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15 janvier 2008 2 15 /01 /janvier /2008 19:16


Culture, élégance, lyrisme, grandeur d'âme. Malgré le retard éhonté d'un Sweign assoupi, YEAH.

The Lincoln's "We got some"

Paul Revere & The Raiders "Get it on"

The Yankee Dollar "Reflections of a shattered man"

The Five Americans "Western Union"

The Search "Mr Custer"

October Country "Cowboys and indians"

Kiria Crucible "The Salem witch trial"

P-Nut Butter "Conquistador"

July Four "Frightened little girl"

George Jackson "Don't use me"

Gino Washington "Rat race"

Roosevelt Grier "C'mon cupid"

Clarence Carter "I'd rather go blind"

The Band "The night they drove old dixie down"

Tim Hardin "Shiloh town"

Marvin Gaye "Abraham, Martin & John"

Centurys "So the prophets say"

We The People "Declaration of independence"

The Kinks "M. Churchill says"

The Troggs "Night of the long grass"

The Lincoln's "You can't come round anymore"

Jim Carter & Senators "Society"

John Brown's Bodies "Out my mind"

Disraeli "Say you love me" 

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4 janvier 2008 5 04 /01 /janvier /2008 13:27

Moody heaven part three : Aigre-doux


Bien qu'obscurcie par la mort en direct de M. Poire, l'émission poursuivit son chemin semée de mélopées tendres et doucereusement mélancoliques, sans verser une seule fois dans la nostalgie rance ou le confort bourgeois. Bravo les gars.

The Magic Sounds "Love can be so fine"

The Reddlemen "I can't go on this way"

Quarrymen "Don't try your luck"

The Hydraulic Raisins "Travel the world"

The Chessmen "Running wild"

The Journey Men "Short and sweet"

Scavengers "But if you're happy"

The Romans "I'll find a way"

The Dovers "About me"

Don Covay "Stop by"

Helene Smith "I'm controlled by your love"

The Mad Lads "I don't want to lose your love"

Helen Smith "I'm controlled by your love"

The Lords "What went wrong"

The Outcasts "Loving you sometimes"

Magic Plants "I know she's waiting there"

Baythovens "Luv look away"

The Nightcrawlers "Sticks and stones"

Les Lutins "Elle n'a rien compris"

The Young Men "A thought for you"

The Sheffields "Nothing I can do"

Reparata & The Delrons "Look in my diary"

Nathaniel Mayer "My last dance with you"

Arthur Conley "I'm a lonely stranger"

Dr John "Go tell the people"

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24 décembre 2007 1 24 /12 /décembre /2007 18:41

Moody heaven part two : Sybaritisme inquiet


Pour cette émission incandescente jusqu'à la limite de l'obscène, nos héros s'acquittèrent avec merveille, une fois de plus, de leur tâche en slalomant entre les effluves d'encens pour parvenir au coeur.

The Gruve "Take hi five"

The Byrds "Everybody's been burned"

The Novas "Whenever you're ready"

Madhatters "You may see me cry"

Federal Duck "Peace in my mind"

Frabjoy & Runcible Spoon "Animal song"

Something Else "Let me say now love"

Carrol's Mood "Out she goes"

Pussyfoot "Hasty words"

The Smoke "Umbrella"

Ashes "Return love"

Flower Power "Stop"

The Millenium "Blight"

The Moon "Come out tonight"

The Network "Ears of stone"

The Bliss "Lifetime" 

We The People "Saint John's shop (chords)"

Beau Allen "Part of me"

Dalton, James & Sutton "One time around"

The Bee Gees "Lonely winter"

Del Shannon "I think I love you"

Darius "Dawn"

Eight Day "Building with a steeple"

Mortimer "Singing to the sunshine"

Roger Nichols & Paul Williams "So many people"

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16 décembre 2007 7 16 /12 /décembre /2007 12:24

Moody Heaven part one : Upbeat killers


Pour la première émission de ce triptyque consacré à la nuance moody, Nos héros s'attelèrent à la tâche avec ferveur, jusqu'à l'extinction de leurs voix. Quel sacrifice de soi ! Et ça ne fait que commencer.

Tormentors "She's gone"

Brim-Stonz Ltd "You'll be mine"

Sonny Villegas "I cry"

The Enfields "She already has somebody"

The Gestures "It seems to me"

Nameless "Life"

The Cordials "Misery"

The Skunks "A girl like you"

Shaynes "From my window"

The Grodes "What they say about love"

The Renegades "She's your find"

The Ascots "Summer days"

The Golliwogs "Walking on the water"

The Sims Twins "I've got to win your love (for me)"

Z.Z. Hill "What more"

Tan Geers "Let my heart and soul be free"

Gene Chandler "In my body's house"

The M.H. Royals "Old town"

The Excentrics "What can I do what can I say"

Mixed Emotions "Can't you stop it now ?"

