan & The Arrows - The chase
Federal Duck - Knowing I loved you so
Thorinshield - The best of it
Willie & The Walkers - Alone in my room
The Shags - Hide away
The Sleepers - Time will tell
The Rising Storm - For L.N. who doesn't know
Steve Ellis & The Starfires - Her face
Willie & The New Yorkers - Sometimes
Wayne & The Impressions - I saw you
The Lewallen Brothers - Tough he was
William The Wild One - They call me Willie the wild one
The Del-Vetts - I call my baby STP
Grim Reepers - Two souls
Michael Yonkers - Sold America
The Second Helping - Let me in
Travel Agency - Time
Damon - I wonder why
Myddle Class - Free as the wind
Starbuck - Let your hair hang long
The Acoustics - My rights
The Beaubiens - Time passed
Yankee Dollar - Sanctuary
The Commons LTD - I'm going to change the world
The Electras - Action woman
Appletree Theatre - Don't blame it on your wife
Ashes - Sleeping serenade
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4 juillet 2008 5 04 /07 /juillet /2008 12:40


Four Dimensions - Sand surfin'
Quadrangle - She's too familiar now
The Satans - Lines & squares
The Infinite Pyramid- On a windowsill
The Dimensions - The pilot
The Shy Guys - Lay it on the line
The Pentagons - try and find
City Limits - I don't mind you
Pentagons - About the girl I love
Try-Angle - The writing on the wall
The Pyramids - I don't wanna cry
Symmetry Of Sound - Here without you
The Red Squares - You can be my baby
Fleur De Lys - Circles
The Four Squares - Don't you know I love you
The Bootjacks - The Circle
The Easybeats - See line woman
Ways & Means - Breaking up a dream
October Country - End of the line
Roger Nichols & a Small Circle Of Friends - I can see only you
49th Parallel - Blue Bonnie blue
Ken & Fourth Dimension - Rovin' heart
Music Box - The light
The Unrelated Segments - Cry cry cry
The Changin' Tymes - Blue music box
The Oxford Circle - Foolish woman
The Front Line - Got love
The Savages - The world ain't round it's square
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