The Prodigal "You got me"

The Wig/Wags "I'm on my way down the road"

Buck Rogers Movement "Baby come on"

Gregory & The Velvet Illusions "Mini Shimmy"

Us Too Group "I'll leave you crying"

Everpresent Fulness "The rovin' kind"

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10 décembre 2007 1 10 /12 /décembre /2007 20:13


C'est sans vulgarité ni affectation de luxe que nos sublimes héros accomplirent leur tâche ce soir-ci. Eux qui méritent de mourir dans la plus luxueuse des Rolls Royce parlèrent avec simplicité et pontifièrent avec chaleur.

Phrase de la semaine : "Il prête le flanc à la critique, mais il lui rendra ! Hohohohohoho." (Mermouch)

The Blue Things "Silver and gold"

Johnny Lion & The Jumping Jewels "I wanna dance with you"

Ardels "Piece of jewelry"

The Scarlet Henchmen "Crystal palace"

New Colony Six "Accept my ring"

Diamond Joe "Hurry back to me"

Ruby Johnson "I'll run your hurt away'"

The Opals "I'm so afraid"

The Crystals "In the morning"

Jades "Come back"

Jades "I cried"

Jades "Please come back"

Willie & The Walkers "Diamonds and gold"

The Daily Flash "Jack O' Diamonds"

The Grains Of Sand "Golden apples of the sun"

The Talismen "Glitter & gold"

The Talismen "She was good"

Bobby Womack "Ruby Dean"

The Gems "I'll be there"

Fred Williams & The Jewels "Tell her"

Steely Dan "Green earrings"

The Black Diamonds "See the way"

Golden Earrings "That day"

Shags "Ring around the rosie"

Jackie De Shannon "Crystal clear"

David John & The Mood "Diggin' for gold"

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2 décembre 2007 7 02 /12 /décembre /2007 20:03


Emission sublime, ouatée comme le plus beau rêve où le bonheur s'enlace. Sred Sweign le bienheureux fut d'une verve ourlante, et Mermouch le grand dans un mood étonnament paternel. Merci.

Phrase de la semaine : "Intime est le bon verbe" (Sred Sweign le bienheureux)

The Beach Boys "Wake the world"

Chick Lewis "North wind"

Mark Douglas "There's something I got to say"

The Blue Rondos "What can I do"

The Honeycombs "I can tell (something's up)"

The Forsaken "She's alright"

New Colony Six "Last nite"

The Lee VI's "Pictures on my shelf"

Roks "Transparent day"

The Impressions "Isle of the sirens"

Moovers "Someone to fulfill my need"

Irma Thomas "Two winters long"

Marion Black "Who knows"

Sagittarius "Lonely girl"

Goldebriars "Haïku"

Tommy Roe "Melancholy mood"

The Music Machine "Discrepancy (demo version)"

Bobby Fuller "My true love"

Everly Bros "Take a message to Mary"

The Troggs "We waited for someone"

Fox & The Huntah's "Funny kinda day"

Montage "Grand pianist"

Hogarth "Suzie's getting married"

Michael "Gotta make my heart turn away"

The Mystery Trend "There it happened again"

? & The Mysterians "Love me baby"

Magic Sounds "Love can be so fine"

Fabulous Royals "She told me"

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26 novembre 2007 1 26 /11 /novembre /2007 19:16

Rétrospective Psycho-géographique

Mermouch après la cérémonie

Chancellors "Journey"

- Phoenix (AZ) :

Mile Ends "Bring'em on in"

Bittersweet "She treats me bad"

Phil & The Frantics "Till you get what you want"

Wild Flowers "On a day like today"

The Topsy Turbys "Snake woman"

- Grand Rapids (MI) :

Renegades "Ravin' blue"

The Quests "Scream loud"

Ray Hummel III "Gentle rain"

The Pedestrians "Think twice"

Minutemen "Another day with me"

- Rhode Island :

Spectrum "I was a fool"

The Others "I can't stand this love, goodbye"

The Shyres "Where is love"

The Uncalled For "Get out of the way"

The Cowsills "All I wanta be is me"

- San Jose (CA) :

The Brogues "But now i find"

The Mourning Reign "Satisfaction Guaranteed"

Syndicate Of Sound "That kind of man"

Family Tree "Live your own life"

The Chocolate Watch Band "Don't need your lovin'"

- Rochester (NY) :

Cavemen "All about love"

The Charles "Motorcycle"

The Young Tyrants "She ain't got the right"

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18 novembre 2007 7 18 /11 /novembre /2007 18:49



 Fin de l'entreprise Mermouchienne ! Mercredi prochain, rétrospective et cotillons. Bravo les mecs.

Phrase de la semaine : "Je pense que l'auditeur le comprendra, on ne peut pas écrire des chansons en en parlant franchement dans les yeux à zyeux la personne ou à l'état à qui on devait dire des choses." (Sred illuminé)

The Liverpools "Soho"

The Carnabeats "Chu ! Chu ! Chu !"

House Of Lords "(This is my) last stand)"

The Scotsmen "Beer but blues"

The Great Scots "Honey & wine"

Sir Winston & The Commons "We're gonna love"

Sir Henry & his Butlers "Jenny take a ride"

Sir Walter Raleigh "Tomorrow's gonna be another day"

Sirs "Help me"

The Palace Guards "Greed"

The U.S. Brittons "I'll show you a man"

English Settlers "It shouldn't happen to a dog"

The Fewdle Lords "I know"

The Paupers "Tudor Impressions"

London Phogg "The time to come"

Disraeli "Spinnin' round"

The Canterbury Music Festival "Angelina"

The Twiliters "The girl form Liverpool"

The Outsiders "The guy with the long Liverpool hair"

London Taxi "Feelin' down"

London Knights "Go to him"

Count Five "Double decker bus"

Uder Mermouch a attribué à l'état du Wyoming un indice de 2.1 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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8 novembre 2007 4 08 /11 /novembre /2007 20:06


Poire va nous quitter. Ses jours sont comptés, mais il ne souffre presque plus. Pour sa dernière émission avec nous, il fit cependant preuve d'humour et de légèreté. Comme les plus grands, il s'en irait sur la pointe des pieds, s'il lui en restait. 

Phrase de la semaine : "Mon grand-père et vous-même, enfin votre grand-père" (Le sybillin Sred Sweign)

Bobby Bland "Yum yum tree"

The Five Of Us "Hey you"

The Shades Of Blue "Oh how happy"

The Bobby James Syndicate "Hey hey hey"

The Guess Who "Hey ho what you do to me"

Sterling Magee "Oh she was pretty"

Milt Matthews "Oh Lord, you gotta help me"

Micky Wilson "Gee baby (you're driving me crazy)"

Ruby & Romantics "Hey there lonely boy"

The Checkmates "Hey girl"

Traces Of Times "Oh Bob"

Palace Guard "Oh blue (the way I feel tonight)"

Clann "Hey baby"

The Amberjacks "Hey Eriq"

The Vagrants "Oh those eyes"

Sonny Flaharty & The Mark V "Hey conductor"

The Yankee Rebels "Hey girl"

The Blades of Grass "Just ah"

John & Gunther "Hey, hey babe"

Porgy & The Monarchs

Uder Mermouch a attribué à l'état du Wisconsin un indice de 5.1 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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2 novembre 2007 5 02 /11 /novembre /2007 19:42

Heroïc Fantasy


 Retour de Poire ! Présence de Maugelmann ! De Sweign ! De Mermouch ! Le conclave Psycho-Batave au quasi-complet, pour surfer sur ce sujet savonneux et ignoble.

 Phrase de la semaine : "Je passe un excellent séjour dans cette clinique où on me prépare à la mort de manière digne." (M. Poire)

Goblin "Tenebre"

The Hobbit "Author's message"

The Hobbits "I'm just a young man"

The Gremlins "The only thing on my mind"

Trolls "Are you the one"

The Bards "Alibis"

The Innkeepers "Wanted"

The Misunderstood "Find a hidden door"

Soothsayers "Please don't be mad"

The Others "My friend the wizard"

Crystal Revelation "Life"

Mortimer "Where dragons guard the door"

Larry Mack "The last day of the dragon"

The Knight Riders "I"

The Quests "I'm tempted"

The Merry Dragons "Universal vagrant"

Morloch "Every night"

Thor's Hammer "If you knew"

The Rainmakers "You're the only one"

The Byrds "Renaissance fair"

St George & The Dragons "Trust me"

The Celtics "Times with you"

Uder Mermouch a attribué à l'état de Washington un indice de 3 sur l'échelle Psycho-Batave

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